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shutter_hime in ghostsugar_rp

Unzip My Body, Take My Heart Out [Open to Dormfolk]

With Sports Day over, Kokoro's parents returned home. Her mother went back to Tokyo, and her father off to some other country. Was it India, this time? Or was it Tibet? Maybe it was Iran, Kokoro couldn't really remember.

She'd at least got lots of photos of them while they were with her, and that was important. At least until she got to see her mother during summer vacation. Kokoro sighed and laid back across the bench in the gardens outside the dormitory on a balmy Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have the constant miin-miin-miin of the cicadas in her ears, and she flipped idly through the pictures on her memory card. Kokoro's pink hair was pulled into a curly, flippy ponytail that coiled itself in the middle of her back, her bangs were pulled away from her face with some quickly chosen beaded bobbypins. Kokoro was dressed for the season, anyway, her khaki shorts were fashionably short. The dark navy t-shirt was thin enough to show the hint of a white tanktop beneath it. Her wrists were decorated with chunky bracelets, her heeled sandals were neatly arranged beside the bench.

She needed something to do, someone to bother, and for once she didn't feel like taking her aggression out on her volleyball. Kokoro looked up from the bench and at the expansive blue sky. Kokoro lifted the camera to her eye and focused on the weathervane at the top of the dormitories.

Maybe she'd go looking for ghosts.


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Sol had been in a crappy mood all day. First, it was all humid out and her hair simply WOULD NOT cooperate! Second, she spilled paint on one of her new dresses, and third, she forgot to rinse her favorite paintbrush and now it was ruined! What she really wanted was to be able to talk to Suguru, he always knew how to cheer her up and make her forget all about her bad hair days. She would've gone to find him, but she was too terrified of his house. She didn't even dare call! It was like they would see her through the phone or something. That place totally gave her the creeps...

Sol shook it off and decided to go for a walk. Maybe she could find some inspiration for a painting or something, even though right now she was angry with her painting supplies. She decided it would be nice to go relax the garden. She loved it there, it somehow made her feel more at peace to be surrounded by all the beautiful flowers. When she got to the gardens she went to sit on her favorite bench and realized there was someone lying down across it. Sol was hit with a sudden pang of jealousy. This girl was absolutely beautiful! She had all the right feminine curves and the prettiest pink hair! Sol looked down at herself. She was wearing a pretty pink sundress, but she could still tell there was no figure under it. 'Stop it!' she thought to herself, 'This girl can't change the fact that she's gorgeous any more than you can change the fact that you look like a skinny boy.'

The girl in the bench seemed slightly familiar. Wasn't she the girl who was always staring when she was walking with Suguru? Hmmm... Sol shook her head to clear it and then forced herself to smile down at the girl. "Hello!" She said, "I didn't mean to barge in on you, sorry. My name is Soledad Aldama de Urquiza, it is a pleasure to meet you."

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Kokoro stopped focusing on the weather vane and turned her camera around to focus on the other girl. She knew that face, didn't she?


Hold on, it'll come to her.

Right, she was the girl that had been hanging out Matsuzaki lately, hadn't she? Kokoro wondered if Aldama-san had any idea of what Matsuzaki was really like. The hair on the back of her neck stood up in memory.

"You're from Class 2-C, aren't you?" Kokoro asked, sitting up and pulling her ponytail over her shoulder to play with the edge. She'd attempt to be nice to Matsuzaki's friend. It wasn't her fault that she hung out with some blood-drinking psycho.

Unless she was a blood-drinking psycho, too. Kokoro's megawatt smile dimmed considerably as she thought about it. "Nice to meet you, too, I'm Amamiya Kokoro." The girl with the Death Spike, she added to herself, thinking of her team captain's title for her.
Man, Sunday training was brutal today. It was hot and Ulf hadn't gotten anywhere near enough sleep, out prowling the forests to distract himself from various niggling little problems.

He jogged back towards the dorm in cool-down mode, singlet top hanging nonchalantly from the waistband of his pants, sweat streaming over basically every spare surface of his body. Time for a nice cold shower and something to eat, he felt. Two girls were in the garden as he passed - one Kokomo, the other looked like Suguru's new flame - and he waved cheerfully. "Hei, ladies! Nice afternoon, huh?"

And on he went, whistling to himself. Time for nice big steak...
Sol smiled back at Amamiya-san, studying her face. Now she was SURE this was the girl always seemed so angry to see Suguru! She wondered what had happened?

At this exact moment, a handsome half naked boy walked by. Sol just stood there for a few seconds, her jaw hanging, before she raised her hand to return the greeting, but he'd already disappeared. Now she felt stupid, waving at thin air. Maybe Amamiya-san hadn't noticed...?

Sol snapped her attention back to the pretty girl she had been talking to. She stuttered, trying to remember what she had been asked. "Uh... y-yeah, I'm in class 2-C. You're in 2-B, right?" She smiled, and then suddenly blurted, "You're really pretty, you know that?"

