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nurse_nicebody in ghostsugar_rp

Just a Little TLC [Tag to Yadoru]

The morning had passed without incident, and Sumire had been able to catch up with a book (cleverly hidden josei manga, that Ren had lent her) and consider what supplies she needed. The nurse still hadn't been able to find her reading glasses, which was making life difficult. Her old ones perched on the very end of her nose were a little younger and less professional than Sumire would've liked.

But she knew that they were around here somewhere! If only the school would give up the ghost glasses, already! What did a school want with shiny little rimless glasses? Sumire sighed and flipped a page, while she waited for the next poor denizen of the school to come in and require her service. But until that happened, Yamazaki and Kaori-chan's relationship needed fixing! And gentle encouragement!
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Yadoru hadn't really needed to go to the nurse's office since he'd arrived at the start of the school year, and by keeping a low profile, he hadn't really been seen as anything out of the ordinary. Yep, just another ordinary first-year, nothing to see, certainly no one to really pay attention to! Not at all!

...only... there was more to him than met the eye. He had a job to do, and sadly, the ghost in the girl's bathroom- and really, he didn't want to talk about that little fiasco nor how he'd gotten into it- hadn't seen fit to let him do that job. The result? Sopping wet shirt, squishy shoes, and a noticeable bump on his head from tripping and falling. So not the best foot forward, was it?

But he knew better than to try to just let it go, so he trudged into the nurse's office with all the sullenness an upset preteen could manage. "Nurse Sumire...?"
Sumire closed her book, a bit guiltily, and looked up at the student as he walked -or was that slopped?- in. "Oh, dear. What happened to you, Chiba-kun?" Sumire stood up and made her way around her desk, pulling a towel from a closet.

"Here, here," she handed off the towel and motioned him to the curtained bed. "You can start drying off behind the curtain." She shook her head. How did these students end up in these kinds of situations. Poor boy!
"Just... things." He had to think of some reasonable explanation, didn't he? But his mind wasn't really working at all, not considering the bump he'd gotten. Besides, what was he supposed to say when it was obvious that not very much was okay?

He trotted behind the curtain and closed them behind himself. After that, he started trying to towel himself off, at the same time trying to fight off a flush of shame and a rising sense of mortification. What if someone came in and saw him? He could hear his mother's shamed rebukes from here! "...um... do you have anything for just a bump on the head?"
I see.

"Yes, but unfortunately, it will just have to be a cool pack to help alleviate the swelling. You're not feeling dizzy?" Perhaps he was being bullied. It wasn't as though teenagers had changed much in the last few years since she'd been one. Perhaps some counseling was in order. She'd have to quietly suggest to his homeroom teacher to keep an eye on him.

That was Shibata, wasn't it? Sumire half-smiled to herself. "Chiba-kun, let me get you some dry clothing." It would have to be some of the old uniforms they kept for just such an occasion. "What's your size, I'll get them discreetly."
"No, not at all!" It was just a bump on the head! Really! It was like he was some young kid who couldn't even handle a tumble! ...but then he remembered that the nurse was probably doing this because she had to, and he piped down again. No point in making more of a fuss about this than he had to, right? Right. Of course.

His size was rather humiliatingly small, so he grumbled it out as though expecting some comment to be made about it. Really, he was; he knew he wasn't exactly tall for his age, and he was pretty slender as well. Still, after that, he muttered, "But I live in the dorms, so I can just go and get them. You don't have to go out of your way."
"It's still a bit chilly out; I'd rather you not catch your death while I'm a nurse at this academy," Sumire replied fondly. "I'll be back in a moment. Spring always had a harder time warming up Kikuryou than it should have. Sumire remembered remarking on it to her grandfather once as a girl. "You can return them when you go and change, Chiba-kun, it really isn't any hassle."

Ah, memories. She really was rooted here, wasn't she? Sumire closed (and locked - no chance that some bully could come in and continue to harass Yadoru on her watch!) the nurse's station door and went to get the uniform he needed. Just as soon as she left, the air conditioner rumbled warningly.

Menacingly even, if one could find an air conditioning system 'menacing.'
"...all right," Yadoru muttered as Sumire walked out, still not quite sure what to make of her smiling and being so kind. He was rather glad that she wasn't asking too many questions, though; he wasn't sure what kind of explanation he could offer, and being wet and miserable was no way to be for him.

The ominous click of a lock sliding into place put Yadoru on edge, the boy gnawing at his lip as he peeked out from behind the curtains. For a moment it felt ridiculously like he was getting grounded or something. Him, an awesome onmyouji! Hmph!

