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Welcome to Kikuryou Academy! [Open]

It was a rare, rare event when a teacher volunteered for this kind of duty. Yet Samuel Kramer had, much to the surprise of his fellow staff members. That was why he was stationed at the North Gate, awaiting the students on the very first day of classes, a handbook on dress guidelines cracked open in his hands. His brown coat and slacks, along with the rest of him, was absolutely immaculate; the kind of neatness that only the truly nit-picking could possibly achieve.

Of course, at the precise same time, the cherry blossoms were blooming; it was like a conjunction of dramatic factors that begged for Kramer to show up and take advantage of. Standing there, a few stray blossoms drifting past his warm eyes... at the very least, the students couldn't say that their morning had gotten off on the wrong foot? Not yet, anyway; in his coat he had a ruler to measure the length of questionable skirts, and those warm eyes were far more attentive to details than seemed likely at first glance...


Because it was so early, when Kei had gotten to school there were nearly no students around. It was kind of nice to have the peace, truth be told. Being on the council meant certain duties, especially on the first day of classes. While orientation was already over and done with, there would still be plenty of confused freshman wandering the halls. She had to do her duties, greet them nicely, and play the role of the concerned senpai.

She hadn't let her work slide (when did she ever?) but Kei always came in early to make sure she was on top of everything. There were so many memos to go through and events to plan, especially in the early part of the semester, that if Kei didn't come in, she would probably have to stay until three am to take care of it. And so here she was, walking from her house to the front gate, making sure to slide off her head phones before she came into sight. Something about listening to music seemed rebellious and no one wanted a rebellious Student Council President.

"Good morning, Sensei," Kei greeted politely when she spotted an authority figure by the gate, making sure to give him a bow. "You're here rather early."
Thanks to the opening ceremony, Samuel at least knew who comprised the student council. Especially the president; he had the sneaking suspicion that he'd never live it down if he couldn't do at least that much. Ah well; he'd just have to be careful as always.

He inclined his head politely at the girl, smiling as he delicately closed the manual. Ah, and everything spotlessly conforming to the dress code, to be expected of the president! "Good morning," he said in flawless and unaccented Japanese, "and the same could be said for you, Ms. President."
Kramer-sensei was definitely a favorite among the female students and staff members, that was for sure, and Kei would appreciate why. Foreigners always did tend to get attention put on them whether they liked it or not. He was also extremely good looking which was probably alarming to the men of the small town. Kei hoped that she could get some good dirt on an affair of some sort just in case she ever needed anything from him. It was always good to have blackmail material on a teacher. They provided the best perks.

"I have a lot of work to do in the council room," Kei replied. "Before class starts, I also must study," she then said in slightly accented English, giving him a smile back. The only reason she had a decent grip on the English language was not only because of her constant studying but because of her obsession with Western music since a young age.

It probably also had to do with all the American television her father watched. How many times had that man seen the movie "Back to the Future"? Too many, really.
"You speak very good English," Kramer said in quiet, lilting English, charming and naturally warm. In contradistinction to this, his eyes glanced past her, almost distant in a way. Or perhaps he just didn't want to eat up more of her time. Either way?

Still, it was a little surprising that she had so much to do. Being the president of student council had to be hard on her, then. "I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming school year. But try not to wear yourself out, mm?"
Autumn was usually Chiaki's favorite season, but he had to admit, the spring in Kikuryou was nice, too. The sakura never blossomed this early in Akita.

As he walked toward the front gate -- it was sort of ominous looking, he had to admit -- with his bag tucked under his arm, he spotted two people standing by it. One a student, one a teacher. The student looked like she was probably older than him, and the teacher -- was definitely not Japanese. Perhaps he was an ALT. Chiaki remembered that there had been one of those at his old school.

