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un-sexy vampire

nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Something [closed]

It had to be just his imagination.

Suguru had repeated this new mantra to himself countless times during the week. He had no idea why he felt stranger than usual when he stepped through the gates of his new school in the morning, why the building seemed to echo even more than usual with the scent of things dark and arcane. But Suguru was beginning to suspect, in the pit of his hungry teenaged belly, that there was something happening. Something he hadn't sensed at first arrival.

His classmates didn't seem fazed in the least. As per their usual habits, they continued on with their regular prattling and pencil-pushing. His head laid down on his desk, Suguru felt intensely alone. As far as he could tell, he was the only member of the students of 2-B who noticed... it. Suguru tried to put on the air that he too, was going about his business as usual. He read manga during Literature class, copied notes of girls who sat near him, hid in the closet on the fourth floor when he wanted to sleep. It was hard putting on the act that nothing was amiss with him, but he tried his best.

It had to be just his imagination, he told himself.

With each passing day he noticed it a bit more. It was like something-- an iron fist with cruel claws-- tugging sharply at his guts. Icy whispers would drift across the back of his neck, sending his skin into goosebumps and shivers down his spine. Sometimes it was like a bright flash of lightning in his brain. It would hurt at the back of his eyes, then fade away into a feeling of nausea and then intense hunger and restlessness. His nerves would tingle with excitement, and his stomach's growl had a ferocity he'd never felt before. No matter how often he'd been making sure to get a proper feeding these days, he was still hungry. And try as he might, he could no longer shake the feeling that someone or something was closely watching his every move and thought.

It had to be just his imagination, he told himself over and over. He told himself so when a first-year boy disappeared without a trace, and again when a large inexplicable hole was found in the east soccer field. When human and animal bones were found in the trash compactor, that too, didn't mean anything unusual was afoot. There was no cause for alarm. He was... well, he was an evil creature of the night, wasn't he? This was supposedly his element. Why should he feel this sense of dread, and foreboding? Why should he break into a cold sweat when that tug on his insides happened to take hold? Why was he perching on the roof to make sure that his classmates left the campus in a timely manner after school? There was no good reason for him to worry on their parts. They certainly didn't seem to worry for him.

As the orange sun slipped between the dark mountaintops and left the world cloaked in shadow, Suguru lay in his favorite spot, on the grass beneath the cypress trees that flanked the library. And he told himself very calmly to ignore, ignore, ignore the sensation of the low bass rumblings of something very sinister and very dark gathering far below the earth.

Surely it was just his imagination. No one else noticed anything... did they?
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