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nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Chance of a Lifetime [open]

Everyone has a date with destiny. Matsuzaki Suguru's was today. Today he was going to see all of the girls in the whole school with no shirt on. Bras! Could you believe it?! What fortune had smiled upon him that he might see this glorious day?

The vampire was plastered to one of the fan vents on top of the gymnasium roof, trying to see through those little bitty air-vent slits as girls filed into the gym below to be examined. He was hoping and waiting for Amamiya Kokoro to show up. Just what sort of body did she have under that bulky sweater she always wore? And did she wear plain white boring things or something cute with a little color or pattern on it?

There were so many others he'd be able to view from afar, too. So many secrets to be laid bare. That third year girl who wore the glasses and carried math books around? Maybe she had giant, awesome... assets. That innocent little first year he'd been eyeing for his afternoon snack-- maybe she wore like, a tiger-print bra. No, no, wait, leopard-print! Whoa. That would be so hot.

This waiting was nervewracking. Suguru wiped his sweaty brow and thanked the dark powers that be that the day was cloudy. He was already feeling tired out in the daylight as it was.


Chiaki wasn't sure why Suguru had asked him to meet up on the gymnasium roof. For one, they didn't know each other very well, but the upperclassman paid more attention to Chiaki than most people did. Perhaps, Chiaki thought, Suguru just wanted to become better friends. The thought brightened his spirits. And two, it was on the roof of the gymansium. What business could they possible have up there? Chiaki couldn't imagine what it was, but who was he to question an upperclassman, anyway.

He half-walked, half-crawled across the roof of the gym -- it was nerve-wracking, how easy it'd be for him to just...roll off onto the ground. He crouched next to Suguru, his cheeks slightly pink from the effort and adrenaline. "Hi, Matsuzaki-senpai," he said, leaning forward. "What are we doing up here, anyway?"
Suguru brightened at the approach of first year Ao-whatever Chiaki-- aka, The Perfect Wingman. "Hey, Aogiri," he grinned and waved, glad to see his backup arrive. "'What are we doing here'? Don't you know what today is?"
"It's Aoki," he tried to say as soon as Suguru greeted him, but Suguru just kept talking.

"Um, yeah. Of course. It's physical examinations day, right...? So shouldn't we be back in class, while the girls get examined?"
Suguru boggled, completely ignoring the name correction. "Back in class?!" he repeated, incredulous. "What-- okay. Look down there," Suguru ordered, pointing down the ventilation shaft to the half-dressed girls queueing up below. "And you try to tell me that there is anything more interesting or informative than this, going on in class."

Suguru waited, his arms crossed and one foot tapping.
Still feeling a little nervous about being up on the roof, Chiaki scooted over to the vent on his hands and knees. Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he peered down into the gym.

And saw a multitude of girls stripping down to their undergarments.

Chiaki was not only a shy boy, he was also caught completely off guard. The sight down there was akin to the skin magazines one boy in his junior high class had brought to school that one time, and it wasn't something he was prepared to see. Choking on his breath in a fit of surprise and embarrassment, he staggered away on all fours and coughed up a storm, his face gone pink and red. H-he -- he'd been called up here to peek on the girls!? Chiaki mostly didn't care about the girls getting undressed in the gym -- oh, he'd be in so much trouble -- how would he explain this to Shibata-sensei?
"See what I mean?" Suguru sighed, breathing in the lovely smell of girl from down below. He turned to Chiaki, keeping his voice to a low hiss. "Those are young maidens in the prime of life. Innocent, fertile, delicate blossoms in bloom! Could a day get any better than this? I ask you."

Suguru peered through the vent and screen, hoping to spot a girl he knew. "Keep quiet now, or someone will hear," he warned.
For once in his life, Chiaki was not concerned with keeping quiet. Wheezing with every breath, his face still burning bright pink, he flailed at Suguru. "N-no -- Matsuzaki-senpai! W-we can't -- we shouldn't be up here! We're going to get in trouble, and all for some stupid p-prank -- why would you ditch class for this, senpai? Someone's going to notice we're missing -- I-I should g-go -- !"
"Are you joking?" Suguru protested. "What, are you gay or something?"

