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worn out, huff huff

uwasamiyuki in ghostsugar_rp

Window Shopping [open]

Miyuki wasn't actually planning on taking her cousin's advice. Not really. After all, what good would that do her? Even if she had ultimately decided it wouldn't make her look lonely and desperate to take that advice. That didn't mean she was actually going to.

So when Miyuki went to the pet shop in town that weekend, it was just to look. To see what the fuss was all about. She wasn't really going to get a dog. That was just...absurd.

Miyuki couldn't help but turn her nose up a little when she stepped into the pet shop, bell on the door ringing. The smell that affronted her oh so delicate senses had taken her by surprise a little -- that smell of wood shavings and animals and...waste. Ugh, what was she doing here?

Still, she stepped forward, her heels clacking sharply on the tiles. It was clean in here, at least, even if it was noisy -- cats mewling, dogs whining, birds cheep-cheep-cheeping...

"Welcome! May I help you find anything?"

Miyuki turned at the sound of the voice. An earnest young woman, one of the employees at the pet shop, stood before Miyuki with her hands clasped and a smile on her face. "Oh, uh...no thank you," she said, coming off as a little more standoffish than she meant to. "I'm just...looking right now."

"Let me know if you need anything!"

The young lady's words rang across the store as Miyuki nodded distantly, walking slowly through the pet store. The dogs were all in cages near the back, barking and yipping their little hearts out.
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Suguru needed to up his Sensitive Factor in his search for a soul mate. He'd already spent an hour standing around in a flower shop and gotten nothing but itchy eyes. He had hung around the bookstore for a while until he'd gotten bored, and having no luck there, had wandered down the street.

He was wondering what he should do next when he noticed something unusual. A store window up ahead of him had attracted a small group of preteen girls, who were cooing and giggling excitedly, hands pressed against the plate glass. Suguru drew nearer in curiosity. What could have caught their attention so? And how could he harness that power to work for him??

Inside the window was a litter of tumbling, roughhousing fuzzy kittens. They looked like tigerstriped powderpuffs rolling about in paper shreds. Suguru's black eyes widened to saucers. Of course! Kittens had an effect on girls! He knew just what to do.

He strolled on into the store, and spoke to the clerk girl inside. Within moments, Suguru was holding two mewing fluffballs that smelled alarmingly like pee in his arms. He sighed happily, and glanced over to see if anyone was noticing him yet.
"Uwaaaa! Look at this one, Miwako-chan!"

"Ah! Ahh! They're so cute!"

"Oh, look at his little paws! And those tiny little teeth!"

There was a small crowd of girls clustered around the kitten cages...and not one of them seemed to have noticed Suguru in the least. Well, girls who wouldn't pay attention to him were a little less interesting.

Farther back in the store, though, was Miyuki -- tentatively looking at all of the puppies romping playfully in the cages. She was standing a bit farther away from them than someone shopping for pets ordinarily would -- as if she were afraid to get close. She had a distinctly doubtful look on her face as she regarded a little Akita that yipped and panted at her with its paws up against the cage wall.
He had just been holding one kitten up to his face an baby talking to it... but it was of no use. No one was noticing his softhearted guy show in the slightest. He blew his thick bangs out of his face and hefted the kittens under his arms to walk over towards the clerk a little more. Maybe she liked guys who liked animals. She worked in a pet shop didn't she?

Then Suguru's downcast eyes came across a set of legs he'd know ANYWHERE. He spent an hour every day staring at them after all. His gaze followed those legs that didn't quit up, and up, and up up up. Bingo.

"Miyuki-sensei," he mouthed, silently. She's asked them to call her by her first name. All hot teachers in anime and games did that. Suguru was sure that she was hot behind that sharp exterior. All she needed was to hike up that mini a little more, take off those glasses, and let her hair down, and Sato Miyuki: Math Teacher, would transform into Sato Miyuu-chan <3: Super Hot Sex Machine Babe.

And Suguru himself was going to be the one to unveil her, to lay her secrets bare.

The kittens in his hands yowled, scratching at his hands. He dumped them unceremoniously into the hands of the store clerk and sidled over to Miyuki, hands in his pockets. He pretended not to notice who she was. Instead he looked down at the dog she was looking at, and said in his deepest, smoothest vampirey voice. "He seems to like you."

Then he looked up and feigned surprise. "Oh! Why, Miyuki-sensei. I didn't realize it was you."
A sharp chill went right up Miyuki's spine as the voice of one of her least favorite students cut right through the puppies' yipping. Her shoulders rose and her hair almost stood on end; one eye twitched behind her glasses.

But they weren't in class. They were in public. She would have to at least try to be civil.

Like a rickety doll, she turned around slowly, a very fake smile plastered to her face. "Matsuzaki-kun," she said, strainedly. "I didn't know you were looking for a pet." If she recalled correctly, he didn't live in the dorms. Otherwise she might have had a better reason to question his being here, as animals were strictly NOT allowed in the dorms.

