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Meetings Suck [open to all faculty]

It was past four-thirty on a perfect May Friday evening, but none of the staff of Kikuryou were headed home to enjoy the weekend. In fact, they weren't enjoying anything right about now. Well... maybe one person was enjoying herself.

Ono-sensei stood at the Vice Principal's desk at the front of the room, conducting the meeting with a self-important air. She strutted back and forth, reading aloud from her clipboard, calling on teachers she wanted to make announcements.

The teachers and staff sat at their desks in long rows facing each other. The ones in the back or those who had books piled up were the lucky ones, since they were a little less visible to the Battle Axe's steely glare. Pity the teachers whose desks were front and center. They had no choice but to stay awake, sit up straight, take notes. No coffee or cookies for them.

Ono nodded as the Head Science teacher finished his report on the Recycling Committee's activities. "Now then, the school hike is coming up on May 23rd. Remember to wear proper clothing for hiking, including pants and practical footwear," Ono-sensei's eyes were staring directly at Miyuki-sensei as she said these words. "None of these silly pointed things I sometimes see worn around here. However, teachers must not appear slovenly or casual on the way to work. All staff should come to work in formal office dress and change in the staff locker rooms. No sweatpants or holes in jeans."

"Are there any comments?" Ono asked.


Yeah, Ren had a comment for Ono.

A few choice comments, actually, but she was better off hiding in the back away from Ono's glare. She always had a way of talking down to Ren (not, honestly, that she took it to heart but some of the more sensitive teachers did) and the other staff, acting like she owned this school. She always had something to say to Ren on her clothes, her teaching style, her being from America-- Ono wasn't happy unless she was criticizing someone.

Just to spite her, Ren kind of wanted to wear something ridiculous on this hike. Like-- like-- a prom dress or something.

Ren tried to telepathically shoot Yuzuya a message, something SOS or HELP ME I'M SO BORED. Was this meeting over yet? She was hungry.
Yuzuya's eyes met Ren's over their desks with an understanding nod.

He manuvered himself so that he was hidden by the stack of books and folders on his desk. He had taken care to pile them up during the day specifically for this strategic purpose. Tonight, you, me, drink beer? he mini-gestured with his fingers, taking care that Ono wouldn't see his communications. His fingers made two chopsticks and his other hand a bowl. Ramen? Ok?

His eyes were on Ono, pretending to be paying careful attention to the VP's speech. At the same time he took out his wallet and placed it on the desk in Ren's view and pointed to it and then to himself. My treat.

He flashed her a little grin.
Ren flashed him the "okay" sign with her fingers, happy that they were going to have a ramen date. She would have to invite Sumire and Ayumi to come along, too, because that would be really fun. Maybe they could even go to karaoke! She had a hankering to sing some Heart or even Joan Jett! Anything to take her mind off of this mindless meeting.

Like a student who was bored in class, Ren looked down at her lap where she was playing Cooking Mama on her DS. Hopefully, since she was short, Ono couldn't see too much of her over the books and various papers. Unfortunately the reddish-ness of her hair usually made her easy to spot in this country.

Blah blah blah... this woman just really likes to hear herself talk.
"And since everyone must bring their own lunch, let me remind you that the faculty must set an example for the students. Lunches will consist of heatlhy foods ONLY. The state of what some of you eat in front of the children is pathetic."

Now she turned her eyes to Shibata Yuzuya, where he was spacing out like an idiot behind the piles of books on his desk. She glowered down her thin nose at him. "No styrofoam-contained 'foods.' And there will be no smoking allowed while on the hike. Do I make myself clear? Shibata-sensei?"

"Y-yes, ma'am," the science teacher stammered, apparently terrified at having been referred to by name. Good, he should be kept on his toes. Idiot.

"Now I would like to hear from the second-year teachers," Ono continued, looking down on the group of desks at which the second-year teachers sat. "Are you prepared for your class trip? How do you plan on keeping discipline with the students while in Hawaii?"

[I sandwiched Yuzuya's tag in there, hope that's okay.]
This meeting was utterly, completely pointless. Samuel Kramer didn't normally think such things, but at this point, even his patience was starting to fray from the verbal onslaught from the aptly-named Battle Axe. It didn't help that his desk was nowhere near the coveted corners of the room, which meant that he had nothing at all to do to distract himself.

