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Hold Me in Your Hands [Closed to Ulf]

Kokoro felt somewhat bad about how she and Sol had parted, but only somewhat. While the girl regularly did her best to act her nicest with everyone, she had trouble with Sol. Sol, however nice she was, fraternized with the enemy, and Kokoro couldn't forgive her for that. Not after what she'd started to remember. Not after what she knew, besides, the journal entry had annoyed her - sure, paint Kokoro like the wolf, while Sol in sheep's clothing cried about how meeeeeaaaaaaaaaan Kokoro had been. Hmph!

What if Sol was just like Suguru, and was checking up on his handiwork? Or worse, making sure Kokoro wouldn't be a threat to his secret? It was hard to think easy and carefree schoolgirl thoughts when one had to worry about being attacked in the night (or day, it didn't seem like Suguru was that picky). So, after watching three Studio Ghibli movies, a drama she promised Sachi she'd look into, and three bars of Lotte chocolate, Kokoro found herself at Ulf's door.

She was just here for a quick hug, she told herself firmly. She wasn't going to say anything weird and make Ulf be even more suspicious of her recent change in behavior. Kokoro rapped on the door a few times and stood stiffly. "Ulf-kun? Are you in?"
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Kokoro was in luck: for once Ulf was in his room, feeding a sudden wave of homesickness with pepperkaker and DVDs of his favourite terrible Norwegian soap opera. He'd heard the footsteps in the hallway and had been a bit surprised that there was a girl wandering around this end of the dorms, but then Kokoro had rapped on his door and it all made sense.

"Ja, ja! Come in~" he called, reaching onto his bed to pull another pillow down beside him for her to sit on. "What's up, Kokomo?"
"Are you still offering that shoulder I asked for?" Kokoro asked as she entered his room. He looked comfortable, but maybe comforting a girl, even if she was a friend, would be uncomfortable.

"I can go... you know, if you're busy..." Kokoro fiddled with her necklace, the peridot in the middle winking in the dim light of the hallway.
He blinked at her then waved her over. "O'course. It's not an offer that has an expiry date, y'know?" Ulf gestured at the screen in front of him deprecatingly. "Like I said, just catchin' up on bad TV. Hahaha! Here, you want a pepperkaker?"

She'd been in a weird mood lately - ever since the Suguru Incident, actually, which he supposed was only natural. Still, he didn't have to like it. It was just that he had no idea what he could do to help. Everybody in this damned country was so close-mouthed about their feelings and problems, it made it hard to be properly nosy and help out like he was used to doing.
Kokoro settled down beside him and took the offered cookie. Fairly sure that Ulf wouldn't secretly feed her anything that was actually... meat (were there meat-based cookies? Now she wasn't sure...), Kokoro looked at the cookie and sighed tiredly.

He smelled good, and he was warm. Not only that, Ulf had big hands that were good for holding. She'd picked her cuddling companion well. "Thanks," she murmured, and instead of taking the offered pillow-seat, she moved his long legs apart and settled between them. She rested her head on his shoulder and put an arm around his waist.

There. The world was officially ten times better.
Well, that was certainly a bit...different, but then again, Kokoro had never been exactly shy. Ulf mentally shrugged, the hand free of delicious gingerbready goodness automatically moving to rub her back, just as he would for any of his darling younger siblings on a bad day.

"I can put something else on, if you want," he murmured, eyes watching the complicated and intricate lives of the characters on the screen. "Or maybe give it Japanese subtitles; not sure if this one has them or not..."
"Mrrrr," Kokoro grumbled and buried her face in his shoulder. "It's okay, it sounds kind of... nice, even if I don't understand it." The warm hand on her back felt good, and made her chest feel a little tight. This was almost as good as getting comfort from an actual boyfriend, even if Ulf was not.

No where near as good as a Dad!Cuddle, though, she knew. Kokoro breathed slowly and deeply, trying to untangle her own problems mentally, so she could consider how to bridge the Suguru Issue with him.

After all, how did you tell your friend you were attacked by a blood-sucking freak?
If Ulf had known what Kokoro was thinking about, he would have choked on his biscuit. That would be one hell of an awkward conversation, for sure. However he was as yet blissfully unaware and thus was content just snuggling up with his pink-haired classmate and watching shitty television. All in all, a good way to spend the afternoon, he felt.

He snorted softly into her hair (which smelled like delicious fruit - better than real fruit ever smelled or tasted, in his opinion). "Nao-chan said something similar the other day. I think foreign languages always sound kinda cool." Ulf thought on this for a moment before adding, "Well...maybe not stuff like Russian. That's a brutal language, for sure."
"I heard Ito-sensei was part Russian. I wonder what she'd say to that?" Kokoro laughed a little to herself, and turned her head to watch the Norwegians onscreen pantomime real life. "What are they all pissed off over?" she asked after minute. The cookie was good, but almost too sharp and spicy for her tongue.

Her mind whirled with thoughts, but in the end it all came back to Suguru, and needing to tell someone else. Her heart felt heavy and was weighing her down, weren't friends meant to help carry that wait (and call the police in case she vanished?)?
Ulf cackled. "I bet she'd play it up." He leaned around Kokoro slightly to grab his drink, unscrewing the lid one-handedly and taking a long gulp. It was hot today. Or maybe he was just being silly because there was a girl on his lap. The jury was still out.

