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nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Hiding Out [closed to Kokoro]

The trees above swished and swayed gently in the breeze. Suguru got a beam of sunlight right in the eyes. He grumbled, and scooted over just a little bit closer to the trunk of the tree. Stupid sun. Stupid tree. Stupid bird twittering in the tree. Stupid... everything.

He felt sick. Sweaty, ringing in his ears, faint and light-headed like he was going to either throw up or pass out. He certainly couldn't do schoolwork while feeling this way, so he trooped off to the Nurse's Office. Sumire-sensei (hot mama) hadn't been sympathetic to his plight. Not that he could tell her the real reason why he was so out of it... so he was hiding out in the Tea Garden behind the juniper bushes for the time being. He couldn't go home anyway, his parents would say crap about how stupid he was not to eat. And they'd be right.

He was positively starving. It had been over two weeks since he'd had a real feed. As dirty and shameful as he'd thought it at the time, a growing area of his brain was thinking back on the act with longing now. It had been this girl from the tennis team who had been stupid enough to hang around after practice by herself. She'd been willing to follow him off behind the supply shed. He wondered what kind of idiot girl does such a thing, even as he had been thankful that she had. Her blood had been sweet and sticky. He could still remember it on his tongue.

Well, the tennis team was going to practice later today right? He just had to wait it out. He hated the idea of doing it to the same girl twice like that, but it was an emergency. At the very least he'd have an easy catch with no chasing. He was definitely in no condition to run at this point. His limbs felt like jelly and his head was a whirl. He really was stupid, he knew. If there should happen to be any hunters around, he was dead... undead meat.

Suguru's stomach twisted and made a very unhappy noise. Not bothering to lift himself from his prone position, he grabbed another box of tomato juice from his backpack and jammed the straw into it with a grumbled curse. He was busy sucking the life out of the juice box when he heard an approaching rustle in the bushes.

Shit, was it a teacher?! He didn't have the energy to run away or jump up into the treetop right now! He fumbled with his juice box in his sweaty hands, wondering what to do. Finally he settled for trying to flatten himself to the ground and be as still and silent as possible. Maybe they wouldn't see him and just pass on by? He could hope, right?
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Kokoro had been given a free pass to leave. She'd been feeling kind of out of it, to be honest, and since the period had been a free one (Matsuzaki was an idiot to cut class), she had taken her books down to the tea garden to study. It was perfect for this kind of thing, and kept her mind off of the looming volleyball practice. Kokoro threw her bag down beside a bench, yoinked her English book from her bag and started studying.

No doubt that Kramer-sensei would have it in his head to give them some impossible pop-quiz, soon.
Suguru rubbed his eyes and stared up at the tree branches above. Whoever it was, it wasn't a teacher, the sound of the person's movements were too light. Was it a girl? It smelled like it might be a girl. A slight sweetness was in the breeze, but he couldn't get a good grasp on the scent.

He knew he should stay quiet, but curiosity was getting the better of him. "Who...'s there," he croaked out.
Kokoro sat up and pulled her skirt down over her knees, looking for the voice. "What the hell, Matsuzaki?" she hissed, closing her English book. Jeez! If he was going to freaking cut class, he could've at least played hooky somewhere that was legitimate. What if some teacher thought that they were cutting class together?

Perish the damn thought.
Suguru blinked up at the tree above him, feeling his head pound. It was a girl! His heart skipped a beat. But from the sound of it, it was a girl who was irritated by his presence. What could he possibly have done to offend her? After all, he was always on his Best Behavior, wasn't he? He certainly hadn't done anything objectionable that he could remember.

"Unh," he managed, by way of confirming his identity. He closed his eyes again, stuck a hand in his bag to feel around for another juice box. He felt papers, pencils, his music player. No juice. Had he just finished the last one?

Suguru felt acid travel up the back of his throat. He swallowed, swallowed again, and a little groan escaped him.
He wasn't going to get sick was he? That would be worse, somehow. Especially if she had to take him back to the nurse. The nurse would definitely, definitely tell Kramer-sensei. And if it got out that she was with him, their homeroom teacher would probably give her an earful.

What was worse was that he really did look sick, the closer she crept to his hiding spot. "Matsuzaki?"
Suguru's brain began singing a joyous anthem. Amamiya Kokoro! His lovely deskmate with cute hair and perfect, adorable handwriting and dainty, teeny little bento boxes and long, longer than long lovely legs. Oh, they were amazing legs that went all the way up to there and then some!