Then there was sudden silence, and Kramer felt a chill crawl down his spine. Being a foreigner, he was often used as the sacrificial lamb amongst the second-year teachers. Now he was to be front and center for Vice-Principal Ono's most unwelcome attention.

Why yes, he did still carry a grudge from their last spate. No one was perfect.

The man leaned his chin on his hands, and smoothly answered, "All preparations are complete save for some minor arrangements to be made. As for discipline... I'll repeat what I said the first time this topic came up. There is no possibility of restraining our students in Hawaii if they don't wish to be restrained. The idea of attempting it is ludicrous."
Miyuki was doing her best not to pay attention to the meeting (it was the same thing every year, ugh) but at the same time doing her best to look like she was paying attention while she was actually trying to smile charmingly and discreetly at Kramer.

She was not altogether succeeding.

For instance, it was distinctly hard not to notice the pointed look old horseface was shooting her way and that remark about her shoes. Miyuki couldn't stop her lip from curling. Ugh, Ono was just taking it out on her because she wasn't young and gorgeous like her, and old Ono-baba didn't know a thing about what was in.

She crossed one leg over the other, propping one fabulous shoe higher into Ono's line of sight, before becoming distracted by Ren and Yuzuya's subtle conversation. They were always going out and doing something fun after work, it seemed, even though Ren was a weirdo half and Yuzuya was sort of a loser all around. Still, it made Miyuki feel sort of lonely sometimes. Not that she'd ever admit it. After all, who even wanted to hang out with them? Not her, of course. No. Never.

She smoothed out her skirt, beaming as soon as Kramer began to speak. "I -- I agree!" Miyuki said immediately after Kramer stopped speaking. Heads turned; several teachers gave Miyuki sour looks, or just bewildered ones. She fixed her glasses, trying to keep her pale complexion in check. "A-after all, they're, um...they're young! And putting them in a new and exciting place, especially like Hawaii...it will make them all excitable! We should also make sure this trip is enjoyable for them too, or else they won't...um...learn anything! Yes, that's right!"

Really, she just wanted Kramer to notice her. And maybe also she wanted to check out those famous Hawaii hot springs, just a bit...
Ono adjusted her glasses and glared at both Kramer and Miyuki. "Would you two mind standing properly when addressing a meeting?" she grumbled, and shot Miyuki a disgusted look. You're Japanese, you should know better, her eyes plainly read. "And honestly Satou Miyuki-sensei, your skirt is much too short! Make sure not to wear indecent clothes in the workplace from now on. You need to be a good example for our teachers who are less familiar with proper dress code." Her eyes darted to the more foreign staff members. Yeah, it was on purpose.

Ono turned her attention back to Kramer. "Mr. Kramer, I find that to be a poor excuse. I have to say that I've been given reason to doubt on your ability to keep order with your own homeroom charges. I'm sure I don't need to bring up the recent breaches of school rules certain students who are supposed to be under your supervision have perpetrated."

She frowned, showing yellowed bottom teeth, and patted her helmet-hair with a sigh. "I'm not looking forward to hearing about the second-years being allowed to run all loosey-goosey over a foreign hotel. Perhaps I need to come on this trip to supervise, if you cannot get the job done."
Miyuki was shocked, embarrassed, and quickly becoming indignant. That Ono-sensei...how'd she get to be the vice principal anyway!? No one even liked her! She was just a stuck up old cow! How did that work?!

And her skirt wasn't even that short! Nor did she usually wear very short skirts those were for tramps. After all, her skirt today only came up to just above her knees! There were students in this school who rolled their skirts up far higher than that, and --

Half of Miyuki's self-righteous inner rage stopped short as soon as Ono-sensei rounded on Kramer. Laying the verbal abuse on her was just fine, because Ono-sensei did it all the time (honestly, the woman was never happy) and even conceited Miyuki couldn't lay claim to being a perfect teacher -- but Kramer-sensei? Gloriously superior, perfect-in-every-way Kramer who had done nothing wrong?

That. Was. It.

Miyuki had never really stood up for anyone else before. She'd never actually felt the occasion to. But Ono-sensei's carefully calculated, seethingly insinuated insults at the very base of Kramer's character -- the undertone that so rudely hinted that his very foreignness was the issue -- made something small in Miyuki snap. So what if he wasn't Japanese? What did that ever have to do with a person's ability to perform? Miyuki had never felt this way about another person -- never given so much consideration to them. So it was a very strange and alien thing to her, which she found herself doing with little actual thought.

