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ms_fist_first in ghostsugar_rp

Flipped On Your Head [closed to Suguru, Kokoro]

She knew it was going to be a bad day when Yuuichi was hiding in the corner and weeping. Things never went well if the day started out like that.

Ayumi got there earlier than most teachers, Sakai-sensei insisted upon it, but she got there too late to see how or why he had died. Shin had warily pointed in the direction of his corpse and she reported it after staring at the corpse and regaining her composure.

It...was going to be a long, long day.

Ayumi was usually bustling before each class, perky and eager to instill a sense of joy and enthusiasm in the students. Today, though, she lingered inside the supply closet and tried not to think back on the hulking man who had found her every action inadequate. And now was dead. She had neglected to say her name when she reported his body - and kept it that way. They'd just make her go home. So she could sit in that tiny apartment and be alone with her ghosts all day long.

No. She preferred to be here.

Even if she still felt the lingering chills down her back. Lunch had passed and she still couldn't shake it. It was definitely going to be a long day. Ayumi ruffled her hair and let out a sigh, turning around and heading back into the gymnasium.

The kids would need her attention and she would have to keep a strong face. To look distraught would only make things worse.

Ayumi took one more deep breath and then put on a smile - perhaps a hair too wide. Most of the students had already trickled in, dressed in the sports uniform. They didn't look too distraught, but...perhaps they were just responding to her smile. She hoped they hadn't been too distressed.

She waited until the rest came in and then after the appropriate greetings, she clapped her hands and took a deep breath. "I'm glad to see you all today. Knowing how schoolyards work, I'm sure you've all heard about Sakai-sensei. So, as this could be a sensitive subject, I'm opening the first part of class to any questions or concerns you have." Ayumi paused a moment, her expression sobering. "Right. So, does anyone have any questions?"


Kokoro had really, really wanted to feel bad about the death of a teacher. Really. But, she just couldn't. He'd been a big, jerky, smelly old man and Kokoro, for one, was glad that he was gone.

Except now he was dead, and while everyone could grumble about how horrible and sadistic he was while he was alive, they just couldn't do it once someone had died. It wasn't nice. So, with the rest of the class, Kokoro had walked in with her friends, tugging at the bloomers (and really, was the Academy stuck in the Showa era?) discreetly. "No ma'am."
Suguru stood back in the back row, hands stuffed into the pockets of his gym suit. He watched the others through his bangs while his playlist droned on through his earbuds. It was the Beegees today, but try as he might to be happy that the teacher he had loathed was now gone, he didn't really feel like dancing. Or dancin' for that matter.

He waited until the other kids had divided up to play six-on-six basketball before he sidled up to the lady gym teacher. She was energetically shouting comments at one of the girls' games. He slouched there beside her, waited until he felt the time was good, and then lifted a hand and muttered, "Oyate-sensei? I gotta question."

Suguru scowled at the pavement when she turned to him, all enthusiasm. "What do you think happened to the old geezer?" he asked, flatly.
Ayumi was very glad that most of the kids seemed unaffected by Sakai-sensei's death. It was both relieving and confusing. Yes, this particular class was all second years, but...wouldn't a death affect them at all? Or was she just hyper-sensitive to such topics? Perhaps having Yuuichi and Shin around so often made her focus a bit different than the usual person's...

She blinked away the thought and gave a cheer for Yamagaki-san's great shot. Some of the girls (and boys, even) had a great shot at doing well in basketball. Perhaps she could try and push for a team for the girls...and if Ono-sensei wouldn't go for it she could always do a community game. Hm. She'd have to think about it some more.

She was very aware of Matsuzaki-san's presence and didn't begrude him simply slouching there. She wouldn't chase away anyone who wanted silent company. He had always tried to hide and with Sakai-sensei looming over her own teaching efforts Ayumi had not been able to do anything about trying to draw him out. Now that she was the only PE teacher, well... she'd have to see what she could do.

"Yes, Matsuzaki-san?" she perked up when he finally spoke, smiling at the fact that he was so cute when he even raised his hand to ask the question.

...and oh dear. He just...

Shin peeked out behind the closet door and put a finger to his lips. Ayumi couldn't stop herself from going a bit more pale. "Well," she couldn't tell him what she saw, the imagery could frighten the poor child!

"Something awful happened to him," she said in a whisper. "Neither one of us has been here very long, but..."

Ayumi shook her head. She couldn't tell him that there were supernatural elements here. That she'd seen ghosts wandering and one peek out at her from the well. ...let alone that they had exchanged respectful nods.

"I can't confirm anything, but I have every intention of making sure whoever or whatever did it to Sakai-sensei will not get such an easy victim next time." She took a slow breath and smiled gently at Suguru.

"I guess this means we'll all be working on our Judo harder, ne, Matsuzaki-san?"
Suguru glowered at the sky, and backed into the shade of the basketball hoop. "Yeah. I guess," he pronounced glumly. It was true, he would have to step it up, much as he hated to admit it. And that would mean was that his damned parents would be getting their damned way. Curse his rotten luck.

