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I'll yank your chain

astarofheaven in ghostsugar_rp

First Glimmer of the Evening Star ((Closed to Kei, set far back in time))

It was a result that no one had foreseen. A complete nobody, a newcomer, had become the Student Council treasurer. Morinaga Tatsuki had somehow managed to best every single competitor, worked his way up to dominance, and now it was a confirmed and undisputed- though certainly not an unremarked-upon- victory. Perhaps it had been his charm, his appeal to the female part of the student body... perhaps it had been his clear edge in actual mathematics and accounting, essential traits for a treasurer... or perhaps, just perhaps, it was because of the president-presumptive Kei's weight pushing him into the lead.

Regardless of the reason, Tatsuki decided to go to the student council room, to acquaint himself with his new 'coworkers' and see exactly where he stood with them. Most importantly, he wished to meet his new 'boss,' none other than President Kei herself. A formidable woman indeed, that one; he looked forward to their first encounter. Needless to say, he was immaculate and confident as he looked for her.


Although Kei might have dropped a few hints to the study body about her preferences for treasurer, Tatsuki really needed no help to get votes. Girls were just a sucker for a pretty face and guys were somewhat scared of him. Kei was no fool. She could care less how good looking a member of her council was. Unfortunately, though, to gain the respect of their peers, everyone had to be at least decent looking. That was just the way things worked.

Since this was her first semester as student council president, Kei would not fail. Could not fail. She had pretty sure guaranteed a good team of people working together, despite the fact that they didn't really know each other.

This would be legendary, she was certain.

In the student council room, Kei was busy at work preparing for the new semester. While Tatsuki would be taking over the billing, Kei still liked to have her say and so organized everything neatly. This would be his true test, though Kei was certain (since she managed to look at his school grades) that he would be up to par.
And there she was. Tatsuki felt a tiny smile cross his face, but it was gone almost before it had appeared. Just a flicker, nothing more than that, and then the man moved to his president. Considering his... unique... relationship with his own mother, working beneath a female president certainly wasn't as worrisome for him as it had to be for some other students.

He offered a polite bow to her, all gentlemanly courtesy and efficient movements. "Madam president," he said with a slightly teasing tone, "congratulations on your victory. I hope that we can work well together in the year ahead."
Kei stood up, out of good manners, facing Tatsuki directly. He wasn't too much of an opposing figure, at first glance, but she had seen how he worked in class. Calm, collected, icy even-- underneath the stern exterior was someone with cunning and decent intellect. She definitely respected him and if they could work well together then they could basically take over the school and mold it to their liking.

"Likewise, Morinaga," Kei gave him a smile, though it was probably more devious than it needed to be. "I'm very pleased with how everything turned out." As well she should be-- everything had gone exactly how she wanted it to.

"Let's get right down to business, shall we?" Kei handed him no less than ten folders, each decently thick. "Could you play with these numbers a bit and tell me the best way to cut down on spending without taking anything essential away from the students?"

A test? Maybe.

A sign of comradeship? Perhaps.

Fun? Oh yes.
Right down to business, was she? Morinaga nodded idly, easily sliding into a chair opposite of Kei and taking those folders into his delicate fingers, starting to flip through the figures with a critical eye. There was certainly a great deal of information; everything from dues outstanding to club requests for funds and figures for special events.

About halfway through his reading, as it was certainly slow work when there were so many cross-referenced figures and inconsistencies, Morinaga glanced up to Kei with a bemused expression on his face. "Part of this will depend on how you define the word 'necessary...'"
Kei knew a winner when she saw one. When it came to business, her sense was never wrong. Question everything was her philosophy in life. Morinaga was quickly working his way into her good graces-- more so than most of the people at this school. They would be quite a formidable duo if she had her way.

Leaning over his shoulder, Kei pointed to various figures, stating her opinion about this and that-- what club should be allocated how much, how much they had to spend, how much they could save-- of course, the financial decisions would be left up to Morinaga but Kei couldn't help but put in her own two cents. She was, after all, very good at handling finances, since helped her father out with his business.

Morinaga was powerful, that much she could tell just from listening to the sound of his voice. She wondered what kind of delicious secrets she could uncover if she actually heard him sing. The possibilities were endless but also frightening-- Kei tended to find out things about people that she didn't really want to know.

The cellphone she kept hidden in the Student Council room rang in a most tinny manner, breaking her out of her thoughts. It was for emergency purposes, of course, and it was their little secret. It looked like a cellphone straight out of the 90's-- big, bulky, and kept together with electrical tape.

"Excuse me for a moment, Morinaga," Kei picked it up, listening to the sounds of her frantic father on the other line. "No... Dad, it's okay. You left the key to the cash register in your sock drawer-- yes-- no, not that one, the other one-- yes, okay? You found it?"
Morinaga Tatsuki very studiously didn't say a word when Kei excused herself and pulled out that ridiculous excuse for a cell phone. There was a point where miserly stinginess impeded actual utility- that was right where President Akiyama was. A pity, really, but again, he wasn't going to say anything.

Instead, he started making notes to himself on the various forms and reports, perfectly replaying what Kei had said and determining for himself what recommendations to make. She was good, he'd admit that- terrifyingly good, and absolutely ruthless in finding and utilizing any savings she could squeeze out.

It seemed, in his opinion, that they would work well together. At the very least, she had a very promising start.
When the phone call was done, Kei went back to peering over Tatsuki's shoulder. He seemed neat, organized, and seemed to have a grasp on what was going on. That was really only half the battle.

"I'm going to be honest with you-- you seem to know what you're doing and that's great but there are going to be times when you have to come in at 5 am and leave at 2 am. I once went two days without sleeping just to make sure the teachers didn't spend our dues on a cappuccino maker," Kei folded her arms across her chest. "This job isn't pretty. Do you think you can handle it?"

She really, really hoped he could because that would save her the trouble of having to go find another lackey who was good with numbers.
Most people tended to get a little upset or defensive when someone peered over their shoulder or their personal space was invaded, but Tatsuki didn't seem all that worried. Quite the contrary, he simply looked up at her, offering a tiny smile at her statement.

"I will be honest, Madam President," he smoothly answered, "I prefer to work smarter, not harder. While such dedication is admirable, your valuable time should never be squandered because of such a situation."

Still, he shrugged his shoulders in an elegant, almost-careless motion. "But if such is what it takes to get things done, then you can rely on me to stay as long as it takes."
Kei really liked how Tatsuki's mind worked. It was very similar to her own, though he had his own brand of cool-coldness to go along with it. They were going to dominate this school in a manner that gave her the chills. She loved the challenge set before her and having a smart ally like this was going to make victory even sweeter.

"I really like the way you think, Morinaga," Kei's smile was genuine-- a rarity. "I think the two of us are going to get along just fine."

Already, in her mind, she was calculating plots that the two of them could accomplish. What a beautiful partnership that was going to be. Chipping away at the foundation of the school little by little-- ahh! Bliss!