She stood up curtly, her chair scraping against the floor, and she smoothed her skirt to her knees, which was not that short. "Ono-sensei," she said, her voice crisp and sharp, the tone she used when reprimanding Ulf Suguru her students. "I must object."

The room fell into a hushed silence; some of the staff were staring at Miyuki in silent, are you crazy? shock, others shaking their heads to themselves. Miyuki ignored them, lifting one finger to point.

"Criticizing me is all well and fine, but -- Kramer-sensei?! Certainly he is the shining model of example at this school, whether he is foreign or not! Kramer-sensei displays a dedication to his job and to discipline itself that few members of this staff possess, and to claim that he is lacking in this department is simply unfair! If you think that the students will be too unruly on the school trip to Hawaii, then you may as well cancel the trip entirely, because there if Kramer-sensei isn't able to perform to your standards, then no one is."

The words flew from her mouth before she realized what she was saying -- not necessarily an impulse, but as if she were speaking from somewhere deeper than her mind. After a few moments of silence, the implications of what she'd just said sank in. Despite caving in internally, she remained standing, waiting for the axe to fall.
Kramer himself had been about ready to stand up for himself. He knew that he was the foreigner, and he didn't mind doing what no one else planned to do. This wasn't the first time he and the Battle Axe had crossed paths, and he was half-way to standing to his feet- emphasizing his height and his cool disdain- when something entirely unexpected happened.

Miyuki spoke on his behalf. Kramer had never had any of these teachers take his side, and yet Miyuki dared to take on one of the few people that put the fear of God into Kramer? Very, very brave, and very, very foolish as well.

Still, Kramer was caught completely off-guard, and even someone of his legendary composure was unable to formulate a proper response to this completely unexpected situation. On the one hand, he really should answer those spurious accusations from Vice-Principal Ono. On the other, there was nothing he could say that would outweigh the weight about to fall on the hapless Miyuki...
Ono-sensei was so shocked that she was struck speechless for a moment.

And another moment.

"Do your best," she muttered, finally, and then changed the subject with all swiftness before Principal Narimatsu overheard anything. So that was how it was, eh? Hmph! She hadn't wanted to go to Hawaii anyway!

"MOVING ON," she boomed, ignoring the fact that Miyuki was still standing at her desk in her short skirt. "Spring Midterms are coming. Please remember, everyone, that a midterm is a test on paper," she emphasized. Her brow frowned at Ito Ren, who had not made one single paper test as requested last year. "I am sure you all are familiar with it. It is that substance which is made from trees. It's used in schools everywhere."

"I know that school in other countries is very casual," Ono addressed Ren, making sure to enunciate clearly and speak slowly, "But here in Japan, test scores are important. They help prepare students for entrance exams, which prepares them for college, and the rest of their lives. Please make sure that they are given a real test, hmm? Thank you."
Ren's first thought was Oh hell no she didn't just single me out in this meeting but she knew better than to voice it out loud. Wasn't this was Ono wanted? To prove that she was some uncouth heathen from some uncultured country? If she reacted the way she wanted, Ono would win and Ren would rather die than see that happen.

"Well then, Ono-sensei, I would love to hear your suggestions on what sort of paper test to give. Because I'm sure it will be very helpful to both me and the students who will need to write essays in college on how to make a banana cream pie without burning it."

Although her voice was light and friendly, the words were scathing, as were the few choice English words she mumbled under her breath afterward.
"Nutrition, safety, and properly reading a recipe are part of Home Economics, are they not?" Ono-sensei asked, as if she thought Ren was an idiot for asking. "Make a test on those. Just as long as it is on paper and graded. What's so hard to understand about that?"

"Please do make sure that your students are studying for their tests," Ono continued, making a note on her clipboard. "Yamato-sensei."

Was he sleeping? Or reading? It was hard to tell.

"Yamato-sensei," Ono barked. "Your English classes scored far below any other teacher's on last year's finals. I was just discussing it with the Principal this morning and you can be sure that we are concerned, sir. I will be watching your students' scores this year closely."

Ono looked out the window and sighed dramatically. "With the economy like this, it's a horrible time to be out of a job," she finished, as though this comment and her reprimand of Yamato were not AT ALL related. "Even if you have family connections to get you a job."
Ono-sensei's screech woke Yamato out of his spaced out daze. He'd been somewhere between sleeping and ignoring, and hoping to get left out of the festivities that were going on. He wasn't a second year teacher going to Hawaii. That would have been too nice for him. He would have enjoyed allowing the students to frolic on beaches. Besides, wasn't that a bit frivolous? He and Musashi only went to Okinawa for their school trip.

