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ms_fist_first in ghostsugar_rp

Need a Hero? [log] [Suguru, Ayumi]

Friday was over. And Ayumi was really very glad it was. Of course, she still had her Friday evening, but that meant doing one of the many things she loved: yoga. Sure, it wasn't the most stimulating activity and it wasn't half as challenging as a good Jiu Jitsu tournament, but it was different that most of her activities. And she could de-stress.

Plus all the flexibility it enhanced was a nice bonus.

She'd chosen one of her usual parks: Shinji Heiken. It was on the East side of town and largely unoccupied. There were a lot of trees, leaving most of the grounds as small wooded trails.

Any normal smart young woman her age wouldn't have been caught dead there at this time of night.

The sun had set two hours before and Ayumi was still going through the numerous yoga poses she'd learned over the years. It was a very nice cool down from her jiu jitsu, judo, and boxing routines. Of course, she couldn't consider them complete workouts without someone to spar with. But no one was available tonight - so shadow-spars were a fine alternative.

With arms outspread, face to the star-light sky, and her legs in the "stork" position, Ayumi's mind was clear. That security shifted to attention as she heard voices approaching her. Voices accompanied by raucous laughter. The tingle that went down her spine was not from the exhaustion of her limbs - she was sure of that. The whimpers coming from Shin were sign enough that things had just taken a turn for the worse.

The sun was finally down, and Suguru just couldn't stave off the demand of his hungry stomach anymore. It had been a week since he'd given in last, and he was all out of excuses to himself. His body wanted blood now-- and a lot of it. He'd made the stupid mistake of sleeping in the janitor's closet through the end of school. When he'd awakened, the sun was down already, and he'd missed the best chance to corner an unwitting first-year on the way home. The tennis team usually stayed late these past few weeks, as they were preparing for a tournament, but skulking around the tennis courts had turned up nothing. Perhaps they were already headed home, he reasoned. Maybe if he hurried he could catch some of them en route.

Suguru made his way towards the front gates, hands stuffed in his coat pockets. Night had brought its usual changes in him. His vision was much clearer, every scent stood out in high relief. The scent of female sweat and pheromones was still fresh outside the gates. He rushed after it, melting into the shadows.

The hunt brought him to a tree-filled park. He slithered from tree to tree, making sure to stay out of sight. Here the scent was faint, and there it picked up again, strong. Was it just one girl? Two? Wait-- wait, there was another smell, just a bit more familiar than the baby-powder-and-chapstick he'd been trailing. It was... well, a bit of sweat, more muscle, deodorant soap and teacher's room...

"Ayumi-sensei?" Suguru wondered to himself, wiping his fanged mouth with the back of his hand. What was she doing here in a park in the middle of the night? Didn't she know what kind of freaks prowled about to prey on unknowing young ladies after dark? Honestly!

Suguru left off with trailing the girl scents, overcome with curiosity. Ayumi's scent led him further and further on, until he realized that he could hear voices on the night wind. What was probably his teacher speaking... and then to his surprise, a male voice, guttural.

Suguru disappeared behind the trees again, moving in without a sound. His eyes were wide as saucers. What had he stumbled onto? Did Ayumi-sensei have a secret boyfriend?!

Shin and Yuuichi fled at a moment's notice and left the chills increasing in frequency. Things were not going well at all.

Ayumi frowned at the four twenty-something boys who now stood within ten meters of her. The leader was called "Chi" if she wasn't mistaken, his hair dyed green and spiked in odd ways. He stood a full three heads over her and had been just joking with his friends before they had spotted Ayumi. The other three had blue, bleached blond, and brown hair. And all dwarfed Ayumi - which was to be expected.

Chi raised an eyebrow at Ayumi and laughed. "We got ourselves a real karate kid, huh? What, does she think she's so hardcore that she can be safe in our turf?"

"Yeah, yeah, she's barely got any hips or tits to her, neither."

The third and fourth just laughed and stared.