Oops! That was little awkward, and made it sound like Sol swung in ways she didn't even understand. "I don't mean that in a weird way!" She exclaimed, trying to cover for herself, "It's just that... uh... I'm an artist, and I can appreciate pretty things. Like you." Sol shuffled awkwardly, twirling a bit of her hair around her finger. Why did she have such a big MOUTH?
Kokoro grinned at Ulf and her camera’s shutter whirred a few times as she got some photos in. Those were keepers. But, once he’d gone, she returned her attention to Soledad. Boy, she was a weird girl. Really weird.

Was she hitting on her? Kokoro wasn’t into girls, not at all. Maybe it was a foreigner things. That made sense.

Ulf was a foreigner, and even he wasn’t this weird. Kokoro raised both her pink eyebrows at her. She didn’t mind being called pretty (even though it wasn’t really true – she was too tall to be ‘pretty’, after all), and she could understand the aspect of enjoying beauty for beauty’s sake (the camera never lied, after all), but this person…

“Er, thanks. Arudama-san.” Kokoro put her lens cap back on and straightened against the back of the bench, and wiggled her feet in the green grass. It felt a little dry, but maybe the rains would fix that up. “So, what are you doing out here? Not that I mind, but usually people don’t pop up out of nowhere.”
...Had she just been called Arudama-san? Wow, that was a new one! "Please call me Sol," she said softly, "I really don't like my family name." Really it was more like the family didn't like sharing it's name with her. Not that she was going to explain this to someone she just met, that was a little too complicated.

Sol gave Amamiya-san's question a second of thought and then shrugged. "I've been having a bad day, so I decided to come out here. The garden always helps me calm down, and I was thinking I might find something I want to paint. I'm not really in a painting mood though." Sol huffed through her nose, remembering all the problems her paints were giving her right now. It was like they were alive or something! "What are you doing out here, Amamiya-san?" Sol asked, not really curious but trying to make conversation.
Since he was basically a glorified dog in many respects, Ulf wasn't really all that fond of staying in showers any longer than he had to. Swimming? Awesome! B-A-T-H? Irrational dislike. He shook water from his coat hair and toweled it off, still humming as he dressed. Really, clothes were totally overrated, but some he had this tiny niggling feeling that people wouldn't appreciate his casual approach to public nudity. Running around shirtless was probably bad enough.


He trotted down to the cafeteria and snagged himself a snack, wishing it was a nice juicy burger (ramen totally didn't substitute ;_;) with a sigh. Japan was pretty cool and all, but he missed home.

Kokomo and whatserface were still in the garden; Ulf smiled and went to join them. He flopped comfortably on the ground by Kokoro's feet. "Is this secret girl's business, or can I play, too?" He grinned at his classmate and winked at Sol. "Hi, I'm Ulf! You're in the class next to us, right? Suguru's friend?"
This was a weird girl. She didn’t even know her that well and already insisted on having Kokoro use her first name. Weird foreigners! Weird! Kokoro used Ulf’s first name, but only because his last name was completely incomprehensible to her Japanese ears. Kind of like he’d gargled rocks while saying it to her.

Kokoro held up her professional-grade camera, “I was taking a break from photo-taking.” She shrugged, as if hauling around the camera for other purposes (like taking photos of her half-dressed male classmates) was out of the question. “It’s nice to be in the countryside for schooling, since there are more sights to see and less pollution at night, and during the day all the colors are much richer.” Especially after a good rain. God, why hadn’t it rained yet? She needed some good grey skies to make everything greener.

But then Ulf arrived. Weirdness cut in half, and if she got really uncomfortable, she’d just leave Arudama Sore-dadu-san out here with Ulf. Ulf liked everyone, and for the most part, Kokoro did too. But some people she just couldn’t wrap her head around.

“That was a quick shower,” she noted with a little half-grin. “And no secrets here, just talking, I suppose.”
Sol froze mid-sulk as the cute boy from earlier came and sat at Kokoro's feet. He was even better looking up close, especially if you'd seen him shirtless and sweaty! Sol's mind went blank and it took her a moment to register that he had asked her a question. "Uh... ¡Sí! Yo soy amiga de Suguru. Me llamo Soledad Aldama de Urquiza, pero me puedes llamar Sol. Es un placer conocerte." Sol smiled at Ulf, and then realized she had just said everything in Spanish.

"Sorry!" She exclaimed, blushing furiously. "I'm from Spain, and, I, um, sometimes I just start speaking Spanish. It's like, uh, habit or something. I said that yeah, I am Suguru's friend. My name is Soledad Aldama de Urquiza, but please call me Sol. It's very nice to meet you." Sol tried to pretend she hadn't done anything stupid, but every time she looked at Ulf's open, happy face she blushed even harder. He was so good looking...

