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nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Found Out About You [closed]

It didn't take the news about his seat mate Kokoro and her boyfriend long to circulate. Suguru had overheard all the dirty details by the end of the day. That the guy (whatever his name was) had cheated on Kokoro, that it had been with some dumb bimbo with short legs and big boobs, that Kokoro had found out and her boyfriend hadn't been apologetic the way he should have been.

Suguru stewed in his seat while the girls gossiped in the back of the class. Then, "She's here!" someone hissed, and the talking ceased. Suguru glanced over to see Kokoro enter, head held high. The girls went over to console her and gently ask how she was feeling. Suguru frowned, avoided their eyes, turned on his mp3 player. He didn't think they were very good friends at all. But whatever. They weren't his friends, after all, they were hers.

He stared out the window for the rest of the morning, but that didn't shake the fleeting glance he'd gotten of Kokoro's red-rimmed eyes.

The more he thought and heard about it as the day went on, the lower Suguru sunk in his seat. It was kind of wrong. He'd always thought it was nice if a girl was slutty, he thought to himself. But now... maybe not slutty in a public sort of way. Suzuki was the slutty-in-a-public-way kind of girl. If rumors were to be believed (and they probably weren't, but Suguru didn't know any better) Suzuki of class 2C wore vinyl red thong underwear and had been in a closet with half the boys on the basketball team. Suguru liked the idea of a girl who put out, but there was a monogamous aspect to it. Girls, he thought, should only put out for their One True Love or else it was kind of... icky. Like sharing ice cream you'd licked already. You just didn't do that. Icky.

Which was how he felt that afternoon when he saw Suzuki enthusiastically making out on a park bench in the rose garden with Kokoro's all-to-recent boyfriend. Suguru was dumbfounded at the sight. Didn't that guy have any kind of a cooling-off period?

All Suguru could think of was Kokoro's red eyes as she'd marched into the classroom that morning, the way she ducked her head when someone whispered her name, the way she had laughed just a bit too loudly at people's jokes all day as if trying to prove a point. And soon he found himself standing right in front of the amorous couple, hands stuffed in his blazer pockets.

They were so busy going at it that it took a minute for them to acknowledge him. Suzuki noticed him first, opening one eye and then disengaging her tongue from Ishida's mouth. Ishida whined at this and opened his eyes too, then balked in surprise at seeing Suguru standing there. He jerked his hands back down from under Suzuki's blouse.

"What do you want?" Ishida demanded. He looked offended. Suguru couldn't really understand why. It wasn't like he was in the privacy of his own room and messing around-- he was on the school grounds.

Suguru couldn't really decide what he did want, for that matter. He tilted his silky black mop to the side for a moment, considering it. What did he want? Why bother walking all the way up to them in the first place?

"What?" Ishida repeated. "Aren't you that weirdo from 2-B?"

"He is," Suzuki answered for them, with a smug little smile on her lips. "He hangs out with you-know-who."

Now Ishida chuckled gleefully. He ran a hand through his perfect hair. "What, did she put you up to this? Are you going to tell me something for her? That's kind of like her. She's so immature."

Red-rimmed brown eyes, puffy from crying, lashes deliberately blinking to hold back wetness.

Oh yeah, now he remembered what he'd wanted. Suguru shook his messy head once, twice, and dropped his school bag off of his shoulder. "Nah," he said quietly. "This is all from me."

And that was when his left hand shot forward to grab Ishida's beautiful basketball boy hair, and his right hand drew back into the most textbook flaming hook punch that the Kikuryou's Rose Garden had seen since 1967-- but that was a different story. Suzuki shrieked as Ishida howled in what sounded like pain, his hands covering his face.

"Oh, shut up," Suguru snorted, scowling at the two of them. He'd drawn back, fist cocked and ready for the other boy to swing. "He can hit back, can't he?"

But the tall boy whimpered behind his giant hands. "I can't see!" he whined.

Suguru furrowed his brow, skeptical. "He can hit back... can't he?"

"Oh, baby, are you okay?" Suzuki was blabbering. "Let's go find a teacher!" She pulled him up by his elbow.

"It hurts, I think my eye is broken!"

"Watch out for the bushes-- oh you poor thing!"

"You do and they'll know what you were up to in an instant. His pants are undone," Suguru advised them, waving an arm. "Hey, wait-- ugh." But they weren't listening at all. Suzuki threw him a glare over her shoulder as she hurried Ishida away between the hedges. Suguru dropped his hand to his side, sighed and picked up his school bag, not bothering to dust it off. He shouldered it, throwing one last glare in the direction of the two escaping lovebirds. He grumbled, stuffed his earphones in his ears and switched on his iPod. "Idiots."

Ishida wore a black eye for the better part of two weeks. He gave Suguru dirty looks in passing, but didn't dare say a thing. But Suguru, for his part, just smiled peacefully to himself. Beautiful specimen of teenage boy or not, Ishida Hideki was not just an cheating asshole.

He was also a superpussy.
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