Left without the option of just walking away - she'd seen enough of this type to know they would only give chase - Ayumi kept her body loose and ready to strike at a moment's notice. "I didn't know it was your turf," she sighed, barely able to disguise the disgust prevalent in her tone. The absence of Shin and Yuuichi not only confirmed her worry that these four were trouble, but it left her more on edge than usual. It was almost as if...they were connected to it.

Were they?

No, no, they were too young. Unless they were relations or proteges?

No, she couldn't afford to be worrying about that. Not right now. They had her outnumbered and there was no telling what weaponry was hiding in their enormous pockets.

"Psh, you can't read or something? We got it written on every piece of metal in the park!" the second piped up, rolling his eyes and jabbing a finger in her direction.

Ayumi kept her gaze calm and on all four at once. She couldn't guess which one might strike first. But when they did, she would be ready. "I didn't know your gang symbol. That's all. Now if you'll let me leave-"

That got them all upset - the three underlings screaming or yelling and waving fists and inappropriate gestures in her general direction. The leader just glared at her, his self-confidence so obvious that Ayumi knew he would be the first to go down. That is, unless one of the other three came at her first. She'd deal with them each in turn - but she'd leave a special punishment for an ego like that one.

It was the type of ego she'd never forget. And that did not bode well for "Chi".

As Suguru drew nearer, he could tell that this was certainly not a lovers' tryst in the park. It looked like Ayumi had been accosted by some sort of punk gangsters. She needed a hero to save her! How dare they bother his kind and cheerful judo teacher, he was ready to yell out. His left foot switched back into ready stance, and his hands curled into fists--

And then before he knew it, one of the thugs flipped up in the air over Ayumi's shoulder and hit the ground behind the woman with a resounding whack.

Suguru's eyes were wide with astonishment. There was fire burning in Ayumi's eyes as she laid about her. How long had she been training? It was like watching an action movie. Time after time she moved just right, letting the enemy's weight carry them through and to the ground. Suguru watched her execute textbook throws with minimum effort, adding in kicks and punches to throw them off-balance.

His skin felt ice cold. He swallowed. He'd known that Oyate Ayumi was a judo teacher, and that she was tough, but he'd expected her to run screaming like a woman was supposed to when threatened by a group of men twice her size.

She didn't need a hero, she needed a body bag, he decided. Holy crap.

Laying waste to thugs like these was an exercise in replaying images from all the martial arts films she paid homage to. Having memorized so many fight scenes left her feeling cinematic when she got to play them out. Of course, things were always a little varied as her opponents weren't paid actors, but instead rough housers who chose to mess with the wrong pint-sized woman. Then again, she usually wasn't able to play out entire scenes. They fell too fast.

But with yakuza...Ayumi was focused and it almost felt like she had assistance from Shin and Yuuichi. It was as if they disappeared so they could give all of their energy to support her. It still hadn't made the first few stand offs easy.

It wasn't that she didn't care about the fights with thugs - she did, really. That same firey energy and inspiration was still there - she just didn't feel quite so...something. She didn't know the word for it. Linguistics never had been her speciality.

With all four thugs down Ayumi stayed in a ready stance and surveyed her surroundings. Part of her felt the urge to dispatch the brats for good, but then her better moral judgement came back and she let out a deep breath, lowering her arms to her side. Apparently her yoga in the park was over -- she certainly wasn't about to go back to her stork pose with the four brats moaning, or unconscious, on the ground around her. She took steady steps back to the small incline she had been on before and took the chance to kick any of the bodies she passed. Crouching to pick up her coat, she felt the chill leave her and quickly spotted both of her ghostly friends - the smile back on her face. Yuuichi was sitting in a tree branch and kept pointing downward, though. Ayumi followed his gestures and could only stare.

Standing beside a tree was Suguru. And from his dumbfounded expression apparently he'd seen the entire thing. For a few seconds, all she could do was return the expression.

Suguru stepped out from the tree trunk just a bit. "Sensei," he spoke up. "Are you all right? I heard something happening, so I came... to see if you needed any help." He scanned her over with wide black eyes. "You're not hurt, are you?"