"You have great bone structure, you're very handsome." Sol blurted. She had been fidgeting with the hem of her dress up until now, and she suddenly froze. HAD SHE JUST SAID THAT OUT LOUD?!?!? Her eyes went wide and her entire face turned a deep shade of red. "I um, I didn't mean to say that!" She exclaimed, trying to cover for herself. Oh no! Now it sounded like she was insulting him! "I don't mean you're not handsome! I just meant to say that inside my head, not out loud. But I did say it out loud, which was really dumb, so I'm sorry!" Sol stared at her feet, her entire being burning with embarrassment.
For a moment Ulf just blinked at her, wholly nonplussed. Then he cracked up. That was too funny!! 'Handsome'? 'Great bone structure'? This was why he missed holidays in Spain.

"Me llamo Geirulf Ulvestad," he managed to reply, grinning at her. "Pero me puedes llamar 'Ulf'. It's nice to meet you too, Sol. Don't apologise for speaking your own language! I do it all the time." He winked at her again. "Mostly to piss people off, though, not gonna lie. And please forgive my Spanish, I don't really speak much to begin with and it's been a while since I have!"

Poor thing was bright red. It was hilarious. Ulf felt kind of mean, but, really! 'Handsome' was certainly not a term he'd apply to himself. 'Awesome', yes. 'Maximum rad', definitely. 'Pretty damn fine', without a doubt. But he sure wasn't the cream of the pretty-boy crop...maybe Sol came from a really sheltered background or something.

He sniggered again, trying to hold it back but mostly failing, though there was certainly nothing malicious in it. "How long ya been here, Sol?"
Kokoro felt a little out of place in all this Spanish-drenched conversation the two were having, but tried not to make a face. Instead, she pulled the lens cap off her camera and zoomed in on a pair of birds in a tree.

She was not annoyed, she was not annoyed, she was not annoyed. It was her mental mantra as the camera whirred and clicked, and whirred and clicked. It was a lie, of course, but it at least kept her features pleasant while Ulf and Sol spoke.
Sol looked up as Ulf laughed, and gave a half-hearted mostly embarassed smile. And then he spoke to her in Spanish and all her mortification was instantly forgotten.

"You speak Spanish?" Sol squeaked at Ulf, her voice so high and breathy it was hard to understand. She then turned to Kokoro and breathed, "and you're an artist? This is so awesome!" she clapped her hands in front of her chest like a little girl, bouncing with excitement.

She turned her attention back to Ulf. "I've been in Japan a month or so, and you're the only person I've met who speaks any Spanish at all!" She gave him her biggest, happiest smile. "¡Yo no he podido hablar con nadie en mi lengua nativa, Gracias!"

(Translation: I haven't been able to speak to anyone in my native tongue! Thank you!)
Ulf nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, Kokoro takes awesome photos! You oughta see all the snaps from when we went to Hawaii, right, Kokomo?" He grinned fondly up at the pink-headed girl.

Sol was pretty damn adorable, really. So enthusiastic! She seemed younger than her actual age. He turned his beam to her. "Most of the Spanish I know is pretty basic - 'How much for this?', 'Where's the washroom?', 'Where's the best surf?', that sort of thing. Sometimes we holiday in Spain in the summer, if the whole family's home and we have the time." Ahhh, the wtf-ery of Family Holiday Times. By the time they organised two parents and eleven kids...well, it was a mission, to say the least. Still, they'd always had such fun...

"You settling in okay? Takes a bit of getting used to, right?"
Her parents had raised her to be polite and friendly, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. Maybe this was post-traumatic stress of being attacked by a vampire, who then pretended that everything was A-OK and fine, even though he hadn’t talked to her in days and suddenly being pounced upon by his possible-bloodsucker friend.. Kokoro almost missed him chewing on her unattended pencils.

Almost. She was sentimental, not stupid.

“I take regular-type photos, Ulf-kun. Nothing that special,” she depreciated. “Not anything like my dad.” Kokoro lowered her camera and smiled at Ulf, though it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She reached down for her pair of sandals and slipped them on.

“Speaking of which, I was going to go into the woods and take some pictures.” Yes, in her heeled sandals. It wasn’t like she would be going far, after all. Kokoro ran her hand through Ulf’s damp hair as she stood up and smiled politely at Sol. “I’ll see you around.”
Sol smiled at Kokoro, wanting to ask if she could see some photos but the look Kokoro gave Sol made her suddenly shy. It was like Kokoro thought she was a bug from some other planet, gross and weird. The look was gone in a second, replaced by polite indifference, but Sol was still uncomfortable. Had that just been her imagination?

She turned her attention back to Ulf. "I was having some trouble at first, mostly I kept getting lost. But Suguru has been helping me so much! He drew me a map, but he's mostly shown me how to get places himself. He taught me how to address people too, so I wouldn't offend anyone. He's been so sweet to me!" She really wished he was here, maybe he could explain why Amamiya-san seemed to dislike her so much. "And Kasuga-san has promised to help me learn kanji since I taught her to paint. Everyone in Japan seems to be so nice." She smiled at Ulf, hoping that maybe this handsome man could be her friend too!

Kokoro had just stood up to leave so Sol said, "It was very nice to meet you, Amimaya-san! You seem like a very sweet girl. I'll see you around!" Sol gave Kokoro her sweetest smile, she didn't want anybody disliking her-that would be so sad!
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