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or..., Samuel - To be

notsexyback in ghostsugar_rp

Ah, this beautiful yet cruel world... (Tag to Ren)

If there was one thing that had been determined beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was that Samuel Kramer and Vice-Principal Ono were as likely to be divided by their egos as united in their hatred of all things fun and indecent. In such instances, it was apparently safer for everyone to treat the clash like a dominance battle between two animals; get out of the way, as quickly and unobtrusively as possible, and wait to see which one was less wounded and therefore less likely to snap at the nearest person in range.

In the first conflict, Samuel had apparently squeaked by to claim a slight victory. Granted, the threat of memos and lectures to come hung heavily on his shoulders, but for now he was in a little better shape. Ruffled and worn, especially now that it was after school and he'd had all of his classes worked through, but still on top.

After putting up his papers and finishing his grading, he decided to walk around the school, perhaps to take a look at some of the rooms that the rumors were starting to fly about. That lasted for about two minutes, before he found himself in front of the home economics room, and a faint smile crossed his lips. Perhaps Ren would be in; as a 'haafu', she'd understand some of the aggravation of being a foreigner in this part of the country. Therefore he knocked politely at the door, waiting for acknowledgment before he did anything further.
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"Come in!" Ren called, since her hands were busy kneading dough. The home ec room had an awesome oven-- it was so much better than the crappy one at her apartment. She was currently making bread because bread was delicious and Japanese bread wasn't cutting it for her. The peanut butter was also really, really weird but she digressed. One loaf of dough was already in the oven and the room was filled with a wonderful smell. Maybe it would lure some cute, male teachers in...

Haha, yeah RIGHT. All the male teachers here are either married or ridiculous, she thought to herself, adding more flour to the dough. Or old.

Yuzu and Samuel seemed pretty nice, though her head was always a little fuzzy around the latter. She wasn't sure if it was hormones or something more sinister.
Ah, the smell of freshly-baked bread. Samuel sniffed the air, rather surprised- though on second thought he shouldn't have been, this was the home economics room- to smell food baking at this hour. Either late-night homework or someone using school property on their own time. Hm.

Kramer slid into the room and closed the door behind himself, then smiled softly as he saw Ren. At least it wasn't a student, though this was still a bit odd. "Ms. Ito Ren, isn't it a little early to be working on tomorrow's lesson?" Not sensei. Never sensei. Clearly some of the Battle Ax's mannerisms were bleeding over, as he wrinkled his nose ever-so-slightly.

Still, honesty was the best policy, and he added after a moment, "Whatever you're making does smell good, however."
And so, one of the objects of her desire, entered her domain. It was a good thing she wasn't holding anything sharp or else she would have cut herself. It wasn't fair. Men that good looking should not even exist. They belonged on the covers of those cheesy and awesome books, those bodice ripper ones she used to keep under her mattress.


"I'm experimenting. There's no computer club today so I have some time," Ren kneaded the dough a little harder than necessary, giving Samuel a bright smile. "What are you doing hanging around? Making sure the girls' skirts aren't too short?"

She felt so young around him. Maybe because he seemed to talk to her like one of the students...
"Experimenting..." He raised an eyebrow at that, just a tiny bit skeptical at that explanation. It seemed more like she was preparing her own lunch to him, but he wasn't going to call her on it without proof. Besides, wasn't the rumor that she was on a carbohydrates-free diet? Perhaps that wouldn't be the case, then.

Regardless, the question had been raised, and Samuel brushed out his long hair with a casually graceful motion. "Actually, I was hoping to get away from people and the complaints that seem to go with them." Really, by this point, Samuel had just wanted to shut everyone else up and go through an entire night without hearing a word. But... Ren seemed to be a mostly upbeat individual. Perhaps she wouldn't whine at him too badly. With a slightly teasing smile, he added, "And trying to forget that, in the morning, Vice-Principal Ono will surely inquire as to whether I've read her memos. Pointedly."
Ren started braiding the dough and brushed some egg yolk on it, pondering putting some raisins in it. "I'm pretty sure Ono is the devil," she commented, brushing her hands off on her apron. "She finds something new every day to nag me about. My hair color, my bra, my shoes, etc. Don't worry about her too much, hm?"

She put on some mitts and opened the oven, taking the bread out to cool. Mmm, it smelled so good. Once it cooled, she would offer some to Samuel. Men loved food, didn't they?

"Why don't you have a seat? Want something to drink? I was also grading today's home ec projects and having some iced coffee. You're welcome to some."
"She's not." Said perhaps just a bit too sharply and/or crossly; that was just a tiny bit of a sore spot for the amazingly super-religious Samuel Kramer. ...still, after a moment, he took a deep breath and added, "Sorry, I'm still just a bit on-edge. It's been a long day."

An amazingly, stupidly long day. He ambled over to the nearest seat, easing himself down before offering a slight smile. Coffee... ah, normally he'd eagerly take the option given to him. For now, though, he wistfully stated, "Apparently that's bad for my skin and is causing me wrinkles, according to our esteemed Vice-Principal." A pause, then an addition in oh-so-slightly-accented English, "I wonder if she's always so open with her homespun wisdom."