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magictiemnaow in ghostsugar_rp

'Extracurricular' Activities (Tag to Yuzuya)

When Yadoru had gone to the Academy, he had been certain that the various supernatural entities would be the most dangerous and aggravating thing about his new life. He was, of course, incorrect in that assumption. The entities were the most dangerous thing, but it was adapting to life as a normal student that actually proved to be the most difficult to get used to. For example, without servants to cook for him, he had to buy lunch at the school cafeteria... the selection at which was not quite what he was used to, to say the very least. Classes were a bit of a challenge as well, especially considering that the first few days were quite hectic on a supernatural level.

To put it simply? Mental exhaustion translated to poor academic skills, and while he wasn't usually called on, the few times he had been had not left a very favorable impression. Each time, Yadoru just told himself that he'd do better the next time that he could get a full night's sleep. Some things just had to take priority, and right now, making sure that the local ghosts both knew him and knew not to get on his bad side was the most important thing. Otherwise they'd just keep bothering him in his sleep or do other minor bits of annoyances, which just wouldn't work for someone like him. He knew that he had to be in quite the state, bags under his eyes and his uniform rather dishevelled, but later on, he promised again, he'd take better care of himself. ...sure, his brother could have done all of this and come out smelling like a rose, but Yadoru wasn't his brother. He'd have to deal with it in his own way now.

Such as now, during lunch. There were plenty of problems with the school, and only so many that he could deal with. After buying some treats for lunch, he'd set himself up for just a little bit of a break... but such was not to be. Almost immediately some movement in the corner of his eye had him at the alert, and he was dashing after it after only taking a bite or two. He followed the vague movements out the cafeteria and towards the nurse's office, mentally counting on just how many more reserves he had. Not much, and during the daylight when anyone could see him, it wasn't like he could just call in his power and let anyone see what he was. He had a code to live by, after all!

The problem was solved for him as he rounded the next corner, abruptly coming upon none other than his science teacher. Now, of all possible times? Yadoru spent a moment trying to catch his breath, hoping beyond hope that maybe, just maybe, suddenly having a student running up to you like all the demons in the Hells were after him was normal in this Academy.


There was one little fluffy cloud in the sky, right in the middle, and it looked so much like a scoop of vanilla ice cream that it really was uncanny.

That had been all that Yuzuya had currently been thinking about. He was in his oft-frequented break time spot. This was a quiet little nook out behind the back of the nurse's office, not far from the teacher parking lot. Here, hidden from student view by the hedges, and a good distance away from any windows through which people inside might see him, was Yuzuya's retreat. His fifteen minutes of sanity. Yeah, sure there was a teacher's lounge, but going in there for a smoke was anything but relaxing to Yuzu's sensibilities. Here was much less nerve-wracking. He could watch the sky and the trees.

He was, at the moment, leaning up against the wall, puffing away on his lunchtime cigarette, with a now-empty bowl of instant "Just-Add-Water" yakisoba and the wrapper of a fish sausage set at his feet. (To his credit, he wasn't planning on leaving them there. Shibata Yuzuya, who made a point of walking to work every day to reduce his carbon footprint, wouldn't dream of littering Planet Earth.)

When Yadoru burst out of nowhere the lanky teacher jumped a good three feet into the air, dropped his cigarette as quick as he could, and covered the evidence with one loafer-clad foot. He began fanning the air away frantically. "I didn't--" Yuzuya began, and then he recognized who it was who had interrupted his breaktime.

"Oh! Ch-ch-ch-chi-Chiba-san!" he exclaimed, wide-eyed. Sweat began beading on his brow, and he put one shaky hand over his heart. "Holy mother-- I, I-I was just-- what are you doing here?"
Well, no, there went any chance of it being 'normal'. Though even someone as sheltered as Chiba Yadoru knew only too well what his teacher had been doing... though ironically it was such a small thing that he was almost glad about it. Better smoking than who knew what else... by this point he wouldn't have been surprised if his teachers happened to be ravenous flesh-eating monsters or something.

Still, it wasn't often he stumbled onto someone else, and instantly he felt on-edge. Mostly because he couldn't just say 'I was following something that I think might have been a ghost but I'm not really sure' to anyone, let alone a science teacher. So, thinking quickly, he stammered out, "U-uh, well... just... walking around?"

Then he stopped. His brother had always said that the best defense was a good offense, and so he tried to steel himself and ask without his voice shaking- not really working, because the last thing he needed was a disciplinary report sent to his mom- "Well... what are you doing here?" A pause as he tried to remember his teacher's name, then tried, "Shibata-sensei?"
"You mean, besides having a heart-attack, right?" Yuzuya managed, letting his shoulders relax again in relief. He heaved a sigh. "Lunch break." He nodded to the now-empty instant-food container on the ground. "Sorry I can't offer you any-- Did, did you get something to eat?" he asked, regarding Yadoru with a note of concern. He didn't see any lunch box or bread wrappers on the kid.

"I can get you something from the teacher's room. I have a rice ball in the fridge, and some more of these." Yuzu nudged the package of the Just-Add-Water Yakisoba YumYum with his toe.
"I-I didn't mean to startle you," Yadoru muttered, looking away from the teacher with a bit of embarrassment on his face. Normally he didn't have much of a problem with that, but then again, normally everyone on a site knew what he was and what he was doing... or they didn't know anything at all. Trying to remain incognito was a bit more difficult when the person worked with Yadoru on a regular basis.

"No!" Yadoru quickly exclaimed at the package of Incredibly Questionable Might-Be-Yakisoba nudged at him, then amended his statement just as quickly. "I mean, yes, I did get something. From the cafeteria."

This wasn't working so well, now was it? Especially since Yadoru could still feel something in the area, something besides the usual suspenseful feel he had whenever he was in the Academy. But he couldn't quite pinpoint it yet, and that was like having a spider in the room that had scurried just out of sight somewhere. He had to fight the urge to keep looking over his shoulder. "...but thank you."
Yuzuya scratched his head. "Something wrong?" He'd noticed this particular student looking a bit... odd at times. There was the day that he showed up to science class with leaves in his hair and a scratch on his face, a different day when he'd disappeared during cleaning time and come to school the next day with bruises.

Now the boy seemed furtive, and his eyes were darting to the side ever so slightly. Yuzuya inclined his head, a look of concern on his face. "Hey... by the way, Chiba-san. If, if you ever have any problems at school, you can tell me, you know?"
"Mm? No, nothing's wrong." Yadoru laughed nervously as he focused on Yuzuya again, trying to seem less conspicuous than before. He was obviously doing absolutely nothing at all to make Yuzuya less suspicious of him, and that had to be rectified as soon as possible.

Still, at the question that was asked, his eyes widened a little. Problems at school? Well, he wasn't doing as well as he'd like, he'd admit, but that wasn't really noteworthy, was it? "'Problems at school'? Um... all right. I will." As best he could, anyway; something told him that his teacher wouldn't believe him if he tried to say anything about the ghosts.
Yuzuya accepted Yadoru's reply with a nod. "Good. Well-- I guess I'd better start grading those quizzes you guys took today," he announced, and stretched his arms a little. Then he bent down to pick up his lunch garbage, and collect what was left of his cigarette from under his shoe. He was careful to tuck the cigarette butt inside the yakisoba container so it wouldn't be seen when he threw it away inside. Then he flashed Yadoru a shy smile. "See you later, yeah?"