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nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Saying Sorry For Dummies

It was time to get down to business. There were amends to be made, and Sunday afternoon was a-wastin'! Suguru hefted the brown-striped tabby cat and a shopping bag under each arm and marched proudly towards the dormitory. The cat yowled and tried to get away from him. "No, bad cat," Suguru grumbled. "Dammit, stop clawing me. Shoulda brought along a cardboard box to catch you in."

"MROOOOWRRR," the cat moaned, the devil in its green eyes. The beast sunk its claws into Suguru's t-shirt and ripped with all its might. Suguru cursed something awful, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and held it away from his body to avoid the sharp claws digging into his ribs. Sure, he'd heal fast, being a vampire and all, but that didn't mean that he wanted to be a pincushion.

"Bad cat, stop it," Suguru commanded. "Look, this is no way to act when you're going to meet your new owner! You're a gift, so start behaving like one, you mangy furball!"

The cat yowled something that sounded like a death threat. Suguru tried to keep the claws facing away from him all the way to Aoki Chiaki's dorm room. He didn't succeed, but he tried.

The dormitory hall was dark and deserted. What a lonely place to live, Suguru thought, looking around. At Chiaki's room (he'd know that cough drop smell anywhere), he planted his heels and knocked firmly on the door.
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After the fight with Yadoru -- because their discussion about what to do with the ghost of Chiaki's mother had gone so well -- Chiaki hadn't been in the best of moods. He wasn't the chattery or outgoing type, no, but the lengths to which he'd been withdrawn over the last few days were more extensive than normal. He still participated in class, but he and Yadoru had stopped talking entirely. Anyone who knew them well enough -- and those people were very few and far between -- would notice the difference. Anyone else, well -- Chiaki didn't exactly stand out, anyway.

He hadn't gotten around to looking for his mom's ghost yet. It was hard to say why. He didn't want to say it was because he was afraid, because that would just prove Yadoru right and that was what he didn't want to do. It was just --

He was startled out of his thoughts by a bold knock on the door. Chiaki looked up from the homework he was doing at his desk, staring at the door in bewilderment. Who would come knocking for him? He didn't think it too likely that Yadoru would come around days after their spat to apologize. Yadoru was the proud sort. What -- what if it was his mom? What if she'd come looking for him? No...ghosts didn't knock. And besides that, there was the ward on his room. Yadoru had told him bitterly that he was free to take the ward down. Chiaki was too embarrassed to admit that he didn't know how.

He pushed his glasses up his nose and got to his feet. He didn't usually listen to music or anything (not that he had a boom box), so his room was silent, and his footsteps easily heard. A little apprehensive -- and not entirely sure why -- Chiaki opened the door...

...To see a grinning Suguru in a torn t-shirt holding a very displeased cat.

Of course. Chiaki should have been apprehensive. It was Suguru. They hadn't really talked (much) since Suguru had gotten him in trouble over that whole spying on the half-dressed girls during physical examinations thing. Well, reasonably so...

"U-um," Chiaki said, trying to find his voice for a moment. "C-can I help you, Matsuzaki-senpai...?"
Suguru grinned wide and held up the cat. "Hey Aoki!" he said, cheerfully. "I just came by to say hi. I brought you somethin' from Hawaii. And I brought you a new pal. Isn't he cute? Say hello," Suguru commanded the cat. He picked up the cat's paw and moved it as if the cat were waving hello to Chiaki too.

The cat was so not amused by being made to wave at Chiaki. He twisted around in Suguru's hands and raked the vampire across the face with his claws.
He had a cat with him. A cat. A living, hissing breathing, very unhappy cat.

Chiaki had noticed the cat at first, but it hadn't really clicked in his head what that meant for him until just now. Shooting a nervous glance up and down the hall, he pulled Suguru inside (an unusual gesture for him, but he really wasn't in the mood to get harassed by a disgruntled hall monitor), muttering, "S-someone'll see that cat, and, um..."

The cat hissed, and Chiaki closed the door without thinking, looking at Suguru. "W-why would you bring an animal here? Are you -- trying to get me in trouble or something?" He sneezed. Ugh -- on top of it being strictly not allowed, he was allergic to cats. Despite the apparently genial grin on Suguru's face, Chiaki wondered if this wasn't some sort of retribution for something he had unwittingly done to offend Suguru. He sneezed again. "Y-you can't have pets here. Is this -- a j-joke, or something?"

It wouldn't be the first time an upperclassman had tried to pull a prank on Chiaki, and after his altercation with Yadoru, his faith in other people was not exactly at a high point.
"No pets? I didn't know that," Suguru answered, his mouth an "o" of surprise. "Why not? You're paying to live here aren't you? That's a dumb rule."

"I thought you could use a cat. I heard that these commoner dorms are really low-quality and that they're infested with rats and mice. Also that the insulation is bad and that people get cold at night. So I got you a cat to fix the problem. He can catch roaches and stuff for you, and sleep on your bed to keep your feet warm at night."