If this were a movie, Suguru would take her hand in his to check for injuries. Then she'd smile gratefully up at him, and crumble against his shoulder. I was so scared! she'd whimper, and he'd pat her back and comfort her. There, there, you're fine now, he'd assure her, his voice low and confident. And he'd stand there with her in the moonlight until the scene dissolved away. Ahhh. He should really write these down, he told himself.

Suguru looked at his teacher expectantly, hoping that there might be something indeed that was wrong. He certainly didn't see anything, but you never knew. Hope against hope.

She didn't feel hurt. Did she? It was unlikely with such clumsy opponents.

"I don't think I'm..." Ayumi trailed off and flinched once. Apparently the adrenaline was wearing off and with it, her natural painkillers. She looked to her left arm and twisted it around to see whatever was causing the pain. Seeing the bright red line running about 7 centimeters down her lower arm, complete with blood beginning to well up, she sighed and looked back to Suguru. "I guess one of them managed to get his switchblade out. It should heal in a few hours with some care."

While it was odd to see Suguru here of all places, what was stranger was how alert he looked. He had always seemed such a strange mix of exhaustion and pent up energy. Let alone hormones - even Ayumi understood what was going on when a boy stared at a girl's chest. But tonight, well, he almost looked like he'd constantly been half-asleep whenever she had seen him at school. That was something to make her wonder. And with Yuuichi still pointing at Suguru and seeming frantic, well, that left her a little worried. Shin was staying on the other side of the field and gesturing for her to leave the area.

Either way, she wouldn't flee from a student. Even if he'd just caught her cleaning up the local trash.

Suguru's eyes followed Ayumi's to the sweet, thick trickle of blood on her suntanned arm. "Oh," he said, his voice fading. "Oh."

His stomach tightened. It was a very, very good thing they were not on campus, or that stupid voice of whatever would be clamoring in his brain. Suguru hated, hated, hated being told what to do. By teachers, by his parents, by his brother, and most especially by a nameless, faceless Entity that didn't have the balls to introduce itself before it told you that it wanted you to bite every human in the room.

Suguru shook his head, fighting to get control of his instincts. He couldn't. Yes, it was A type blood, his favorite, and yes it was likely delicious and full of nutrients from Oyate-sensei's fit and healthy body. Yes, he craved athletic platelets like a delicacy. But no, he could not snack on his teacher. She wasn't weak-minded like the girls he could fool into forgetting the whole thing with the hypnosis jewel in his pocket. And she certainly would thrash him if he tried anything on her. Indeed, laying a hand on Ayumi-sensei would have to be saved for his private daydreams. If she found out about him, she could tell the rest of the teachers and blow his cover.

Suguru cleared his throat, looking away from the delectable drip (oh yes, baby) forming on her skin to focus his eyes at a point on her left shoulder. He concentrated instead on the scent of the pines, and the grass at his feet. "Do you need help or anything? I think I have..." he dug through his book bag at his hip. "Ah. Here."

He took out a pocket-sized pack of tissues and handed it to his teacher, taking care to leave plenty of room so that their fingers wouldn't touch. The plastic packet was printed with Spiderman shooting web at the Green Goblin.

"Oh, thank you," Ayumi took the pack and smiled, but kept part of her gaze on Suguru as she took out a few tissues and applied them to her wound. "I often just ignore the cuts like this, but perhaps it's better to take care of them."

Seeing his anxiety about looking at her wound, she tried to sift through what could be affecting him. Because he certainly was more anxious than a normal child would be in this situation. As she knew for a fact -- two others students (both boys, strangely enough) had caught her taking out yakuza and punks alike while she was in college. Then again, they knew full well that her major was in physical education. They really shouldn't have been so surprised that she would put that knowledge to work on someone.

He really did look healthier now than she'd ever seen him. And yet he was so...jittery. Anxious. Worried about something. Usually he would meet her eyes and seem comfortable around her - but now he was definitely on edge. Too on edge for her liking. Shin and Yuuichi's gestures and avoidance of getting too near Suguru only confirmed her worries.