"Don't go, I need a lookout, and you won't get caught, don't worry," he urged, desperate for companionship. "Besides, it's not like they're naked, they're just in their bras. We'd see more at the beach."
The beach? Chiaki didn't really like going out in the sun, but he'd been to the beach with his father. There weren't just girls at the beach, and not all of them were wearing things like...

"I -- I'm not --" Chiaki started to protest, and then shook his head. It wasn't worth arguing that point. "L-l-look, it's just a bad idea, okay? I-I mean, even if I were your lookout, even if I saw someone coming, we'd still get in trouble!"
But Suguru wasn't listening to the younger boy's protests. "Keep your voice down!" he hissed at Chiaki. "And get down more. Someone will hear you, or see you." Face glued to the air vent, he peered down into the gym. Truth be told, there really wasn't much to see, the teachers (blasted teachers!) below had lined up the girls to the left of his viewing area. All he really saw at the moment was rows of knee socks and loafers. Boooooring.

"Come on," he muttered at the girls below. "Move this way more!"
Chiaki was generally a passive person. But this was a little much even for him.

"M-M-Matsuzaki-senpai!" he hissed frantically. "C-come on! This is really a bad idea...I bet Shibata-sensei has already noticed I'm absent from class, and I'm going to get in trouble, a-a-and so are you! Senpai, come on, this is stupid anyway, I don't see the point, let's just go while we still can..."
It was entirely possible that their absence was noticed and reported. Or perhaps Kramer just knew that something was off and only now appeared. In either case, one moment the two were safe... in the next, their doom had appeared.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind, a changing of the environment, and Kramer was there. Standing on the edge of the roof, his eyes narrowed, his long brown coat billowing outward and his normally-placid face showing... quite a bit more emotion than usual. "Matsuzaki-kun, Aoki-kun," he said, with a polite tone so sharp it could slice through steel, "you both know you're not supposed to be up here. Come with me. Now."
Chiaki choked on his breath so hard he thought he might stop breathing altogether. They had been caught, and not by any teacher -- but by Kramer, one of the teachers to be most feared in the school.

"I -- I didn't --" he tried to say, but he was panicking, and fast. His face was worked over completely in red, and he looked absolutely petrified. This wasn't fair! He didn't know what -- this wasn't his -- he hadn't wanted to!
Suguru rose from the air vent and tossed his black hair defiantly. "Heh. We aren't going anywhere, we haven't seen anything good yet," he announced his voice clear in the late morning air. Now he cocked his head at Kramer. "What are you doing here, old man? Aren't you supposed to be teaching present imperfect to 2-C right about now?"
Ah hah, so that was the game that they wanted to play. "Go to Yuzuya-sensei's class, Aoki-kun, where you belong," he said almost off-hand, as it was obvious that his attention was much more on the Designated Trouble-maker of the duo. The thorn in his side, the aggravation of his life, none other than Matsuzaki Suguru. He should have known.

As for the kid in question... he shook his head. "I'm not going to banter with you. You're already in enough trouble to make a normal kid's eyes spin, I'd suggest you mitigate the damage."
Chiaki was in shock, but he realized that he'd get off easily. As for Suguru...

Well, it was unlike him to be so unsympathetic, but Suguru had really gotten himself into this pickle. No one else could be blamed.

Excusing himself in a shaky voice, his heart thudding uncomfortably loudly in his ears, Chiaki scuttled for his exit. He hoped Shibata-sensei hadn't noticed his absence much...
Suguru frowned at Chiaki abandoning him. "Where are you going? He can't do anything to us. Wait--" Weren't they a team here? Did Robin ditch Batman when the Joker showed up? For crying out loud! And honestly, if Chiaki had such a problem with cutting class, he shouldn't have done it in the first place. It wasn't, Suguru assured himself, like he'd tied up and dragged the boy here. Geez.

Suguru was quiet for a moment, and then when the first-year was completely and assuredly gone, he snorted softly to himself. So much for manly friendship!

Suguru closed his eyes in disappointment, then turned back to the air vent. When he spoke again, his voice was tired.

"Listen, Kramer, I'm trying to construct a little investigation, and it's necessary to survival and all, so if you could just turn your little withered self around and go back to class, that'd be special."