He struggled to hold onto the cat while he spoke. Finally the thing bit Suguru's hand and wriggled out of his grasp. It then proceeded to tear around Chiaki's room like tiger-striped wildfire.

"Hey!" Suguru shouted, angry. "Ow, dammit, that hurt!" He chased after.
Chiaki was definitely being punished, he decided. He wasn't sure what for, or by whom, but he was being punished. Maybe it was for the fight he'd had with Yadoru, he thought miserably, and he sneezed again.

"Ma -- Matsuzaki-senpai!" He didn't often raise his voice, but this -- whether Suguru was doing this intentionally or not, this was too much. "There aren't any -- mice or rats here, okay? And I'll get in trouble! Besides, I'm -- " Another sneeze. " -- I'm allergic to cats! P-please, just -- " Chiaki heaved a sigh. "I don't mean to be rude, but if you only came here to cause trouble...p-please go." The last thing he needed was for Suguru to get him in more trouble. He'd made a promise to Shibata-sensei...Chiaki wasn't about to let him down so soon.
But Suguru was too busy chasing to hear Chiaki's feeble protests. He had dropped his bag of souveniers from Hawaii near the door and chased the cat over the desk (scattering a stack of papers and books) and across the rug. The cat ran right up onto Chiaki's bedside table, and the alarm clock and lamp were soon on the floor. Frustrated, Suguru took off a shoe to use as a shooing device and pursued the cat under the bed.

The cat let out a blood-curdling string of meows and yowls. It did not like Suguru at all. "GROWR, ROOOOWR!" it was groaning, and it gave a warning hiss. Suguru climbed in underneath Chiaki's bed, leaving only his backside sticking out.

"Come back here, stupid cat," he was saying. "I gave you a whole can of tuna and this is how you repay me?! Some shitty present you turned out to be!"
"M-MATSUZAKI-SENPAI," Chiaki shouted at last, scaring the cat from under the bed. Hissing malcontentedly, it darted across the floor to leap onto Chiaki's desk, tail flicking irritably. "Matsuzaki-senpai, I think you should leave now -- b-before I get into any more trouble!"
"Hold on, I have an idea!" Suguru whipped his t-shirt off and caught the cat up in it, like a bag. He shielded the open collar of the shirt with his own body, protecting Chiaki from the cat and keeping the animal stuck in the shirt. "Quick! Open the window! I'll let him out."
Chiaki stared at Suguru, half in horror and half in mildly disgusted disbelief. "W-what?! No! N-no, you're not throwing a cat out my window! J-just -- that's enough, Matsuzaki-senpai!"

Chiaki had had enough. Really. The fight with Yadoru, the unpleasantness with his mother's ghost coming back...he wasn't feeling very able to handle any more nonsense. "P-please. Not today. I don't need to get in trouble today."
Suguru didn't, or perhaps couldn't, comprehend what Chiaki's problem was at all. He was the one who had cat claws in his ribs, after all! He shoved the window open himself, and the cat happily escaped from his shirt-bag. The tabby leapt from the windowsill to the tree outside, and then scurried down the tree trunk and off to sweet, sweet freedom.

"Geez," Suguru spat, looking down at his torso, which was covered in scratch marks. "That thing was the Devil Cat! I swear!"

"What a mess," he grumbled, and he pulled his shirt back over his head. A small amount of blood began to seep through the fabric, but he ignored it. Suguru turned around and righted Chiaki's bedside table items, dusting them off and setting them back neatly. "Well that was a total bust."
Chiaki was beginning to wonder if Suguru was deliberately ignoring his protests, or if he was just being completely oblivious. He put a hand to his forehead. Chiaki was usually one with seemingly unlimited levels of patience, but this? He'd never had to deal with this. "M-Matsuzaki-senpai, what -- um, never mind. I think...I think you should go." He hesitated, looked around the room. His previously fastidiously clean room was now in shambles, books and papers and his lamp on the floor. He really hoped it wasn't broken. "Before -- you cause any more damage."
"No, I should help you," Suguru argued. "Look at this place!" He bent down to straighten the wrinkled rug, then got down on one knee to collect up the papers and books that had been knocked from the desk. "You might not want my help, but it was my dumb idea, so..." He trailed off, his sentence unfinished.

Suguru stacked the papers carefully, tapping them on the floor to make sure the edges were all even. He was being even neater than he was with his own things.
Chiaki was starting to feel uncomfortable. Had Suguru really not meant to -- okay, now Chiaki was confused. "U-um," he said, feeling self-conscious, "w-why did you come here in the first place?" If he hadn't done it to be mean, then what was with the angry cat?
Suguru scowled at the books he was stacking, and stood to put them back nice and straight on the bookshelves. In order of size and color. No, no, in alphabetical order! "I dunno," he said honestly. "Been a while since I saw you an'.... I wanted to do something for you," he mumbled, gruff.
Chiaki gave Suguru a sincerely bewildered look. "S-so...you brought me a rabid cat to give me an allergic reaction and get me in trouble with the teachers?"

He really wasn't seeing the logic here.
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