But his heart sank, reminding his brain very plainly that Kokoro couldn't stand him. Couldn't stand him! Even though he'd offered to share some of his bloody hamburger steak with her at lunch, even though he'd asked her nicely if he could copy her answers as opposed to just copying.

His brain (being the weaker of the two) backed down with a whimper. Suguru forced his hand to wave and tried to give her a smooth smile. Surely he could pull off appearing as though nothing at all was wrong, and she would move on to fragrance some other lucky glen with her strawberry-shampoo-baby-powder scent. "Hey... Amamiya."
Kokoro hauled back and whacked Suguru in the back of the head. "Don't 'Hey, Amamiya' me!" she groused, and put her hands on her hips. This boy was nothing but trouble, and cause nothing but trouble for Kramer-sensei.

"What the hell are you doing sleeping out here?" she continued. "You look like crap." Maybe, just maybe, she'd been watching too many Yakuza movies this month.

Maybe. "Anyway, if you feel sick, go to the nurse. Don't just lay here like a bump on a log."
Normally Suguru would have been hopping mad at such an affront to his pride at being struck by a common girl upside the head. But Suguru didn't have the energy left to react much to her hitting him. He laid there and took it like a limp doll.

Kokoro was standing close enough for him to smell her skin. His mouth watered, blood started bubbling hot in his veins. The ground whispered in his brain.

Get her.

Confused, Suguru spoke up to drown out the weird words he could feel more than hear. This wasn't a great situation. "Yeah, you're right, you're exactly right. I'll go the the nurse's office," he agreed. He rolled to one side and feebly pushed himself up off of the grass. He made it halfway before his arm faltered. "Well, bye!" he said quickly. If she would just take the bait and leave! "See you later."
So he was going to be all macho about getting to the nurse's office himself, but he could hardly lift himself up? Boys were unequivocally, fantastically, unbelievably stupid.

"No, stupid, I'll help you," it was her duty as Class Rep to be an example to other students. And besides, if Kei heard she'd left Suguru when he was at his worse, she'd never hear the end of it. Wasn't she a good student? Yes, yes she was.

Kokoro knelt down next to him and offered him her hand. "Come on, we'll go to-geth-er. You'll never make it on your own."
Suguru started to panic when she moved in close. Kokoro's big innocent eyes looked down at him. Maybe she hated him, maybe she could be a bossy and harsh girl, but he honestly didn't want to hurt her. She was just a baby! And he was sure that even if she were mean at times, she wasn't bad, for a human.

"I don't feel good," he admitted, hesitant as to exactly which words to use (for once). "But I can't... go to the nurse's office right now. You really should go, don't worry about me. Okay?"

Get her. Now.

"I don't think it's safe to be here," he added. "There's something kind of weird happening."
Kokoro crossed her arms and stepped away, "The only thing here that's weird is you. But fine." She could go visit with Ulf-kun, anyway, or maybe go down to the locker rooms and get changed in preparation for Volleyball Practice. The last thing she wanted was for her captain and manager to worry about her, and Tennou-senpai had really been helpful lately. Now all she needed to do was put on a few more inches in height and she'd be set.

Hey! Maybe Ulf-kun would help her with her set up! "I'll leave you alone. Weirdo." Kokoro turned around and walked back to her books, then shoved them into her bag.
But Suguru was at his limit. The dark whatever-it-was was thick and coiling in his head. It felt like stabbing in his brain, at the back of his eyes, at the base of his neck. Suguru felt his eyes glaze over. He couldn't breathe on his own rhythm. Someone else was squeezing his chest to its own beat.

Suguru tried to scream in pain but no sound came out. Instead, his body moved. Faster than he'd moved yet on this campus.

Before the next heartbeat, Suguru was on his feet-- a black flash in motion-- and grabbing Kokoro's arm. His eyes as he looked into hers had dilated completely. With his other hand he covered her mouth tight to keep her from screaming. He backed her into a tree.

"Kokoro," he murmured into her ear. "I tried to warn you. I'm hungry."
The treebark pressed roughly into her back, and her pulse raced in sheer terror, filling her head with a staccato throb. Kokoro's big eyes grew bigger, filled with fear. Normally, this would be different. Normally, she could beat the crap out of any boy that mishandled her. Those long legs of hers weren't for show, after all, but even they felt weak and unresponsive.

Matsuzaki is really scary. Someone help me! Someone help! Kokoro thought, terrified. She struggled weakly against Suguru's strong grip, trying to pull his hand away from her mouth.

If you're so hungry, go to the cafeteria!
"I need your blood," Suguru told her, his voice low in her ear. His breath stirred her hair as he spoke. "I didn't want to have to do this to you. But I haven't eaten in weeks and I can't stand up to the energy of this place. I'm gonna die if I don't get some human blood right now. Understand," he asked, though he knew that was probably impossible.