Right. Ono had asked him something. He should answer.

"Well, it's not my fault that students decide to ignore their homework in favor of whatever they do outside of class," he said. "I did give them fair warning about what books there would be questions on, if they found it too difficult to read all of the assignments. I suppose I could just draw Disney characters on it and dumb it down for them, but it wouldn't be an adequate representation of their skill level."

With a resigned sigh, he closed the book he wasn't reading, and shook his head. "I'm sure the students will find a way to make their grades up." Even if it included mandatory retakes of tests on Saturdays.
Ono-sensei was ready to explode. "What I am trying to say is that you could try a little harder. Encourage them to study. When one teacher has such low grades across the board it is obvious as to who is at fault. Your third-year students do fine in Math and Japanese." She was FURIOUS. Stupid spoiled brat English teaching loser! Why had Narimatsu hired his lazy ass, anyway!

"That goes for all of you," she snapped, and folded her clipboard under her arm. "Members of the Board of Trustees will be visiting the school the week after midterms. The administration wants to show them how good our students are. We will be expecting the mid-term scores to be at an all-time high average."

She leaned forward, a sinister shadow falling across her eyes. "The teacher whose mid-term test average is lowest will be given extra duties on Sports Day! And believe me when I say that IT WILL NOT BE FUN."

Ono fumed, looking at Miyuki. The nerve of that woman! How dare she challenge Ono's authority in front of everyone like that. Oh, she would make Miyuki reget having crosses Ono Seiko! She would! Just you wait!

"Sports Day is coming very soon. Every teacher must sign up for jobs including setup and takedown. The sign-up sheet will be posted tomorrow and Oyate-sensei, as the head P.E. teacher, will be overseeing it. Oyate-sensei, I am looking forward to a wonderful Sports Day," Ono said, with a smile that said she didn't think Ayumi could do as well with Sports Day as Sakai could have.

Here she paused, and she had a great idea. "Satou Miyuki-sensei, you will be helping Oyate-sensei with preparations and getting everyone assigned to a job. She will need some assistance because she's young and it will be her first year handling such a big event." Ono's lips curled into a self-satisfied smile.
Ayumi had stayed quiet throughout the meeting because she lacked seniority and she didn't have anything to really contribute - though she'd been about to speak up that she would be there to assist with the Hawaii trip and boy could she whip out discipline when necessary, but the explosion of accusations kept her quiet.

Plus Shin was hanging from the ceiling lights and Yuuichi was making faces from behind Ono-sensei, sometimes mimicking her and over exaggerating her gestures.

It had seemed like the meeting would end without any attention being drawn directly to Ayumi, but then Ono-sensei mentioned her directly and gave her that little disapproving scowl.

Ayumi frowned, but was still thinking of how to shove her nigh-completed plans for Sports Day at Ono-sensei politely when Miyuki-sensei got dumped on her. And something told her that both Miyuki-sensei and Ono-sensei would see it as an insult.

She rose to her feet slowly and bowed her head. "Thank you for your confidence, Ono-sensei. I have a draft of the activities for Sports Day, but now that I have Miyuki-sensei's assistance I'm sure the last few details will be smoothed out."

Ayumi kept her expression pleasant, but any of her close friends would have seen the edge of irritation in her eyes. "What do you say, Miyuki-sensei?" She looked back at the much more stylish woman, her smile brightening. "Do you think helping me find two more volunteers will be too taxing?"

Because honestly - only needing two more volunteers and still being this ready this far in advance? How dare Ono-sensei think her incompetent for a day full of P.E.
Ono watched as Miyuki and Ayumi happily agreed to help each other. Hmpf. This hadn't been her aim, but she supposed that teamwork among her staff (HER staff, not THE staff) was important. She'd watch and see what happened.

"Fine," she said, gruff. "Then do your jobs well. The reputation of this fine institution is in your hands. This meeting is adjourned!"

And with that Ono turned on her regulation-height heel and stormed off to the Vice Principal's office. She didn't even wait for the head teacher to ask the teachers to stand and bow. The door slammed behind her with a force that seemed to shake the very foundations of the building.

Ooh, she was not a happy battle-axe.