He bowed appropriately as he approached them. "Good morning," he said, voice half-mumbling as usual. His eyes lingered on the teacher a little longer than was strictly polite -- he couldn't help being curious.
It was at this precise moment that Suguru barrelled through, hoping to whizz past the crowd and get inside. His mission was to get to his desk and settled before his "I am staying up too late in the morning" high burned off and that daytime low took over. He zoomed past, bowling tiny Chiaki right over. "Sorry," he called over his shoulder, and in doing so, sealed his fate.

Behind him was a girl. A very pretty girl, who looked vaguely familiar. Suguru froze, took a second look, then turned his body slowly back to face her. Damn! She was FINE! And her neck was amazing, so smooth and-- Where had he seen that face before?

"Hello," he said to the bespectacled girl, breathless. His heart started pounding. This was a crucial moment, he needed to play it cool at all costs. Suguru held out his hand to his lady by way of proper formal greeting. "Do I know you from somewhere?"
Kei lifted an eyebrow at the boy, wondering for a moment if he was, in fact, addressing her. Considering there was no one else around (and he was holding out his hands to her), she would have to assume so. It felt a little odd to shake hands with a classmate but she couldn't very well just ignore him. That would be inexcusably rude.

"Akiyama Kei. Pleased to meet you. I'm the president of the Student Council so you've seen me at the assemblies," Kei shook his hand firmly, waiting for him to let go. She did, after all, had other things to attend to. "If you have any questions, feel free to come around the council room and ask."

He seemed like he was in such a rush and yet he stopped to talk to her. The poor freshman he knocked over looked dazed and confused. Well, at least he said sorry.
"Do be careful," Samuel called to the boy who had just bowled Chiaki over, though the apology was enough for this early in the morning. At least he'd offered one; so many students seemed perfectly all right with simply doing whatever they pleased and not considering anyone else. Ah, it was a sad world that they were growing up in.

Leaving the situation in the student president's hopefully-capable hands, Samuel turned to the rather small and sickly-looking boy. He helped the boy to his feet... and at the touch, a sudden gust of wind loosened more of the cherry blossoms, offering a dramatic curtain around them. How strange, too... Samuel cautiously sniffed as though he smelled something before offering a quiet smile. "Are you all right? I'm afraid that's a poor introduction to our academy."
"Student council president, really," he repeated, keeping his voice low and what he imagined was sultry. He was completely ignoring the teacher and the small fry who were standing right by them-- who cared about them!? Right now in the whole god-forsaken world there was only him, and her, and pink clouds and roses in his vision.

Suguru let his eyes trail slowly up Miss Student Body (and what a body) President's creamy legs to her voluptuous curves to the flashing white skin of her throat, and locked onto her cinnamon gaze. She was so wanton, what with her uniform all to regulation and the collar buttoned so neatly. She was just like Miina-tan from Maid Cafe Love Scramble, with those big innocent eyes and the glasses. All she needed was a giant hair bow and some ruffled stockings...

"The pleasure is all mine," Suguru said softly, and he dipped his head to kiss the back of Kei's hand in a courtly fashion, just like he'd been taught. Yes, mom and dad, he does pay attention sometimes.
This guy was giving her the creeps. For one, he looked at her too long. That was uncomfortable. Who kissed other peoples' hands nowadays, anyway? None of these thoughts showed up on Kei's face, however. She waited, yet again, for him to let go. The people walking by and near were starting to look at them.

"Thank you very much," she said. "I really do have to go, though. There's a lot of work to do before class starts."

This guy is totally out of his mind, Kei thought to herself. Either that or he's completely stupid. That could come in handy.
Suguru let her hand go, but only reluctantly. "I hope I'll see you again, Miss Kaichou. I'll definitely be stopping by the Student Council room, thanks for telling me about it." How convenient, not only had he met a total hottie, but he knew where to track her down. And ask her when she'd let him pop her cherry. Cause he wanted to know what the devil that meant.

