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Baby Steps [tag Sumire]

School was finally over, and Yuzuya figured it was a safe guess that it had been a pretty hectic day for school nurse Murakami Sumire. In addition to a fight breaking out in a 3rd year gym class and left two boys with black eyes and fat lips, first year student Sugimoto Akiko had fallen down the stairs and been rushed to the hospital with a suspected broken arm. As the girl's homeroom teacher, it was Yuzuya's responsibility to check how things had gone. He also had to turn in some health questionnaires the students had filled out before the health check, so that was another excuse for being here.

Yeah, it was an excuse. He was genuinely concerned about Sugimoto-san, but to tell the truth, he was just as concerned about Murakami-sensei herself. He had heard the vice-principal making some small comments around lunchtime, and though he hadn't been in close enough range to hear exactly what and object aloud, he was sure that whatever Ono had said hadn't been fun for Sumire. What was more, he wasn't sure exactly what it was, but Murakami-sensei seemed just a bit... different lately, as though something was bothering her. He wondered if the stress of the job was getting to the poor woman.

Yuzuya lifted a hand to tap lightly on the nurse's office door, and cleared his throat. "Murakami-sensei?" he asked, afraid to disturb the woman during what was likely her first peace of the day.
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Tea was the essence of all things calming (unless you were her grandfather, and in which case the answer was 'cigarettes', but that was neither here nor there), and Sumire had finally had a chance to still her thoughts. Whatever that old battle-axe had wanted this afternoon, which was just another primer in pain and office politics, it would go away with the tea, the little boys fighting and the little girl that had kept apologizing profusely as Sumire had called the ambulance. Poor thing, the nurse hoped the girl would recover quickly and return to classes.

It was the knock on the door that alerted her to going back to formalities and she sat up straight. "Yes, I'm here. Come in."
"Excuse me," Yuzuya announced, ducking into the door and closing it softly behind him. His eyes darted apprehensively to where Sumire sat at her desk. "Sorry to interrupt."

He shuffled the papers in his hands and scanned the office. Everything neat and nice and in its place as usual. Things couldn't be too bad with her, could they? Or perhaps Murakami-sensei was just the sort of person who wore her problems on the inside? He really wondered, not having seen her show much aside from pleasant, pleasantly tired, and civil but still pleasant.
"It's fine, Sensei. What can I help you with?" she asked with a small smile, putting her teacup down and smoothing her dark skirt over her legs primly. It was good that Shibata was such a sweetie, because it made it hard to get mad at him for interrupting her peace, rare as it was lately.

What was in the air that was making the students act so crazily this time of year? Sumire adjusted her spare reading glasses (her other, proper ones long gone into the blackhole that was the school) and stood up.
"Oh, nothing special," Yuzuya managed, running a finger around his collar. He took a few steps in, careful to avoid tripping over the tray table laden with first aid supplies. Spilling things on the floor would probably not be the best way to break the proverbial ice, right? "I just wanted to see how things went at the hospital, with Sugimoto-san," he replied. "I-is she all right?"