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peaceful easy feeling

work_for_it in ghostsugar_rp

[like a boss] [open to: Kei and Kokoro]

Of course Kei had an agenda for inviting Kokoro over to her place (well, her dad's karaoke place, anyway) on this particular Sunday. She wasn't much for "hanging out" with "friends" but Kokoro seemed pleased (if not shocked) that she had gotten an invitation from the infamous Student Council President to "hang out" at the karaoke bar. Usually it didn't open until 4:00, so no one, except for her ever loving dad and some of his friends and workers were around.

This was perfect.

The student council was always busy. They were responsible for making sure every event at the school ran smoothly, mostly without the teachers' help. Every club was entitled to fund raising events for trips (since the school didn't want to pay a dime) and more often than not, the council was overrun with requests to use school grounds for bake sales, car washes, and what have you. During the summer, the need for workers to move things, pick up things, and help out was especially great because of the warm weather. No one wanted to work in the heat though and what Kei needed was some cheap labor.

And that was where Kokoro and her volleyball team came in.

Kei waited for Kokoro to arrive, watching in half amusement, half resignation, as her father attempted to put tea up and fix a plate of cookies his made for Kei and her friend. He was more excited than she was that she was having someone over. Her dad-- big, burly, and bearded-- looked absolutely ridiculous wearing his checkered apron but she didn't have to heart to tell him so.

She looked down at her outfit, always feeling weird when not in school uniform. Dark leggings, too big men's tee shirt with some American band logo on it with a belt holding it up-- it would be weird for Kokoro to see her casual but she hoped she would be able to get her point and her "whoa is me I need help" across.

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It was weird to think of her senpai willingly asking Kokoro to hang out. Really, she was sure that she hadn't done anything to gain Kei-senpai's attention. She hadn't fallen asleep during student council meetings (recently), her class was already making plans for Sports Day (which they were going to WIN, dammit), and it seemed so far, so good.

It was almost impossible to think of Akiyama Kei willing to relax at a karaoke place, anyway. Maybe she'd accepted out of morbid curiosity.

Today on 'The Incredible Adventures of Magical Girl Kokoro-chan', Kokoro investigates Akiyama-kaichou's SECRET LIFE! she thought with a giggle, and fiddled with her chunky necklace. She hoped she looked okay; her hair was in a cute, kind of funky updo, held fast in her pink hair with black and white barettes, her clothing was fashionable - and it helped that she was already tall enough to look like she'd walked out of a magazine. Her heels skyrocketed her from 5'8" to 5'10". Kokoro smoothed out an imagined wrinkle on her turquoise smock shirt and straightened up. Her bangles clicked together.

She opened the door to the karaoke bar and cleared her voice a little, stepping inside, "E-Excuse me?"
No sooner than she had come inside, Hidehiko had run from the kitchen in the back of the bar to the front door, forgetting to take off his apron in the process. Before Kei could even get up to greet her guest, Hidehiko was already acting like the humble host and looking completely ridiculous-- a grown man with facial hair wearing a checkered robe and wearing slippers. He looked extremely pleased to see Kei's friend-- probably more than what was necessary.

"Welcome to our home! Thank you for coming! Come in, come in!" Hidehiko ushered her in, sparkling. "I'm Akiyama Hidehiko, Kei-chan's Papa. Feel free to call me 'Ojiisan'! Wow, you're tall. About 5'9"? Think you could give our Kei-chan a few inches?" he laughed heartily.

On one of the couches, Kei didn't even bat an eyelash at her father's antics. In fact, all she did was give Kokoro her usual "Ojou-sama" gentle smile. "Dad, let her come in and have a seat."
"Uwaaa!" Kokoro nearly jumped as the big man bum rushed her. He talked so fast it made her head spin.

"Nice to meet you," she managed, finding a space to get a word in and shot a glance at Kei. Senpai looks so cool~!! "I'm Amamiya Kokoro, Akiyama-senpai's kohai," she said breathlessly and bowed low, her bangles clicking as she moved. How was it that Kei was so cool, and her dad was one of those adorable goofs? Did they live in a sitcom or something?
Once Hidehiko regaled Kokoro with a picture of his wife (who was also tall, but he was sooo totally in love with but was working on Tokyo, sob), Kei managed to get her away from him and sitting on a couch. Ever the gracious hostess, Kei poured her a glass of ice tea and offered up some... (oh good gods, were those heart shaped?) cookies that her father baked for them.