It was because he was on-edge that he heard that rumbling, blinking curiously as the sound filled the air. When on earth had air conditioning units decided to do that? After a moment's pause, Yadoru trotted closer to the system, peering at it quizzically. Sure, he was no mechanic, but some things were just plain odd. And with what he'd found out, maybe a little investigating wouldn't be a bad idea.
The air conditioning unit waited until Yadoru had come right on top of him and let out a roar so loud that was hellish. Smoke erupted from the venting, thick and dark, forming sickle-like claws.

"OUT. GET OUT!" It roared, and blew soot all over him. Being a possessed air conditioning unit, the fact that it was blowing soot did not bother it. The important thing was that it was trying to scare the onmyouji.
...a ghost? In an air conditioning unit? How many ghosts did this school have, anyway!? In the toilets, in the air conditioning, Yadoru was going to have to check under his bed and in his closets about ten times tonight before he went to sleep. He wouldn't be surprised by now if there was something possessing his pencil box.

The soot made the boy cough and stumble backwards, desperately waving his hands in an attempt to clear out some of the soot so he could see. He saw the claws just in time to hop back again, reaching into his pockets for a folded talisman. He was not going to go 0-2 with these stupid ghosts!

"I'm Chiba Yadoru, and I won't let you bother a nice person like Nurse Sumire. Get out or I'll exorcize you myself!"
The aircon could care less as to who or what onmyouji-boy was, "LEAVE. THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE." The unit belched more smoke and soot, crawling it along the floor and further restricting Yadoru's free space.

"SHE IS NOT FOR YOU." The nurse would remain a part of the Academy until the Academy saw fit. This whelp was still in diapers, who was he to 'protect' her? Another volley of smoke-sickles attacked the boy, pushing him towards the door.
Okay, so there was a lot more to the ghost than just soot. That was good to know! That was the problematic thing with ghosts; it was impossible to tell what kind of powers they had until they suddenly unleashed said powers. But at least this didn't seem to be too bad; nothing like what some other ghosts had.

Yadoru let himself be pushed back to the door, throwing himself headlong in order to avoid the edged smoke- he'd think about that later- and found himself in front of the door. Perfect!

...though not for an exit. No, he quickly rummaged around in his pockets, trying to find the talisman to form a kekkai- a mystic barrier to keep the ghost in and intruders out. Standard procedure for onmyouji, who didn't want to be discovered... also had the benefit of holding in any stray lights or sounds, perfect for the modern age. There was just one problem.

His talismans were wet. Soaked. Absolutely and completely useless. Which meant that he was relatively defenseless, and certainly couldn't channel the kind of power that he normally could. Just great.

Thinking quickly, Yadoru folded his fingers into an intricate mudra, forming a kind of net around the ghost in question. That was followed by magical energy trying to bind the spirit in question, following the lines of Yadoru's fingers as he whispered, "I bind you and forbid you to use your powers, spirit!" If he could just clear up the smoke a little bit, then maybe he could come up with some other plan of action... and fast, before Nurse Sumire came back!
The aircon rattled and belched more smoke and soot, But was immobilized, at least for the moment, though it struck against the mudra, looking for a way out. A weakness in Yadoru's casting. Once it was free, oh, how sweet revenge would be. He would tear the little exorcist to bits, he would! And then he'd be a stronger ghost!

It was practically the perfect plan!

The smoke relented as the ghost drew itself back into a more solid form, shaped like a firefighter from the nineteen-sixties. "Let me out of here, boy."
A fireman? It made sense, considering all the smoke and soot, but seeing a ghost assuming a more human-like shape was never an easy thing. It was easy to think of ghosts as monsters, broken remnants that would rage out of control and weren't even human anymore... especially since some of them really were that bad, having lost anything like their original personality. But some of them weren't that bad. Just lost, enraged, needing help. Which was far more work on the part of the onmyouji.

Yadoru sighed, feeling his hands shaking from the effort of maintaining his spell. It'd be a lot better with some talismans to maintain focus, but right now, he'd take what he could. "Not until you take a good look at yourself. Just look at you! You didn't even become what you fought in life; you're just smoke and ash, all the things that are left when the fire's extinguished. And you're haunting an air conditioner in a school's infirmary... just stop and think about that!"

Sometimes, a ghost needed a sharp shock to really realize what they were, what they had become. Maybe if he could make the ghost remember who it was- and the shape of a ghost was always how the person visualized themselves, so it was usually an accurate guide to go by- then he could help it move on. Hopefully. And maybe not get slashed to bits in the process. How did his brother make it look so easy!? "I refuse to think that someone who risked his life to save people could be happy with this kind of existence!"