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nocturnalboy in ghostsugar_rp

Dividing Lines [closed to Kokoro]

Another year, another waste of time.

Matsuzaki Suguru sighed in his head as he filed into his new classroom at Kikuryou Academy. All around him kids were greeting their friends and chattering about what they'd done during spring break, who was going out with who, and so on. Suguru found the desk with his number on it and plunked down to examine his new territory.

So this was where he'd spend the next year. Huh. It wasn't a bad spot to have a desk, in the back row. Not so near the door that he'd feel drafts, not so near the window that the sun would hit him. He could deal with this. There was a little heart carved into the lower right corner of the desk. S + K. Who were S and K, he mused. He ran his fingertip over the edges.

Some girls were giggling about who their teacher might be, and applying more makeup in the back of the room. Suguru frowned and listened carefully. He thought he heard something about "English." He sure hoped it wasn't an English teacher. He hated English!

Suguru slipped his notebook out of his bag and put his earbuds in his ears, turning his mp3 player on. He yawned and lay his head down, let his eyes close as the din the other students were making began to fade away from his awareness behind his Sleep Folder list on shuffle.

It had been an excessively long assembly, and his legs and back had tired of standing for the speeches and the songs and all that junk. All Suguru wanted to do was sit here in this new desk of his and shut everyone peacefully out. In the arms of sleep all of life's little snags and stupidities would soon seem smaller.
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For Kokoro, the start of a new term meant everything. Even better, she and Ishida-kun seemed to be getting along great. They even had a few dates while she was in Tokyo visiting her parents. In short, Life was great, Ishida was great, and the school was great; she'd missed Kikuryou while she'd been away. She finished talking with Suou-kun and swept into her new classroom. She was still the tallest girl in the class, it seemed.

Godzilla-chan still held her crown. Kokoro sighed, mostly to herself and went to find her seat. There it was! With the boy sleeping in it. How silly of her to not realize that. But there was her number, and there was Maki-chan, texting like a madwoman on her cellphone, just like last year when they'd been together in 1-A. Kokoro slapped a smile on her face, gave the back of his head a serious glare worthy of destroying Tokyo Tower and rapped on the desk.

"Excuse me, hello? Hello? Ah, good, you're awake now. I'm sorry, but you're in my seat. And I kind of would like to have everything ready for my first homeroom of the year, so... if you could just move that would be excellent." It was a simple request, and one that Amamiya Kokoro, Kikuryou's own Godzilla-chan (sob) hoped he follow.
Someone banged on the desk, but Suguru didn't care. He hadn't had a decent feed for a few days now, and he really needed his full day's sleep. He peeked to make sure it wasn't the teacher trying to wake him. It wasn't, it was another student trying to talk to him or something-- so Suguru shook his head no at her, closed his eyes again and turned up his music, his body going slack.

He needed something nice to dream about, that was it. He called up the image of Aiko-chan's latest music video in his mind. Yes, that was it, the one with the white bikini.

Suguru smiled in his half-sleep and cuddled to the left.

Oh no he didn't just ignore her. Kokoro made a frustrated noise and there was a bit of laughter from some of her classmates.

"Are you having a problem, Amamiya?" one of the boys chuckled as Kokoro pulled and tugged at the interloper in her seat. Was he snuggling the desk? Yes! Yes he was!

"N-no! I've got this!" she responded instantly. Suddenly, Kokoro was hit by a stroke of genius. She pulled out his earbud and shouted to get him up and out of her chair, "OI. WAKE UP."
Suguru jolted from the loud noise and covered his ear. "Hey. If it isn't obvious, I'm trying to get some sleep, here," he muttered, shooting the girl a dirty look. "Leave me alone."

A teacher walked by in the hallway, and for a moment Suguru feared it could be their homeroom teacher. He planted himself firmly in the chair. "Go sit at your desk, the teacher will be here any minute."
"This is my desk," Kokoro pulled out her student ID with grim authority. It flashed in the dull light of the classroom. "See? The number's the same." She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, on the first day of school, but this guy...

...If he didn't start behaving properly, she'd do what her father said the girls in Kenya did: punch him in the eye! "So, please get up and find your own." Kokoro added through teeth gritted in a smile. Her mother would be so happy Kokoro hadn't gotten overly loud. She could handle this just like Isabelle from Parakiss, as a lady!
"No it isn't, it's mine," Suguru insisted. He didn't need some card to prove it. "This number is my number." He hooked his feet around the chair legs as she started to pull it away from him. He gripped the desk. "No! I told you this desk is mine! HEY!"

She didn't seem to be listening to him at all. What a disagreeable brat! He couldn't stand girls who didn't do as they were told. The chair was leaving his bottom, and he jerked it forwards again with his feet, sitting down hard. He turned to pry her fingers from the back of his chair. "Let go, Amazon woman!"
Name calling?! He'd reduced to name calling?! Kokoro set her mouth in a grim line, gathered all her strength and pulled the chair out away from her desk. "If you would just look at my number, you. would. see... stop scooting your chair back to my desk, jerk!" He was unreal! What happened to guys being nice? "I AM NOT AN AMAZON, YOU MIDGET OF A MAN."

She supposed they all couldn't be like Ishida-kun. "Look! Get out of my chair! You said yourself the teacher's coming and I don't want to get in trouble the first day of school! So. Mooove!"
Suguru scrambled to stay in the chair, wrapping his legs tighter around the legs. "I am not moving for you! Get your own desk!" He smacked her hands lightly to shoo them from his chair, and when they didn't repond, he went back to trying to yank them off. "Come on now. Who do you think you are, honestly! Geez, you're stronger than you look-- OW! OW, hey!"