"Suguru-kun? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, shoot," he said, shifting his balance from one foot to the other.

Ayumi lowered her gaze - the first time taking her eyes off him - and hoped she could think of the right words. "You look...good. Much better than normal, actually. Are you feeling okay?"

Suguru ran his fingers through his hair and grinned up at his teacher. "I've just never seen a woman go Bruce Lee on a bunch of guys twice her size before," he admitted, feeling his nerves ease slightly when she wiped the blood away with the tissue. Put it in your pocket, he begged her silently. Don't make this harder on me than it needs to be. He dug at a pebble in the ground with his toe. "I'm kinda scared you'll toss me next," he joked. "Wat-chaaa."

"That was amazing, sensei," he admitted, for once in his life feeling shy.

Now with the blood wiped up, she jammed it into a pocket - totally unaware of Suguru's silent plea - and rubbed her neck, still finding this explanation awkward for the third time. "I suppose I did let myself go more tonight than I do in class. Sorry for scaring you," she smiled, ignoring the pout Yuuichi was giving her from behind Suguru. "And...thank you."

"I don't think you need to worry about a beating from me, Suguru-kun. Only bad guys like them get it," she gestured to the unconscious quartet behind them with her with a jerk of her thumb. "And....it's an old game for me. Strange, huh?" Ayumi let out a soft laugh and shook her head, feeling more of her worries about Suguru start to fade. He hadn't done anything creepy or dangerous yet and she knew the kid well enough to think he wasn't a risk. There was still that vague uneasy feeling at the back of her mind, but for now...well, he was still Suguru-kun, wasn't he?

Suguru glanced up, offered his teacher a smile of admiration. "That's not strange. It's not strange at all. It's cool," he said, his tone betraying a serious note. "You stand up for what you know is right."

Ah. That was envy, deep and stinging in his chest.

He shuffled his feet. "A wise man once said, 'With great power comes great responsibility,'" he quoted, looking up at the starry sky. Sure, maybe she would give him a blank look, like everyone else he knew. Or maybe she'd understand. Suguru thought he'd roll the dice.

That was a quote she was very familiar with. Ayumi gave him a small smile in response and shook her head. "I never took you for the type to quote. But yes, I do feel better for doing my part. No matter how little good it actually does." She sighed and then realized Suguru might actually share this little experience with other students... who might then share it with teachers.

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?" It was times like these that Ayumi wished she could better hide her anxiety - in a fight, it was a breeze. Any other time? It was a real risk.

He blinked at his teacher, studied her expression carefully. "Not if you don't want me to," Suguru offered, completely honest. "Why? Would it be bad if people knew that you could fight like that? 'f it were me I think I'd want it in the news."

"It...well...you know how appearances are. Some would think me a hero, others would think me a renegade." Ayumi couldn't stop fidgeting and instead shoved her hands into her pockets, letting out a deep breath. Suguru looked so intent and genuinely confused about her fear of publicity. She remembered being like that once. And she missed it.

Ayumi let out a soft laugh, grinning at him. "I don't have any lawyers either. If I went around on the news like this I'm sure some lawyer would spin the story so that I was paying out medical bills and such for knocking some sense into these riff-raffs."

"That make sense?"

Suguru nodded his dark head and grinned. "Okay. No problem. I won't tell anyone a thing." He hiked his school bag up on his shoulder a bit and made sure not to move from the shadows of the trees. The moon above glistened on the treetops and grass. This really was a nice park, it was too bad that small-town losers decided to congregate here. He liked pine trees. Not only were they in his family name (the matsu of Matsuzaki) they drowned out human noise well when the breeze blew.

"Well," he offered, nodding at the gangsters on the ground. "I guess you'd better get out of here before they wake up, sensei." He would have said "we" but that would sound like they were going somewhere together, and he just couldn't. He'd giggle like a little girl at the very thought. In fact, he was fighting it down at this very moment, a goofy grin on his face.

