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i'm so fabulous~

uwasamiyuki in ghostsugar_rp

Don't Drag Your Feet! [open to all staff]

[It shouldn't have taken me this long to post a Miyuki-sensei thread, sob. HERE IT IS.]

Miyuki liked to think she had good money management skills for a single woman. Most of them spent every paycheck or daddy dollar on the first thing they saw, leaving them in a constant state of pennilessness. Of course, Miyuki was smarter than that. She put away her money into her savings account, piled it up, saved it...

And then spent it all at once.

She was so very proud of herself.

She'd spent the weekend with a friend in Shibuya, where she'd done some of the most fabulous shoe-shopping of her life. She had come out of it with an almost-2man yen pair of shoes, but they were the cutest heels she'd ever owned. And Miyuki couldn't have been happier with them.

Currently Miyuki was very happy with her new shoes in the staff lounge at far-too-early in the morning, nursing a cup of coffee at her desk. She sat with her legs neatly crossed, displaying one of her fabulous new shoes to anyone who passed by. She was waiting for the oh-so-exotic Kramer-sensei to pass by so that he'd be positively dazzled by her fashion sense. Foreign boys were so fashionable and Yuzuya was soo last year, even if Miyuki did still think he was endearingly nice. Miyuki smiled to herself and tapped her manicured fingernails on the desk, humming a little tune to herself as she pretended to correct math tests.


Another shitty Monday morning, another day of getting up and moving around and not being completely sure as to why.

Yuzuya plodded past the second-year teacher desks, squinting at the bright sunlight coming through the blinds. He was completely aware that he looked like hell. He didn't care yet. It would take a few cups of coffee to accomplish that.

Which was the reason for his (extremely slow) quest to cover the vast terrain between his desk and the coffee maker. Coffee, green tea, even that dusty weird houji-cha that the P.E. teachers drank for health, whatever the fuck, just give him some caffeine, now.

As he passed the cluster of desks belonging to the second-year teachers, he noticed that Samuel Kramer-sensei's cup was still cold and empty. Yuzuya reached out a hand. "Coffee?" he offered, his voice dry.
Ever since he'd arrived, Samuel Kramer-sensei had been pointedly, coldly aloof from the rest of his fellow teachers. The weekend, even consisting of just one day, had lasted far too long. Now he was on-edge, testy, barely meeting the eyes of anyone who looked at him. He still looked cool and refined on the outside, of course, but a dangerous sort of calm, a calm before a storm, in a sense. Delicate fingers marked English homework, his red pen wielded like a sword, or perhaps a whip, lashing out pointed criticism- entirely true, entirely correct, but sharper than his normal tone.

Needless to say, a certain young teacher and her certain utterly gaudy, tasteless, expensive as sin shoes were promptly discounted and ignored. Ugh, that wasn't anything he wanted to deal with at this hour.

He didn't even look up as he heard a dry rasping voice groaning at him. "Please," he answered, unconsciously pushing his cup towards whoever it was. So long as he was left alone, he would survive. He just had to make it through, one day at a time...
Yuzuya nodded and collected up Kramer's cup, trudged past Miyuki to the coffeepot. He washed out both cups meticulously with hot water at the sink. Leaning heavily on the counter, he filled both mugs. Did Kramer use cream or sugar? He couldn't remember. Yuzuya frowned, and pawed around on the shelf over the percolator, checked the drawers for any goodies.
Ayumi was doing spectacularly today. Her workout had gone well, she hadn't run into any upset ghosts in the last few days, breakfast tasted great; life was very good.

She stifled some of her enthusiasm as she neared the staff lounge and event tried to double her efforts as she stepped inside. It only partially worked. She waved to a few other first years teachers then spotted Yuzuya and Kramer. Neither looked very happy...and Kramer, while nice but aloof, had stares that made her feel just a little off edge sometimes.

So, she kept looking around the room and spotted Miyuki-sensei. She looked happy, Ayumi thought as she stepped closer. With the shrinking distance, Ayumi could see what Miyuki-sensei was doing and she blinked a few times.

The woman was happy even with math tests. Wow. She had to be really happy then. Ayumi peered - and possibly loomed - for only a few more seconds before putting on a smile and bowing her head at Miyuki-sensei.

"Good morning, Miyuki-sensei. Did you have a good weekend?"
Truth be told, Miyuki was not paying attention to Ayumi. Rather, she was paying attention to the very cool and aloof Kramer who was not paying any attention to her. Seriously, these shoes and the rest of her! were gorgeous! How could he so coolly ignore them? He must have been playing hard to get, she decided. She pouted briefly in Kramer's direction, though he was too absorbed in his English tests to notice. Oh, she just loved a man who was dedicated to his work.