"I apologize for my father's behavior," Kei held up the cookie plate to her, her face not matching her thoughts at all. Unlike when she was in school, today Kei was wearing her contacts in her attempt to appear more vulnerable to Kokoro. She really hated them, because they made her eyes so dry, but it would be worth it. "Please, have some."

She could practically hear her father spying on them from the kitchen but tried to ignore it. He was so silly sometimes. "Thank you for coming to my," Kei looked around briefly, "house. Actually, we live in the apartment upstairs. This is my parents' place."

Kei wasn't ashamed. Her father worked himself to the bone to make money for her and her mother. In fact, she was proud to be living here.
“No, it’s okay, my dad’s a photographer, senpai. I know all about, er, supaa genki papas.” Kokoro took a cookie gratefully and thanked the gods that she was a vegetarian and not a vegan. It made life a little simpler in a meat-eating world. “It’s cute! I walk past here sometimes on my way to the train station. I didn’t know you lived here.”

She looked around, curiously. It was nothing like her parents home in Tokyo, but, maybe that was what made Kei the way she was. Even if it clash with her gentle, ojou-sama face at school. “Um, so, how can I help you, kaichou?” Kokoro asked, feeling a little dumb and nervous.
It was time for the dramatics.

Kei sighed, looking genuinely troubled. She put her chin in her hand, resting her elbow on the knee of her crossed legs. She looked... distressed, was the best word. So unlike her usual self.

"It's just... the student council is having a really big problem with the upcoming Sports Festival. We have no one to help set up... I'm so troubled."

She just needed Kokoro to take the bait and everything would work out nicely.
…Oh boy.

Kokoro was no idiot – okay, maybe a little bit of one – but she did genuinely feel for her President. “I’m so sorry to hear that, kaichou!” She knew she probably should offer help. That was the right thing to do. You helped your president and hopefully they liked you (it worked better when the president was a boy, though, if her years of reading shoujo manga had taught her anything).

“I know I can’t do a whole lot,” hook, line, “but I’d be happy to help you if I could, really!” sinker. Kokoro bowed her head politely, and pushed a pink curl away from her face.

But the job wasn't done yet.

"Oh no... Kokoro-san, I couldn't ask that of you," Kei purposely used Kokoro's first name in order to create some semblance of closeness between them. "It's such a LARGE job and would require... say, a whole team of people to do it..."

She could hear her father laughing from the kitchen. Although most people would think her methods were despicable, her father thought it was just one of her more charming points.

Kei sighed deeply, to add to her act.
Senpai used her first name. HER FIRST NAME~~~!! Kokoro kept her excited, fangirly giggle to herself. JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE TOLD HER FRIENDS ABOUT THIS!

“A whole team?” Kokoro asked. The wheels turned in her mind. The Volleyball team hadn’t volunteered to do anything yet, but that was because they were training for competition.

“I… I could ask the others on my team. But… Sakurazawa-senpai would have the final say, kaichou…” She was only a junior on the team. All the seniors could pretty much ignore her, even if she did have the most powerful spike in the area. “I’ll do what I can, though!” An Amamiya didn’t give up – or stop when it was healthy (as her mother would lament).
Kei clasped Kokoro's hands between her own, her smile full and bright like the sun. "Oh, thank you so much! I knew that I could count on you. You are so kind." This way, she would have a group of attractive girls running around AND she wouldn't have to pay for labor.

Was she a genius, or what?

"Feel free to come here anytime and sing karaoke for free," she beamed. "My father quite likes you because you are tall like my mother. Also, my friends always come for free."

Friends. She didn't really have any of those but if she did, they WOULD come for free.
“Really?!” Free karaoke! Maybe she could get Ulf to come along sometime. He needed to do more fun Japanese things, anyway. “Thank you so much, kaichou!” Kokoro exclaimed in her breathless manner and smiled brightly right back.

Huuuwaaaaa~ senpai’s hands are so waaaarm~ Kokoro thought, thunderstruck.
Once the tea and cookies were had and small talk was done, Kei bid her companion goodbye with a smile. When she was finished, she sat back down on the couch, notebook and calculator in hand, playing with numbers of the school budget until it satisfied her. Yes, yes, this would work out nicely.

"You're really an evil child sometimes," her father mused a few feet away, "but I think that's another cute part of you."

Cute or not, it was efficient and Kei would make sure things ran well even if it killed her.