He wasn't going to tell....that was great! Ayumi let out a sigh of relief and the tension eased out of her body. Things would be okay after all. She wouldn't be hounded by lawyers and angry yakuza. Or high school parents. Yeesh.

She nodded at him and stepped confidently forward. "Yes, and we'll be going right now." Ayumi started towards the main path, glancing back at him once. "Come on, I want to at least see you off to a major street. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble for this either."

Without a backward glance, she continued onto the tree-limb shaded pathway, with a bounce in her footsteps.

"We... will?" Suguru blustered, and he took a step back into the shadows. His eyes widened a bit, and he hitched up his school bag again and fell into step alongside Ayumi, keeping just a half-pace behind.

The boy was excited despite his desire to hide... well, a lot of things... from his dear teacher. "Okay, where are we going? I can walk you home if you need it." Then he visibly rethought this statement, remembering the pain that had just been dished out. "Uh, not that you need it, but. You're a lady, after all."

She laughed and shook her head. "You're kinda cute, Suguru-kun. I think you're the first boy to call me a lady after watching me beat people up. But you don't need to walk me all the way home. It's probably a long ways away from your home." Ayumi glanced back at him and smiled. "How about we get to the train station on Tazawa and call that good?"

Yuuichi and Shin's continued avoidance of going near Suguru was not missed by her, but it still didn't truly make sense. What would frighten away both of them - let alone worry them about her own safety? She'd have to look into it more later. They never did like monster movies... but Suguru couldn't be a monster. Could he?

Pushing aside the thought for later, Ayumi enjoyed the scenery and the slight burn in her muscles. Apparently today's workout had been harder than she'd thought. Then again, she hadn't scheduled a gangster beat down.

"You are a lady, though, Oyate-sensei. You're a really cool one." Suguru ran his fingers through his hair in a studied motion learned from watching Brad Pitt movies. He flashed Ayumi a toothy grin and gave her a thumbs-up. "Sure, the station, then. I should be able to grab a bite around there, anyway," he agreed.

And he trotted along beside his teacher, hands in his pockets. Usually he felt a need to listen to his iPod or something walking the city streets at this hour, but right now he didn't need music to feel cool. Right now, he was awesome. The most awesome teenage vampire in the whole freakin' world! He hopped to the top of a nearby fence, tightrope walking along as agile as a cat.

"You like living in this town?" he asked, looking up to the sky.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice. I'm still meeting plenty of people, and the Jiu Jitsu and Judo classes in town are a little smaller than I'm used to, but the kids in there are great." She giggled to herself for a moment at the memory of a middle-aged gentleman apologizing profusely after executing a throw move on a younger woman - who had also been in the same class. "And the adults in the classes are hilarious."

She shook her head and let the laughter fade out. "What about you? Have you lived here your whole life?"

Suguru wrinkled his nose. "In this dump? No way." Then he caught himself, realizing that he'd just insulted the very town that Ayumi had proclaimed nice. His expression was guilty. "Uh, well, it's not a really a dump. I just... haven't gotten used to it yet." He frowned, concentrating on the bleak horizon ahead. "There's only one arcade, and it's really weak. Only one coffee shop, and no store where you can get used video games. There's a used bookstore, but no used game store."

"I want to live in Tokyo," Suguru proclaimed, with a wistful gleam in his eyes.

Ayumi couldn't help it. She burst out laughing. Her giggles quickly changed to a snort and Ayumi waved a hand at Suguru when he looked surprised. "I-" Snort! "Sorry, sorry. It's fine. Fine." She giggled for a few seconds more and then wiped the tears from her eyes. "You're just so cute when you're embarrassed." Another giggle and she finally composed herself, straightening up and grinning at Suguru.

"Tokyo's pretty fun. I've been there a few times. What's your favorite part of Tokyo?"