And then someone dressed in a well-worn martial arts gi stepped directly in front of her line of sight to Kramer, and the pout turned to pursed lips as Miyuki looked up to Ayumi, who was now speaking to her. Miyuki looked over her outfit, sighing inwardly. Oh, honey, no, she thought.

"Mm, it was nice," she said vaguely, and raised her pen in a vague gesture to Ayumi's clothes. "What is that?"
"What is this?" Ayumi looked down at herself and mentally sifted through the possible answers. 'Very toned body', no. 'My stomach', unlikely. Her clothes? That probably was it. Miyuki-sensei looked like one of those "pretty ladies", the ones who actually knew how to put together outfits and would flirt with men by touching their shoulders and giggling.

Ayumi had always thought it a little...odd, to be honest.

"My gi," Ayumi looked back at Miyuki, looking over the other woman for another moment. Her shoes screamed 'expensive' and 'ankle killers', so that must mean...something.

If only she knew why women bought those....

"Are those...new shoes?" she asked. Pretty ladies usually liked to be asked about their clothes. Not that she could be sure why just yet. Then again, they fussed over them just like she fussed over her workouts... huh. Maybe that could be something to consider.

Shin's giggles in the corner of the room were not helping her keep her focus, though.
Really, this was entirely not satisfactory. Normally Samuel Kramer tended to be patient and showed emotion only in his usual refined manner, but today his nerves were worn just a little bit thin. Especially since he could feel a certain someone staring at him, and that was entirely not what he needed. Not at this moment. Not when she was so obviously interested in him. And she was rather...

No. The exotic teacher shook his head and stood up, putting his tests to the side as he walked over to where Yuzuya was pawing ineffectually for cream and sugar. At this rate, he might as well book a flight to Colombia and pick the coffee beans himself. Kramer leaned over Yuzuya, put one hand on the man to hold him still, then delicately plucked the sugar and the cream, in order, from the top shelf. Then he plucked his own mug from the counter, and quietly muttered into the man's ear, "I take mine black."

It was no coincidence that while Ayumi was blocking the view from Miyuki's end, Kramer had put Yuzuya as close as possible to a shielding position as well.
Miyuki practically beamed at Ayumi noticing her fabulous new shoes. Apparently the sportsy gym teacher wasn't so far gone after all.

"Why, yes, they are!" she said, practically glowing. "Aren't they just darling? I would've waited for them to be on sale, but you know -- I just couldn't."

Meanwhile, Yuzuya had apparently further blocked her view of that gorgeous exotic foreign man. Damnit, Shibata, move out of the way! she wanted to hiss, but...well, it was Yuzuya. He might not have been the object of her affection currently, but he was just so...nice. How could she be rude to him? And he looked so run down, the poor man... Instead she raised her thinly shaped eyebrows and politely pursed her lips at him in a way that looked awfully like a cute pout, hoping he'd get the subtle hint to move out of the way so she could work her feminine charms on Kramer some more.
Yuzuya started nervously when Kramer got close enough to his ear that he could feel the Englishman's breath. "Um, uh, s-s-sure," he stammered. Goosebumps traveled across his skin. "Black, then," he said, meek, and handed the mug over to Kramer's waiting hand, trying his utmost not to spill.

And with that task completed, Yuzuya turned on his heel, robotically. "O-O-O-Oyate-sensei!" he blurted out, turning abruptly to Ayumi. "What did you do this weekend?"
She needed to give a compliment. A genuine, true fact about how the shoes were nice. "The blue is pretty," she said, hoping it didn't sound too terribly ignorant.

Ayumi kept smiling and then blinked at Yuzuya's stuttered question. "This weekend?" Well, she'd taught a beginning jiu jitsu, visited her cousins, and worked out in a park. ...and taken out two bands of moronic yakuza-wannabes. She'd just leave out the last one then? It seemed the wisest choice, especially since Kramer-sensei continually gave her glances that made her uneasy.

"Well, I taught a jiu jitsu class on Satuday and then visited some family Sunday. It was really pretty relaxing. What did you do?"
...what on earth was wrong with Yuzuya-sensei? Kramer blinked rather quizzically at the strange behavior, and took an almost imperceptible sniff before shaking his head. That explained a lot, now didn't it?

When the other male teacher turned, however, it brought Kramer's attention to Ayumi... and then to Miyuki in turn. Rather... cute, in a way. A bit like a pout, and her face could actually pull it off, unlike certain other individuals who could remain nameless. Didn't hurt that she did have nice lips, and the shade of lipstick flattered her well- tasteful and not overstated in the least.

Samuel might have, for a moment anyway, stared at the woman with surprisingly intense eyes. But then he shook himself and took a long sip of his coffee, turning his gaze away again.
Yuzuya blinked owlishly at Ayumi. He hadn't expected this to turn back to him having to speak so quickly. "Me? I, um..."

