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Sports Day 2008

The sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky and Sports Day 2008 is upon us! Chairs are set up on the wide expanse of hard-packed dirt grounds for the students, neatly arranged by team and class. Spectators are crowded around, many in chairs, the more casual ones on picnic blankets. The place is packed and sporty rock music is blaring from the loudspeakers.

Students are marching in to the grounds, dressed in neat, clean P.E. clothes with long team-color headbands tied on. Teachers are walking besides their classes, wearing their school tracksuits and t-shirts, as well as optional hats and sunglasses.

The Red Team's giant flaming tiger mascot poster is hanging in the west, and the Blue Team's huge blue dragon poster is splashing in the ocean to the east. Rivalry between the two teams has been fierce in the last week and the energy is very high. It's going to be a battle to remember!

[This is our first event-style thread. If you would like to write, summarize, or rp out what your character is doing it's entirely optional-- please tag the appropriate event. Don't use our usual style of replying to the original post, but please use the normal LJ style of replying to the person above you. SHORT tags are best here. Characters may compete in up to 3 optional events.]


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Entry Procession and Warm-up Exercises

[Teachers confiscate any items that need it and check the kids' dress. Pull up those sagged pants, you! Get that sweatband off your wrist!

Students march in and do radio exercises together, looking very orderly and unified. Foreigners will be thinking the goosestepping is creepy.]
Suguru lined up behind his class with his arms folded. He was wearing the full school tracksuit with long sleeves and legs, sunglasses, and a hat for shade. A thick layer of white sunblock was on his nose.

It was almost like he was daring a teacher, any teacher, to come after him.

100 Meter Dash

[All students are made to run this, ten people at a time.]

300 Meter Dash

[This is an optional event for the students who signed up]

110 Meter Hurdles

[optional event]

Ball Toss

Baskets for each grade and team are erected on a tall pole. Everyone throws small balls into the basket. The team with the most balls when time's up wins. Teachers will participate too.

3-Legged Race

[All students must run this and are forced to pair off. Ten pairs run in a heat.]

Cheer Squad Performances!

[Red Team's Cheer Squad has chosen a hip-hop dance with a lot of flashy and amazing breakdance moves, complete with their school uniforms worn all sexily like some kind of hot music video. A lot of booty shaking ensues and the kids go wild!

Blue Team is going the traditonal route with loud taiko drums and a Sōran Bushi dance. They're dressed like members of a festival procession, in happi and short pants with bare feet. All the old people in the crowd feel proud to be Japanese.]

3k Meter Run

[optional event]

Boys 3K Run (any grade ok)

Suguru was going to win this even so hard that it wasn't even funny. He stretched and thought carefully about his strategy.

He'd go at a human-slow pace for at least 4/5 of the race. Just so that the other kids would feel like they tried hard. He could be charitable when he wanted to be. Then he'd run fast-- not so fast that it'd be obvious that it wasn't humanly possible, of course-- but definitely fast enough to win that first-place medal.

It was a great plan. He switched legs, grinning on the inside.


[Everyone breaks for a long picnic lunch. Students brought their own lunches. Darling Ren-sensei has made bento lunches for the teachers <3

Most kids sit with their families to eat. Students whose families are not there are looking pretty lonely right about now.]


Chiaki's ears were still ringing a little from the taiko when lunchtime rolled around. Showing more enthusiasm than most people realized the boy even possessed, he eagerly ran up to meet his father on the field, who'd come the long way from Akita just for the day.

"D-Dad!" Chiaki stumbled into a hug from his father, who laughed heartily, adjusting his glasses so that they wouldn't fall as he wrapped one arm around his son's shoulders. They exchanged such warm greetings as a son and father who have not seen each other in some time do, and sat down to eat, Chiaki talking in quiet but animated tones -- more talking than any of his classmates or teachers had ever seen him do at once.

Relay Race

[All students must run this and are broken into teams of 4 within their color team. Ten teams run at once.]

River Crossing Race

[Each class year within the Red and Blue teams are divided into lines. The students bend over at 90 degrees, squishing together to make a "river". One student is selected (often unwillingly) to walk barefoot across this river, wearing a happi coat and one of those conical coolie hats. This river crosser has a long bamboo pole with which they can steady themselves as though punting.

When the river crosser has walked over you, you run on ahead to line up again in the front to lengthen the "river". Moving like a long caterpillar, the team tries to get across a wide area to get their crosser to the finish line.]

Re: River Crossing Race

Being short was really useful at certain times. For instance, skirts hit you farther below the knee, and it was easier to hide in a crowd if you needed to. Today was a day in which being short was *not* a good thing. Nao bit her lip and adjusted her hat, looking like some sort of forced child laborer in a rice field in this getup.

The other Red first years were lining up in front of her. A particularly troublesome boy from her class (Ozaki-kun, was it?) was in front, and he cut his eyes at her. "Don't screw this up, Kasuga," he grumbled at her.

Nao cringed and pulled her hat down a little so that she didn't have to see his scary face.

"Naaaaooooooo~!!!" she could hear from the Honored Guests box, where the important community members were sitting. When she looked up, she could see her grandfather standing on his chair in the back row, waving his folding fan at her. Her mother and grandmother were waving too, with big smiles. Ah, they were expecting her to do her best!

Nao straightened a bit and climbed onto Ozaki-kun's back. If she stepped on his neck when she did, it was purely coincidental~

Calvary Battle!

[Girls and boys compete separately. Three students become a "horse" and carry a fourth student, a "samurai," on their shoulders. They run around the battlefield shouting. Samurai must try to knock down the opposing color's samurai.]

Tug Of War

Tug of War (Red 1st years vs. Blue 1st years, and so on. Teachers will participate.)

Club/Team procession

[The students in teams and clubs wear their team uniforms or some kind of fitting outfit and march back in after lunch holding their gear and a sign to show off their club. They are supposed to show club spirit. Lots of cheeky saluting or chanting happens.]

Re: Club/Team procession

The Koto Ensemble, being a cultural club as opposed to a sports club, was a group or fifteen or so girls towards the back of the procession, carrying their koto on their backs. The club members were wearing performance outfits, kimono with hakama over the top. Nao was pretty happy with this arrangement, especially since A) it covered way more than her P.E. shorts did, and B) her kimono was a nice pattern. She fiddled with the bow in the front, unable to help feeling a little nervous.

Ack! They were already moving! She hustled a couple of steps, keeping in line behind her sempai. Her family was waving again when they passed. Nao smiled and nodded slightly to them. She wished she could wave back but she had to concentrate on walking straight and being koto-ensemble-serious. Stately, stately!

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[anything else you want to write goes here <3]
While most of the students were busy participating in the events, making sure that everything was running smoothly was none other than the Student Council. Kei was running around, clipboard in hand, not appreciating how warm it was or how much noise was being made. The singing and cheering was sending her sixth sense into overload mode and if she wasn't careful, she would become too overwhelmed and pass out.

"The equipment for all of the races are in order, stable, and perfectly usable," she told Tatsuki, her right hand man. "I'll have to go make announcements when the nice race goes on but you can go participate if you like. Actually, it might be good for our reputation if you win."

More chanting and singing. Ugh. Displeasure was written all over Kei's face.
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