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I'll smile as the world burns

astarofheaven in ghostsugar_rp

And now, for something completely different... [Closed to Madame President]

There were certain inescapable facts of life. For normal people, these tended to be things like 'breathing,' 'death,' and 'taxes.' For Morinaga Tatsuki, they were closed to 'achieving victory,' 'obtaining ingredients at regular intervals,' and 'dealing with my mother and other vicious animals.' Sports Day had provided an opportunity for him to buy off at least a tiny moment of peace, but he never had time to sit back and celebrate, nor did he have time to simply do nothing. Time was always pressing, and he always had things to do.

That was why he was here, at the mall in town, a good ten minutes' train ride from Kikuryou. While 'dragon's tears' and 'devil's shoelaces' weren't quite as mystical as their names would imply, Tatsuki couldn't exactly make magic out of nothing. That was why he was doing his shopping, and now he was at the grocery store, picking out herbs and some spices- common household objects that had innate power of their own, though no one would ever guess that was his purpose.

Of course, few people were going to be paying attention to what he was buying. No, the handsome treasurer of the student council left an impression of an entirely different sort, one that made him stand out in the admittedly rather sparse crowd.
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Kei was quite good at grocery shopping. She was always able to find the best deals, come out with having spent little money. This was why her father could be in business. Her plans for college would probably have to wait-- no doubt he couldn't survive without her there.

It was easy to spot Tatsuki, even in a crowd. There was just something polished about him that shone like some weird beacon. Women were looking at him as he passed by and Kei couldn't help but laugh a little-- they were so stupid. They really did know how evil he could be behind that pretty boy smile. It was hard to imagine him shopping; he looked so out of place among the housewives.

"Here, this is on sale," she said to him by way of greeting. Her cart was pushed neatly to the side. "Nearly four hundred yen less than what it usually is."
Tatsuki accepted what Kei offered with a raised eyebrow and a polite, courteous smile. It snapped on almost as sharply as a doll's face; indeed, if someone didn't see the precise moment where he shifted his expression, it was impossible to tell at what point he went on. Especially since it seemed so genuine, given the circumstances.

"I didn't expect to see you here," he said, not sure what to call her. 'Madame President' seemed odd when they were the only students here, and he didn't want to use something less formal without permission. Ah, the trials of being an underling! "...but what reason would they have for this particular sale?"
"They are always having sales, Morinaga," Kei said matter-of-factly. "You just have to know where to find them. It's a skill of sorts." She wiped her forehead, looking around to see if there was anything else she could find to help him. It was... weird. In a way, they were kind of-sort of- friends. Maybe they weren't friendly, per se, but since they worked together so often she had come to not mind him that much and that was saying something.

"What else is on your list?"

She was done with her own shopping. She could afford to spend a little while with Tatsuki to make sure he got what he needed at the best price.
That had him completely at a loss. Usually, he was the one who was doing all of the footwork, slaving away for the Student Council President without complaint or falter. To have her offer to help him had him a tiny bit surprised. And suspicious, as well; he was expecting her to charge him for the advice, or something similar.

Still, after a moment, he retrieved a handwritten list from his pocket, glancing at it casually- and keeping it tilted away from Kei. He didn't want her to see what was really written there. "Oranges, cinnamon, mint... bowls and jars... ah, and some clay as well. Though I'm sure I'll be searching for the latter ones for some time in this town."
Kei was already trying to find everything on his list at the best prices. "Fruit is a little expensive this year because of the harvest," she muttered, mostly to herself. In record time, she had collected everything Tatsuki had wanted and his wallet would thank her for it. She didn't know why but she was really enjoying this.

They probably looked ridiculous-- or like a married couple-- very serious in their hunt for bargains. If any of the other students had seen them, they probably would have been shocked.

"Here," she handed him a basket with his items.
"I..." To say he was dumbfounded was to fatally understate the case. He'd trotted after her with a bemused expression, but that amusement had slowly shifted to surprise, and then to out-and-out bafflement, as he realized that the basket was filling up and yet the cost wasn't keeping pace with what he was getting. It was a kind of wizardry that apparently only the Lady President had, leaving Tatsuki accepting the basket with a mute nod. Needless to say, he had watched carefully to make sure that he could do the same without her presence the next time, but that went without saying.

After a moment to let his thoughts catch up with the situation, he quietly whispered- as though embarrassed to admit it- "I would hate to impose on you further, but..." If she could offer such savings with food, then the rest of his list could use the help as well, if she would accept his request.
She blinked at him, genuinely curious. It really wasn't that big of a deal to help with him with his shopping. Morinaga was acting a little bit shy. He definitely wasn't the type to depend on others. Kei knew that she had to pretend that this was no big deal, lest he get even more embarrassed. And this was kind of... fun?

Yeah... she had a really weird sense of fun.

"Anything else?" Kei inclined her head slightly at him, gesturing towards his list.
Yes, Kei had it exactly right; Morinaga Tatsuki wasn't the type to depend on someone else. He never asked for help, he rarely asked for assistance, and even in Student Council meetings, his questions were usually of the leading variety, not honest requests for help.

But still, after a brief moment's consideration, he quietly admitted, "Yes, one more thing. Something like a kitchen knife. And silverware, of course. I'm not sure where I could find them here, and it is getting late..." The latter part was added almost as an afterthought, as an explanation. Really, though it didn't show in his voice or in his thoughts, it was the knife that was the most important part.