Suguru took a step back from Kei and stepped on the little boy he'd bowled over only moments ago. "Oh. Sorry," he said again, and dusted the guy off a bit. Didn't want to look bad in front of his ladeh.
Chiaki shied away from Suguru's hands a little, hunching his shoulders slightly and leaning away. He wasn't all too fond of uninvited touching. Taking a small step back, Chiaki worked to dust himself off all on his own and murmured an affirmative thanks to Kramer. He was fine, really -- he'd had worse things happen to him than be knocked over by a careless upperclassman.

The upperclassman in question was a bit of an oddball, though, Chiaki thought. He seemed far too distracted by everything around him to pay much attention to himself.

"It's fine," Chiaki said. "Really." He coughed, covering his mouth, and rocked on his feet a little uncertainly. "Um, I should probably go ahead into homeroom..."
Laz stared at the window of the car at the passing world. This was to be his first time to be seriously away from home, and his father. Father felt it was important to his development to finally go to school outside of the confines of the mansion. The Academy was chosen because of it's prestige, it's science program, and because of friends in high places. Father hopes that these friends will keep an eye on his special boy.

Finally the car arrived at the curb near the gates. Laz paused to gaze out at the teacher with the book in his hands, and the three students. It was time to step out. He rose from the car.

Lazarus Fennic was easily 6'5", possibly taller. He had short, wavy hair with bangs that fell into his face, a straight, slightly prominent nose, full lips, and high cheekbones. He was handsome, with an athletic body, and dark colored eyes.

Laz took a deep breath, and focused on the doors beyond. He had the correct books in a pack over his shoulder. He was wearing the correct jacket, the correct shirt, and the correct tie. His shoes and socks were perfect. He smoothed his kilt. It hit right at mid knee, as kilts should.

Laz walked toward, and to the side of the group, to make his way inside, and find his class.
Kramer bit his tongue; he had to, in order to keep from chastising the boy for bothering the Student Council President. What he did do was step back and cover his nose with his mouth, as though warding off a particularly unpleasant odor. Somehow, he knew right off the bat that this kid was not going to make life easy for one Samuel Kramer, not in the least.

"Perhaps you should go on ahead," Kramer said to Chiaki, not wanting to have a gaggle of people at the front gate when there was surely going to be more people coming in later on. But then he stopped cold as he sighted something. Something that, in all his years of life, Kramer could honestly say he had never wished to see.

A man who was about six and a half feet tall, perhaps a little longer, athletic, wearing a skirt. Really, Samuel was flabbergasted for a moment, his perfect composure ruffled and his face registering the kind of shock that most people only experienced when winning the lottery... only in reverse, abject horror and disbelief rather than joy.

It was only when Lazarus tried to step past that Samuel regained himself, smoothly stepping in front of the tall person, and said with all the calm politeness of a duelist drawing his blade, "Excuse me, but are you a student here?" All the uniform aside, he surely didn't look like he belonged... and if someone like the resident Gaijin-san could say that, then one's case was desperate indeed.
Laz paused, looking down at the older teacher quizzically. Apparently he wasn't trying to be funny, or make trouble. He genuinely didn't see anything wrong with his apparel.

"Yes, sir? Teacher? Um..Sir?" Laz's accent wasn't great. He sounded vaguely Swiss/French though why he'd be from there, and in a kilt is anyone's guess.

He shifted nervously from foot to foot, trying to decern what the teacher's stern look was about.
"Kramer-sensei," was what the teacher said, almost immediately, and without even a glimmer of humor in his eyes. So this was a student? What on earth had gotten into that thick skull of his? Moreover, why was he acting so innocent about the whole matter? Likely didn't think that he'd be caught so early in the morning, or knowing some of the students, was just trying to be poking fun at the school rules. Didn't matter; either way, Samuel Kramer wasn't going to let such laxity slide.

So he looked down Lazarus's body, then up into his face, his eyes narrowing as he calmly asked, "Have you read the school guidelines on apparel?"