He'd picked up trash on the beach, seen Natalie Portman's new movie on DVD, done laundry, bought instant ramen, a dozen powdered-sugar donuts, and a case of beer, and then Yuzuya had spent the remaining 36 hours of his weekend playing online games (his orc was up to level 50 now!). So... he'd just leave out the last one then? It seemed the wisest choice, especially since Kramer-sensei was still right there, and he did have that way of giving disapproving looks.

"I um, I went to the beach for a clean-up event and picked up trash, I saw my favorite actress' new movie, I did my laundry, and went grocery shopping..." he fidgeted, shy about discussing his off-time. "The, the norm. Nothing special." Except that now his floor was littered with beer cans and plastic convenience store food containers, and his green orc was level 50 and had a mythril winged shield.
Had he -- had Kramer-sensei actually looked at her? All...appreciatively and appraisingly like that? That had to be the first time he'd really looked at her! The intensity of his gaze sent shivers up her spine. Ohohoho, this was already getting interesting.

Slowly, her attention faded into the conversation that Ayumi and Yuzuya were having. From the sound of it, Yuzuya was still his dull old self. He was endearing and nice, but oh, sometimes he just seemed so uninteresting. Idly, she wondered just who Yuzuya's favorite actress was.

"Oh, really?" she bubbled in response, jumping into the conversation. They were talking right near her; that meant she was included in the conversation, of course. "Sounds fun, Shibata-sensei. I went up to Shibuya." She beamed brightly at Ayumi and Yuzuya and cocked her heel-clad foot up so that it would be a little more obvious to Yuzuya and so that Kramer might get another glimpse of her fabulous shoes and legs. "Shopping trips are so much fun!"
Yuzuya noticed the legs, his face blank, and looked back to his coffee. In contrast, the word "shopping" out of Miyuki's mouth brought a definite reaction from Yuzuya. He blinked twice, darted wary eyes at Miyuki's happy face, and set his jaw, looking away to the windows.

A moment later he forced a pleasant face again, and took a step and a half back towards Ayumi's side, as if for safety.
"Shibuya is pretty crazy, I think. Tons of people there." Ayumi shrugged, wishing she had more to contribute. Shopping wasn't her forte -- she simply didn't know what to look for or what she "should" like. More often than not, it was her brother who found her the fashionable clothes. And dragged her along.

After a few moments of silence, she latched onto a possible thread of conversation to follow, smiling at Miyuki-sensei. "Did you just get the shoes? Or did you get a whole outfit to go with them?" That seemed like a feminine comment, didn't it?
A whole -- well, Ayumi really was sharper about this sort of thing than she looked! Miyuki's perfectly lipsticked lips curled into an entirely pleased smile directed at Ayumi.

"Oh -- oh! I wish, you know? But these shoes were all I could...that is to say -- they were what I was looking for this weekend, but..." She glanced down at those oh-so-gorgeous satin bows hanging off the heels. "Hmm, you know? Come to think of it, I totally do need a whole outfit for these! I mean, they're just so fabulous they warrant one all by themselves! Hey -- I know!" Positively beaming, she slapped one fist gently into her palm. "Ayumi-sensei! We should go together!" It would be fabulous, and then Miyuki could help her find something that wasn't so...sweaty.
Despite being a master martial artist in not one, but two different arts, she hadn't seen Miyuki's offer coming by a long shot. All Ayumi could do was blink.

"Shopping together? Uh...well, you'd like be doing most of the directing, Miyuki-sensei." Ayumi smiled and was glad that her brain seemed to be working again. "But I'd be glad to go with you. I think my only obligation is Saturday morning, so any time after that would be all right."

What had she just gotten herself into? Was Miyuki-sensei gonna make her buy high heels? She'd break her ankle in those things.
Ayumi had actually agreed to going shopping?! Well, she really was full of surprises. There was still hope left for her! Oh, Miyuki would have so much fun with this.

"You know, I need to check my plans, but I'll get back to you on that," Miyuki said, positively gushing. "You know, I bet I know a place where we can find something that would look just darling on you!"
Did Miyuki-sensei just say "darling" like those soap opera women did? Oh dear. A smile was Ayumi's outside reaction and she maintained it. "All right, sounds like a plan. You can leave a note on my desk if you don't see me; sometimes the coaches here need me to put in extra time so I can't nail down exactly where I'll be when I'm here."

Not that she minded having such a fluid and occasionally haphazard schedule. It fit her a little too well at times.
Miyuki put a finger to her mouth and made a little laugh that, to anyone who knew her well enough, should have been a warning sign. "Ohoho~" She was positively glowing now, and if it hadn't been entirely inappropriate and totally unsophisticated she might have done a little wiggling dance in her chair. But she didn't. She remained dignified and fabulous, and beamed at Ayumi.

"Sounds like a plan! Oh -- there's the warning bell for homeroom!" She got to her feet, heels clacking sharply, and gathered her folders together. "See you later, Ayumi-sensei!"