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magictiemnaow in ghostsugar_rp

Way up in the Sky... (Closed to Yuzuya)

This wasn't something that Yadoru knew how to do at all, really. He'd subsisted on cafeteria food and take-out orders for awhile now, but as his mother had clearly- 'clearly' meaning 'with characters so sharply written it was a wonder they didn't cut through the paper'- expressed her desire that he would become more independent, he couldn't keep doing that anymore. Which meant, in the end, that he would have to start getting ingredients and cook for himself.

That entailed getting to the grocery store and making his purchases. Of course, having never cooked for himself, and having no idea what arcane mysteries turned raw food into delicious meals, meant that he was thoroughly at a loss. The young boy looked blankly at the rows of food, utterly baffled and feeling intensely foolish. Here he was, a great onmyouji who could banish ravenous demons back to their hells... and he had no idea where to even begin to buy things.
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Wandering down the frozen food aisle with his orange plastic grocery store basket in hand, Yuzuya was considering which Microwave Meals (tm) to buy for the week. The chicken nuggets with potato wedges, or the beef bowl that came with a brownie? The hamburg steak with apple cobbler?

He was so engrossed in the decision that he failed to notice his student Yadoru until he'd practically walked right into the poor kid.

"Oh, excuse me," he stammered, taking a step back and juggling his frozen food boxes to steady them from falling from his hand. Then Yuzu realized who it was that he'd almost bumped into. "Oh! Ch-Chiba-san? Good evening!"
"Ah, please watch where you're going!" Yadoru was so flustered that, for a moment, his higher-class tone sneaked out, a more imperious and command phrase than he usually used.

Then he realized who it was, and he immediately flushed a bright red. "Y-Yuzuya-sensei! I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming...!" He inclined his head slightly, a sign of honest contrition from him, because he kind of liked Yuzuya-sensei.
Yuzuya stashed his Microwave Meals in his basket next to his beer, mini donuts, and cigarettes. "It's no problem, it was my fault. I was spacing out," he admitted. He was abashed at the upper-class wording he'd just been admonished with, and he scratched his nose. "Um. W...what are you up to?" Stupid. As if it wasn't obvious, he thought at himself with chagrin.

Unbeknownst to Yuzuya, he had a guest with him tonight. A ghost was swirling over his right shoulder, leering at the other shoppers. The ghost looked to be a salaryman of some sort. From the way his face and business suit were mangled, he appeared to have died in some sort of gory accident.
"Ah, well, I was just planning on getting some groceries. I've never really shopped for myself before, so this is a new experience for..."

Then he looked over Yuzuya's shoulder, and his voice trailed off into an embarrassed silence. A ghost was with Yuzuya... again? It was positively unnatural for someone to be haunted twice, by two completely different spirits! But there he was, some kind of businessman who clearly had suffered a horrible accident.

Which meant that Yadoru would have to find some way to grab the ghost and drag him back to Yadoru's room. If it was an accident, a simple exorcism to convince him to move on would be enough. But if it had been murder...
Yuzuya blinked owlishly at Yadoru's statement. He tried to rememeber what he knew of the boy. He was obviously from a well-to-do family, from the way he talked sometimes and from the fact that he didn't own any clothes that would be used for getting dirty. Had he said something about where his family was from? Akita? No, that was Aoki Chiaki.

"It took me a while to get the hang of it too, after leaving home, but I make do," he admitted, trying to put the boy at ease. "You just have to look for what's on sale and what's easy to make. Like, there's a discount area back here..." Yuzuya pointed to the rear corner of the grocery store. "It's great! They have the deli food that's a few days old there and they mark it down. Come on, I'll show you."

He led Yadoru to the refrigerated area and gestured excitedly at all of the various leftover foods that had been marked down for quick sale. "There's all kinds of stuff here. Omu rice, sandwiches, yakisoba... ooh! Look, the sushi's been marked down! Just 200 yen for all this food?"

Yuzuya held up a party package of assorted week-old sushi, mystified. "Wow! What a great deal!" Who cared if it wasn't quite the color it usually should be?
Yadoru trotted behind his sensei, baffled at this idea of a... 'discount area.' Why would people want to get low-quality things when there were perfectly good items up front? He was confused, but for now, he would follow his sensei's lead... and hopefully, find a moment to nab that ghost. As it was, he was reaching into his pockets, trying to determine how best to deal with this thing.

But all of that came to a screeching halt when Yuzuya started going on about the sushi. The onmyouji stared blankly at what was being offered, and then he took a slow step back. "Y-you aren't actually planning on eating that, are you, Yuzuya-sensei?"
Yuzuya looked blankly back at Yadoru. "Yeah... why not?"

Behind him, the ghost went from simply hovering around Yuzuya's shoulder to looking around for trouble to cause. He began to take interest in how to bring down a display of soup cans stacked in a high pyramid.
"W-well, it's just that... they don't look like they've survived the week all that well..." That was the sort of thing that his family would discard as a matter of course! Normal people weren't supposed to eat week-old sushi!

But his concentration was lost when he noticed what the ghost was trying to do. Granted, knocking down those cans probably wouldn't cause any real damage, but... it would still cause a lot of problems for the poor staff.