He took the Moon Drop out of his pocket and let his you-ki flow from his fingertips into the white stone of the brooch. His tone was flat and his eyes hooded as he held it in front of her face. "Will you let me have some of your blood? Please?"
Understand?! Understand?! HE WANTED HER TO UNDERSTAND?! He was stupid! A fluke! DUMB AND PROBABLY GOING TO KILL HER.

Kokoro's very short life flashed before her eyes. All the loves she didn't get to pursue, all the dreams that would go unfulfilled now, because he was clearly on some kind of stupid freaking Twilight kick and God knew why he suddenly had to relieve his Edward Cullen Fantasy on her. Kokoro shook her head, and kept struggling, when he pulled out a stone and held it up before her.

"No way!" she argued, her voice shrill and frightened. "No freaking way!"
Suguru's pupils constricted for a moment as he pulled back to look at her, and he looked conflicted. He frowned, his eyes shifting between hers and the skin of her throat. "I'm really sorry, Kokoro," he said. His voice cracked. "I had wanted to be your friend. I don't want to do this to people."

His mouth twitched, and his eyes went cold again. The white brooch in his left hand left off a bright, fuzzy light in Kokoro's eyes. "I have to. I'll try to do it so that it doesn't hurt too much."

As he spoke Suguru kept Kokoro pinned to the tree with his body and with his other hand, He unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. Her necktie ribbon slipped free with a gentle tug. He hooked a finger around her shirt collar and pulled it open an inch.

His brother liked to leave marks behind where everyone could see them. Even at his nastiest Suguru felt that was unsavory.

He bent his head forward to the base of her neck, letting his lips ghost over the arteries just below the skin. The best spot to bite was...


Slowly, carefully, he pierced her skin with his fangs, pressing in bit by tiny bit as opposed to the usual all-at-once. His stomach clamored for him to go faster. His hands were shaking, trying to hold himself back.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kokoro shrieked. It wasn't fair! It really wasn't fair! He bit her and it hurt. As she tried to struggle away, the holes ripped a little more and she whimpered and cried. Her blood was warm on her neck where it leaked out past Suguru's lips. The white light made everything buzz painfully, and she couldn't see as it took over her vision.

Hurt... hurt... it hurts... someone save me, someone... But no one had been anywhere near the Tea Garden when she'd gone in, Kokoro realized. She was alone. Help... Kokoro went weak in the knees and she slid down against the tree as her eyes rolled into the back of her hand.

Stuff like this wasn't supposed to happen to normal girls like her.
Suguru choked on Kokoro's blood, and dropped the brooch in his hand to steady her. "Shh," he begged. "No, hold still. Don't move or it'll be worse-- stop moving!" His words were lisped a little bit around the blood and her collarbone. "I just need a little more and then I'll leave you alone," he begged.

His stomach was filling with blood for the first time in weeks but he already wanted to throw it all up. Suguru closed his eyes tight shut so that he couldn't see anything and drank faster. His right hand tried its best to console her, stroking her arm.

It was really disgusting, how good her blood tasted even in this situation.
Kokoro laid still as a doll, her eyes staring off into space. There was nothing in her head; no thoughts, no reactions, just horrible, horrible pain.
This was enough blood to get by-- he could bite someone else later, some faceless stranger, for the rest. Suguru lapped at the bite marks on her clavicle, sealing his handiwork with his saliva. Kokoro lay pale and limp before him on the ground. Suguru straightened, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His dark eyes had returned to their usual glimmer.

With a grim expression, he set her upright against the tree and cleaned her up as best he could. Wiped his saliva and her blood from her neck with his shirtsleeve. Buttoned her shirt, knotted the ribbon at her neck. Closed her eyes gently with his fingertips. His own eyes were stinging.

Her bookbag he set next to her. He squatted in front of her, froglike, waited to see if she would wake up. She didn't move. Just slept. Suguru picked a leaf and some twigs out of Kokoro's pretty hair, tried unsuccessfully to smooth it back out.

Then on an impulse he turned to grab a notebook from her bookbag. He scribbled a message with one of her pens, tore the page out and folded it in fourths and stuffed it into her bag. I'm really sorry, the note read. I didn't want to hurt you. I hope you can forgive me someday. You don't have to though.

He didn't bother to sign it. If she couldn't remember when she woke up, she was better off that way. Suguru stood there and watched over her for a moment longer, his head lowered. Then he turned and disappeared into the trees like a shadow.