A little golden mutt had pushed the Akita out of the way and was now pawing at the cage wall, whining adorably. Miyuki ignored it (even if it was kind of endearing). The last thing she needed was her laziest student trying to put what he probably thought were very smooth moves on her in public.
Suguru held a hand out for the Akita and the mutt to sniff. They didn't seem too interested after the initial huff. Not having a very human smell didn't make him popular in the animal kingdom. He wasn't hurt or anything, he'd had over a century to get used to the idea.

"I just thought I'd stop by and window-shop," he said softly, trying for a cool approach. "I come here sometimes. Like once a week or so. I like animals. They're... furry, and they... they wiggle," he finished, grasping at something nice he could say about the stinky pets.
The Akita edged away from the cage wall, having mostly lost interest in Suguru, and went to play with his brothers and sisters. The little golden mutt, though, stayed near the cage, ears starting to lay back against his head. A gurgling growl started to rumble quietly in his throat.

Miyuki's stunned apprehension quickly rushed away, and she went right back into Sensei Mode, giving Suguru a flat-mouthed stare. Her glasses glinted.

"Right," she said, that familiar edge back to her voice. The corner of her mouth twitched in a parody of a smile -- that was the first sign Suguru should have been noticing. "And of course you've come here to idle around after you've finished all your studying for the midterms next week...right?"
Suguru heaved a sigh through his nose. This was all these people cared about, wasn't it! "Yeah, sure, I studied." He gave Miyuki a dark look. "Just because kids study doesn't mean they can actually get good grades, though. And just because they get good grades doesn't mean they're more useful or anything. It's a number on a page."

He tried to remember how many years it had been so far that he'd been stuck in high school. Geez. His brother had gotten off easy, having grown up before they had a school system. Stupid brother.
Of COURSE Matsuzaki didn't think school was important. No one who considered school important would be so negligent in his studies!

Not that she'd been a star student herself, in high school. But she wasn't about to let Suguru know that. Then he might think it was okay to slack off.

"Matsuzaki-kun," she said, her voice taking on a distinct lecturing tone, "your grades are very important! After all, if you don't study, how will you get into college? Find a nice job? Even if you come from a well-off family, you have to learn how to fend for yourself in the world! Do you want to live in your family's shadow for the rest of your life? You should consider your own path! Your own career! Your own life! And you need grades for that, young man!"

All in all, she was pretty proud of that little speech, she thought to herself, and even allowed a tiny smug smile. Meanwhile, the little golden mutt was still pawing restlessly at the cage, watery eyes on Suguru.
The flicker that crossed Suguru's eyes at Miyuki's mention of living in his family's shadow was a dangerous one. He wiped it away quickly and nodded. "Right, right. Whatever you say." It just went to show that she didn't understand a thing about what he was trying to do with his life.

Suguru nodded and rolled his eyes. "Trust me sensei, I've heard it before, okay? More times than you know." He dropped his eyes to the dog, whose fur was bristling along the back of his neck. Suguru snorted softly to himself and turned to walk away. "More times than you could imagine," he grumbled under his breath.

This was a bust. He should have gone with the bakery instead of the pet store. He could have met a cute chubby girl. At least they were jolly.
Miyuki's red lips twisted into a pursed frown as she looked at Suguru. That wasn't the reaction she'd been hoping for. That speech had been meant to motivate him! To get him all going! And she thought it'd work on someone like Suguru, too. Hmph.

Looking at Suguru now -- so out of sorts and so very not like him, as far as she'd seen -- she suddenly felt uncharacteristically charitable. For a moment she didn't just see Matsuzaki Suguru -- she saw someone a little bit vulnerable. She saw him as his teacher, not just someone who felt he was a nuisance.

"Matsuzaki-kun," she said, before she even realized it, putting her hands on her hips. "You don't even know how to ask for help when you need it, do you? If you really have been studying all this time and your grades are still as abysmal as they are..." She clucked her tongue. "Honestly, you could get extra help or something, you know. All you have to do is ask."
Suguru glanced back at Miyuki over his shoulder. "I'll think about it," he replied. "Maybe someday."

That day was not today though. His buttons had been pushed. He waved at her as he walked away to the door. "See ya on Monday, Teach."

Now to see about that bakery. He fingered the Moon Drop in his pocket and chewed his lower lip in thought.
Hmph! Fine, if he wanted to be that way, then he could fail his midterms. Miyuki didn't understand why some students got so worked up about this sort of thing. Why couldn't they just work hard like they were expected to? It didn't last forever, and then once they were out of high school they could slack off to their hearts' content! It was her job to care, or at least to look like she did.

The life of a teacher was so difficult, sometimes.

The bell on the door chimed as Suguru exited the pet shop, and Miyuki shrugged and turned on her clackety-clack heel back to the caged puppies. The little blond mutt had calmed now that Suguru had left, and eagerly licked at Miyuki's outstretched fingers. She fought to keep herself from smiling dumbly. So maybe they were kind of cute...