As Suguru looked at Ayumi, his eyes grew hazy. Were those bubbles around her? Was her hair flowing in the wind? Who put those lovely stars in her eyes? And where were those sakura petals drifting across his vision coming from?

Oh, he knew the answer. Love. They were coming from Love itself.

He hopped off of the fence, his posture straight as he landed. "I don't think a girl's ever said that to me before, that I'm cute," he confessed, dumbfounded. All other bits of their conversation were completely irrelevant. Finally a woman had realized his attractiveness?

His chest was brimming with pent-up emotion. Ayumi was brilliant as he gazed at her, brilliant as the sun, with rosy lips and healthy skin. He felt that the longer he looked the more damage he would do to his poor delicate heart, but he simply could not force himself to look away.

This was a lot like those scenes with the forbidden Riho-sensei in his favorite game, First Kiss Revolution 3. Then his world came to a screeching halt as he had a new and shocking thought.


Suguru's face grew warm and his armpits started sweating like crazy. Did he have any breath mints? Did he? Oh damn, oh dark powers that be. It was time to panic. Subtly so that she wouldn't notice, that was. Play it cool. He was a man, after all.

She never had been very good at gauging who was "cute" and "popular" and who wasn't. Let alone what factors in face, body-type, and clothing style contributed to those determinations. So she just kept smiling. "Well, sometimes people don't always look past the very basic exterior. They'll judge you before they get to know you. I guess, that's sorta like me. See, a lot of people think I'm a lot younger than I am..." Ayumi shrugged again.

When Suguru's eyes were glazed over for more than a few seconds, she started to wonder what was wrong with him. "...Suguru-kun?"

Suguru was thrilled. He reached out and grabbed Ayumi's hand in excitement. "You mean people can't tell your real age by looking at you? I know that feeling, too." Then he realized that he'd taken his teacher's hand, and quickly let go. He didn't want to get tossed on his face, after all.

"Wow, sensei," he sighed. He felt like he was floating on air. "When I talk to you, I feel like we really have a lot in common, you and me. Like, like maybe you might be able to understand me better than anyone else. In fact I feel like I could tell you anything and--"

Huh. He certainly liked the comparison of them. Ayumi glanced away a few times to keep track of where they were - along with making sure they didn't accidentally cross the street in front of a moving car. His hands were definitely cold - this second time in contact with his skin confirmed it.

Eerily cold. And it certainly wasn't cold enough for him to be that cold...

"Um, we're here!" she chirped, pointing out the train station - now right in front of them. "Do you need to take a train? Or can you walk from here? I've gotta take the Chuou line."

He blinked, and then turned his head to gape at the train station that had interrupted him. When had they gotten this far? What about his kiss?

"Oh. Oh, okay. That's okay." He raked his fingers through his hair and tried his best to look smooth about it. "Sure. Yeah. I'll be walking from here. I don't have to walk though, you know. Sometimes I ride. You know, skateboard." Yes, yes, he knew that his skateboard was in his bedroom back at the house. But it sounded like a good thing to let her know. He was not just some kid who walked. He had wheels.

"So.... I guess I'll say goodbye to you here, then, sensei," he announced, disappointed and trying his darndest not to show it. "Be careful on your way home." He raised his hand and waved, already walking away. That was how the coolest guys said goodbye, after all. Turn the eyes away and wave over your shoulder, leave the lady wanting more. "Goodnight."

Huh. Something was definitely wrong with Suguru... He was nervous. But about what? Did he want to talk more? Make sure she got home? He did seem a little like he wanted to be a gentlemen at times. Or was he just...strange?

And why did it matter that he skateboarded? He didn't have it with him, did he? No, she'd have seen it by now. Right?

By the time Suguru was walking off and waving, all she could do was put up a hand and say "Goodnight." She stared for a few more seconds and then shook her head to straighten out her thoughts. She'd worry about it later and probably talk to him. She couldn't ask him too much though, or else she might embarrass him. And that wouldn't be very kind. So she'd let it go for now.

Ayumi rubbed at her hair and sighed. It had definitely been an interesting evening.

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