Thinking quickly, Yadoru put his hands behind his back and formed a simple mudra, pressing the knuckles of his right hand against the palm of his left, and whispered, "Forbidden." If the ghost so much as touched one of those cans, he'd feel pinched between two great forces- magic wards formed by Yadoru's hand movements.
Yuzu waved Yadoru's concern away. "That's why there's vinegar in the sushi rice. You just put a lot of wasabi on it and it's fine," he stated, and put the sushi into his basket. He couldn't afford to be too choosy on his finances, after all.

"What about you, what kind of things do you like to eat for dinner?" he asked, adding a red-tagged tuna salad sandwich and some days-old rice bowls to his plastic handbasket. "Soup? Ramen? Sandwiches?"

Behind Yuzuya's back, the ghost flew to meddle with the sandwiches on the refrigerated shelf. With a look of glee, he broke open a plastic wrapper and used a mangled hand to scoop the tuna salad out and dump onto the floor.

Yuzuya took a step without looking, and slipped violently to the floor.
"Oh, I see! So that's why wasabi and vinegar is utilized!" It made sense now! So with those things in mind, he nodded vigorously, deciding that maybe this would be fun after all!

...of course, then Yuzuya-sensei asked about what Yadoru liked for dinner, and... well, what could he say? Delicately-filleted fish and perfectly-polished rice sounded so stuck-up, when compared to what was being asked. "Er, well... I'll try anything once," was all he could offer.

But then Yuzuya took a tumble, and Yadoru's eyes narrowed. So the ghost wasn't going to pay attention to his discretionary things? Very well. After he got his teacher up, he'd take matters into his own hands. For now, he carefully made his way there, so he wouldn't slip, and offered his hand. "Y-Yuzuya-sensei, are you all right?"
Yuzuya clambered to his feet with Yadoru's help, red-faced. He rubbed his behind. "Y-yeah, I, I'm fine," he stammered, dropping the volume of his voice. People were STARING at him! He hunched his shoulders and gathered his basket closer to his body. "L-let's move. Um. I need to get some soup."

Stupid. Stupid. Stupidstupidstupid. Why do you always do dumb things like that? And you have the audacity to wonder why your life is a shambles. Why she left you. Why you can't put yourself back together.

Yuzuya walked stiffly away from the scene, so ashamed that he wasn't even going to stop to clean the tuna salad on the floor up. Behind him, the salaryman ghost began to become more and more opaque, his shape changing here and there. There were obviously very negative emotions going on in the science teacher's head. For his part, Yuzuya seemed in his own little world. He didn't speak to Yadoru yet. His mouth twitched a little, and his eyes stayed glued to the linoleum squares underfoot.
While Yadoru sympathized with Yuzuya's embarrassment, he couldn't really indulge in trying to help the man. The ghost was still there, and... it seemed to be getting more solid, more 'real'. Clearly, it was feeding off of the negative emotions going through the teacher's head, and that made the onmyouji's temper flare.

So, he walked over and did something unspeakable in most polite society. He walked over to Yuzuya and patted the man on the shoulder. "It's all right... and would you pick out something for me? I'll just go and let the staff know, then join you there."

Of course, it wasn't that Yadoru felt comfortable touching his teacher like that. But what it did allow was for him to put his hand in his pocket and close his fist around one talisman, then sweep his hand around as he turned on his heel. His hand then passed through the ghost behind Yuzuya... but he would experience something new as a result.

Yadoru's hand passed through, but it also passed into the ghost. His hand was infused with a quiet kind of magic, the kind that let him interact with the spirit world. Which meant, as he left, he dragged the ghost behind him. If he could just get that spirit in a quiet place, he could deal with it more easily!
Yuzuya gave Yadoru a confused look at the shoulder pat. Was he so pathetic that his students were taking PITY on him? He opened his mouth for a moment, considering what to say. "Oh... O-okay?"

Clueless as to what Yadoru was up to, he nodded his messy head and then bumbled away to the soup aisle.

The ghost, however, was less agreeable to this turn of events. He turned his mangled face to Yadoru, furious. "You! You little piece of shit! You can see me, can't you? What do you think you're doing?"

Yadoru was definitely headed somewhere, his hold on the spirit firm. Fear crept into the ghost's shouts. "Let me go. Where-- where you taking me?!" He tried to bite at Yadoru's shoulder to make the boy release his hold. "GRRRARH!"
Ah, but there was the rub. A ghost could try to attack Yadoru, but he had his mother's charm, which kept him safe from most incidental harm. That, and a bite from a ghost wasn't usually that much to worry about. Certainly not something to stop over.

For now, Yadoru made his way to the bathroom, sealing the door behind him before going into a toilet and holding the ghost there. A little more private here, at least. Then he looked up at the spirit, and he spoke in a clear, imperious tone. "I am Chiba Yadoru, an onmyouji. You, sir, are dead. It looks like a horrible accident, and that's horrible. But I can not let you just cause pain to those who are still alive."
The ghost stared blankly at Yadoru, and then burst into raucous, derisive laughter. "YOU? An onmyouji?!"

He held his sides (even as Yadoru held him fast) and roared with amusement. "You're kidding me, right? And what, is this john your seance chamber? This is some fancy trick you're doing, holding onto the dead, but that's all it is. You don't have any real power, and we both know it."

The ghost spit in Yadoru's face. "Now let me go before I hurt you good, and you go back home to your mama, you little brat."
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