Just then a ball from the girls' game flew through the air with the apparent intent to take off his head. Suguru whizzed to the side with a shocking display of speed. The ball bounced past him, and the boy folded his arms imperiously at the girls to blame. "Hey, you girls!" he groused, a pointed tooth glinting in the corner of his mouth. "Watch what you're doing, why don't you!"

Then again, if they did hurt him with a ball, it would be a great excuse to drop in on Nurse Nicebody. Mmmmm, baby.
She reacted a moment too late to get Suguru out of the way of the rampaging basketball. But she still grabbed his arm - tight enough to have a good grip, loose enough to not bruise the average person - and pulled him a little behind her.

Ayumi gave the girls a sharp look with a raised eyebrow. It was enough to get her point across.

"Are you all right?" she looked back at Suguru and blinked as she realized the skin beneath her hand was cold. Not icy, but cold enough to make her concerned. Ayumi loosened her grip and met his eyes.

"Do you feel well, Matsuzaki-san? You feel awfully cold..."
Suguru scowled and ran his fingers through his mop hair. "'m always cold," he muttered. "It's no big deal, s'nsei."

Inside, his heart was racing. Ayumi had grabbed his arm. Ayumi had grabbed his arm. A lady teacher had touched him! Sure, she wasn't a totally hot lady teacher-- Oyate-sensei didn't really have the ba-boom going on the way he usually liked in women, but... she was older than the girls in his grade, and had a cute face, and most importantly, she'd been through college. Which meant of course, from what he knew of college from every movie and TV show EVER, that his teacher was likely experienced. Very experienced.

Maybe Oyate-sensei could teach him a thing of two. "Sensei," he spoke up, quickly. "I... I haven't really tried that hard in club so far this year. But-- but if you take over judo club, I want to train with you. There's a lot that I need to know," he confessed, passion darkening his voice. He made a determined fist. "I want to learn everything that I can."
If she had been any other person, perhaps she would have picked up on the vibes that Suguru was giving off. As it was, she was clueless to his new found attraction (or at least, usefulness) of her.

Ayumi was still concerned about his welfare (how was it normal to feel that cold?) but what made her more confused was his jump from being defensive to sudden determination.

"Well, with Sakai-sensei's passing I am fairly sure that I'll be in charge of the Judo club." She had tried her best to get to know all of the students in the club, but there was only so much she could learn about them while she was limited to assisting Sakai-sensei. With his passing...well, everything had fallen to her.

She hadn't expected Suguru to be one of the judo students to really want to try and succeed. She didn't want to judge him unfairly, but he had been so withdrawn before...well, it was hard to think otherwise.

But it was still encouraging.

"With an attitude like yours, Matsuzaki-kun, you could do very well." She smiled softly. "Perhaps you could come a little early to the next club meeting? If that woudln't work, you could stay a little late, I suppose. But with a little one-on-one time I could give you a more personal evaluation, ne?"
Suguru nodded, excited at having special attention. "I'll come early. Hey-- is it okay if I skip last period? It's English, after all. Not like that's going to be useful to me." The boy blew his bangs up in indignation.

When Ayumi seemed like she was about to reproach him, he held up a hand. "Nah, I know, I know. But anyway, I'd rather come early and stay a little late. I just..." He just needed to leave before it started to get dark, to follow the Student Body Pres home to make sure she got there okay. Didn't want her to turn up dead, too.

Suguru frowned at this very solemn thought. "Need to train harder," he said quietly. His eyes searched the mountains on the horizon.
Suguru was definitely a hard kid to figure out. He would waver between reclusive and possibly shy to confident and overly-loud. Private sessions with him would definitely help clear up the severe changes that she had seen so far. Maybe he was dealing with self-confidence issues? It seemed a common trait in high school students, unfortunately.

His comment about wanting to work harder did twist up her heart though - she'd go without sleep if it meant that a student's life was improved. And Suguru was in that category now.

"I can't condone skipping class, you should know better than that, Matsuzaki-kun." Ayumi smiled and nodded. "Judo club will be canceled today, but can we meet on Monday? I'll hope to see you there at least a half hour before the scheduled time. Can you handle that?"
Suguru nodded, and neatly caught a stray basketball that was flying directly at his head. He launched it back like a rocket at the girls who had thrown it out.

"Monday's good. I'll be there." he agreed, excited. After all, with great power comes great responsibility! He needed to bone up or he wouldn't be ready to handle the... the whatever-it-was that he sensed was getting stronger in this weird place. No one was gonna feed off of the humans on his watch.

Well, except him.
Ayumi took note of his sudden grace - and strength - as he tossed back the basketball. He'd never shown that much coordination and power before. ...how much was he holding back?

And why did Shin always keep his distance from Suguru? She hadn't been able to figure out the usual reasons for Shin avoiding people. ...but he was definitely avoiding Suguru.

"All right, see you then." She nodded and made sure to smile before heading over to a boy's basketball game that was starting to break into a fight.