He was being stretched between the desk and chair and if he didn't do something soon, he was going to end up on his butt. It was then that he had an idea. Very carefully, he turned in his seat, hooked his foot behind her knee, and pulled. He'd throw her off-balance and then make an opening for himself. Oh, he really was a genius.
"This is my-- ahhh!" Kokoro was good at not falling over, but gravity and momentum and a slew of other factors made her lose her balance. The chair behind her screeched painfully across the floor as she bumped into it. Her head thwacked soundly with the side of the desk. Her friends gasped and gathered around the 'Amazon', who shook her head slowly trying to clear away the stars that danced around her eyes. "That. Really. Hurt, you jerk!" she grumbled.

"Maybe you should go see the nurse, Kokoro-chan," one of her friends suggested, shooting Suguru a venomous look.

"But, but homeroom...! I wanted to make a good impression..." Kokoro wanted to cry, really, and her lips wibbled with frustration. She was better than this, she knew it. There was nothing worse than a girl that just started crying over what she couldn't get (even if the seat was rightfully hers). Her dad would be displeased.

"Oh man, what will Ishida think when he hears about this?" another one of Kokoro's friends helped her up and offered her a handkerchief.

"Yeah, he'll be sooooo mad at this guy."

"What a jerk," the class's atmosphere darkened considerably. Kokoro held up her hands.

"Everyone, please, I'm okay," she blinked again, and her head throbbed unhappily. "I'll just go sit some place else. H-Hana-chan, I'll sit next to you."
To say Suguru was stricken would have been an understatement. Eyes wide, he stared at the girl who'd battled him for the seat, feeling horrible. He'd totally hurt a girl. A member of the weaker sex! How in the hell had that happened? And so now he was he the bad guy here? Who was Ishida? He could feel angry eyes on him the whole rest of the class.

So much for trying to lie low at his new school. He'd totally failed again.

Their teacher came in and said a bunch of prissy crap-- Suguru had been right, he hated the man already. It turned out he really had been in the wrong seat, stupid teacher made sure to point out how easy it would have been just to look at one's ID card. Suguru moved, face white with indignation. He liked this spot. He should have been allowed to keep it simply because he'd chosen it!

Then homeroom was over and it was time to get ready for the next lesson. During the break he saw the tall girl get up and leave the room, so he got up too, and slithered out the door after her.

"Hey," he said quietly and with just a hint of sullen still left in him (this was not 100% his fault!), catching up to her and falling in step beside her.
Kokoro looked at him from the corner of her eye and lifted her chin higher. "Hey." McJerk Jerk. Her head still ached dully from where she bumped it, and she felt a strange, sick sensation behind her eyes. Maybe she'd have to visit the nurse after all. After seeing Ishida-kun, of course. "What do you want?"
Suguru gave her a silent once-over, then reached out to ghost one hand over her forehead, brushed her bangs back. "Where'd you get hit?" he asked quietly, dark eyes taking inventory of her forehead. "Here?"
Kokoro frowned and put his hand down. What did it matter to him, anyway? "I'm fine, now. Thank you for your concern," she managed to not ground out the words. Really, who did this kid think he was?

First of all, he was new. He should have just given up the seat to her, the rightful owner just maintained the status quo. But whatever. Ishida-kun would make it all better, because that's what a boyfriend did. Kokoro sped up her walk, heading to the class down the hall where a tall boy leaned against the wall, talking with some shorter boys.
Suguru caught the hem of the girl's shirt. "Wait! I'm sorry," he mumbled with eyes downcast, boyish. He scuffed a toe on the shiny floor. "I didn't mean to hurt you."
Kokoro shrugged, "Accidents happen. Now, if you don't mind, I want to go talk to my equally tall boyfriend. You know, Amazons have to stick together," she responded, sounding slightly bitter. He just had to make a height jab at her earlier, didn't he? She pulled his fingers from her shirt.
He just about pouted. The tall chick hadn't accepted his apology! What the freak?! Suguru grabbed her hand. "I mean it," he insisted, stubbornly. It didn't matter that she'd just called her boyfriend a jungle woman, he was probably a fruit anyway so Suguru wouldn't bother to point out the mistake. See, he could be nice. "I swear. I'll make it up to you," he pressed. "What's your name?"
Kokoro pulled her hand away from his and frowned, hoping that Ishida hadn't seen. What was it with this kid and Violation of Personal Space? Was he raised overseas or something? Weirdo. "You heard Kramer-sensei this morning; Amamiya Kokoro. Now, go away. I want to talk to my boyfriend." She stalked off through the crowd of milling students, her expression cheerful as she approached the tall basketball player.

Some people just couldn't take a hint!
Suguru watched as Kokoro walked towards her booooooyfriend. "Yeah, okay," he called out to her. "See you later!" Kokoro didn't respond or even bother to acknowledge she had heard his words. Was she ignoring him?! "I really am sorry," he said aloud, lamely. It was useless though. She wasn't listening to him at all.

A smallish, skinny boy was standing there staring at his conversation with Kokoro's retreating back. Suguru whipped around to glare at him. "What are you looking at?" he snapped.

The boy backed away, looking uncomfortable. As for Suguru, he turned on his heel, hands in his pockets. He kicked the door behind him hard, then slunk off in the direction of his classroom.

This was not shaping up to be his day.