He glanced at the soap opera. "Hmm, well." He pointed at one woman on the screen and proceeded to try and lay out the current storyline for Kokoro. "She's just come back from a month overseas to find out that her best friend - who was dating her brother's girlfriend on the sly, sneaky women - eloped with her boyfriend. BUT she's pregnant with that dude's kid. Or at least they think it is, actually it's some random dude's that she met in a bar who dateraped her." Ulf stopped for a breath. "Meanwhile, the brother is chasing after her boyfriend and his girlfriend/her ex-best-friend on some kind of psychopathic rampage. Though everybody else thinks he's just taken a trip to Majorca." There was more melodramatic screaming and ranting onstage. Ulf chuckled. "Kinda extreme, huh?"
Kokoro whistled low, impressed by the shenanigans of the soap opera. "That's... that's just... wow," she murmured. It was about then that she realized she had no idea where Majorca was, but decided not to ask. Kokoro nuzzled Ulf's neck and got comfortable again, making up mock-dialogue for the characters in her head.
"Heh." Ulf grinned. "I guess midday soaps are crazy in any language, huh?" Certainly all the English ones he'd ever seen were. And that Australian one, Home And Away, had his mother and older sister wholly addicted.
"Definitely," Kokoro agreed, lifting her head to answer, and her breath hitched across his ear. "There are some Japanese soaps like that, but all the good ones are the evening slot dramas." She laughed a little in his ear.

Distantly something told her that she was being a little cruel, but when was the last time she listened to that voice?
...she was doing that on purpose. She had to be. Ulf tried very, very hard not to notice, but, damnit, his ears were sensitive!! And it'd been months since he'd scored any action.

This wasn't fair. He was trying to be nice, and trying to bow to the Japanese way of life - which meant no boozed-up teens stumbling into bathrooms and shagging like mad every weekend, apparently - and then Kokoro came and climbed into his lap and breathed in his freaking ear and--

Grrrr. Said ear twitched virtually imperceptibly as Ulf clamped down on his control (and, damnit, the moon was waxing too - this was hard!) on his human form. Stupid irrational shapeshifting urges! GÅ VEKK!

"Ahh? I never seem to get to watch those," he managed, pleased that his voice didn't quiver. Stupid Kokoro!

[ooc: 'GÅ VEKK' is 'GO AWAY'. :3]
"No? They're good, sometimes. You just have to be careful you aren't watching too late at night," that was when the weird stuff came on, at home, but the school was too cheap for some of those channels.

Kokoro sighed against his ear and settled back again, quiet for a long time, and totally oblivious to Ulf's urges eating him alive. "Hey... Ulf-kun?"
He nearly whined when she did it again. Seriously, Ulf was half-tempted to throw her off his lap. But...she seemed like she genuinely needed the comfort. He didn't want to exacerbate her weird moodiness any further.

The long silence from her had lulled him, and he nearly jumped when she spoke again. "Ah..yeah? What is it?"
Kokoro's face grew very serious, just the same way it did before a difficult game. "If I told you something that sounded... not... not normal exactly, would you believe me?"

It was do or die time.
Ulf pulled back slightly to blink at her. "Well...what do you mean by 'not normal'?" he hedged. Wherever this was going, it was sure to be somewhere he didn't want it to. He was smart enough to know that much. "That's pretty vague, Kokoro..."
Kokoro held up her hands, "I know, I know, but it's something that isn't even in the realm of happy, highschooler life, and I need to know if you would believe me."

She knew it was a long-shot; what were really the chances of him accepting the story? Even her father, flighty and dreamy as he could be, probably wouldn't believe her. Kokoro took Ulf's freehand in her own and swallowed nervously.
Oh, jeez, it was gonna be one of those. Ulf bit back a sigh. "Well, why don't you try me and find out, hmm? I mean, without knowing what it is you're gonna tell me, I can't very well say I'll believe you, can I?"
She had the grace to look somewhat sheepish. "That's true." Amamiya don't back down.

"So... a few weeks back, when we had that free period? I went down to the gardens to study. Matsuzaki was there. He was... sleeping, or something, I guess, and didn't look so good. So, I figured I'd help him to the nurse's office." Kokoro took a shaky breath as the words tumbled out.

"But... we didn't make it there." She swallowed and steeled herself. The memories did the work for her, and her hands squeezed his. "He got up... Ulf, he was so fast. You know how slow he is during PE, but he got up and he was so fast, and he pinned me against a tree and..." she trailed off, and did her damnedest to remember the next part as clearly as she could.
Well, fuck.

On some level Ulf wasn't really surprised; Kokoro was a smart girl, and if you had the right sort of imagination and enough facts, you could probably piece the puzzle together. Still, it was damned awkward to be caught in the middle of this whole shit-show.

He squeezed her hand back soothingly, voice calm and face studiously blank as he listened. "And then?"
Kokoro shrugged. "...And then the next part gets fuzzy. I remember him shushing me and telling me to stop freaking out and biting me..." There was real venom in her voice, for the very first time. "But then I woke up on the garden, it was dark and he was gone."

Of all things on the earth, Amamiya Kokoro hated Matsuzaki Suguru most of all. She realized, then, she was shaking, and didn't know if it was from fright of trying to remember, or if it was from rage at being made a victim.

"So, I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking I was just... I don't know, had a random block of time missing for no reason, and repressing what I remembered." Kokoro bit down hard on her lips, and tried to steady herself. "Look, I'm sorry. It sounds crazy and hard to believe." God, did it ever.
Ulf wanted to just pound his head into the wall or something. Herregud, he was a sixteen-year-old boy, for Pete's sake! He shouldn't have to be dealing with angry girls AND vampires in his class all at the same time!!

Unfortunately for him, he was also a sixteen-year-old werewolf, and he'd already involved himself in this mess.

He did sigh this time, still squeezing Kokoro's hands. "Well, at the very least I can guarantee he won't try that on you a second time..."
"How do you know?" she asked, and felt a thread of fright in her voice. "How do you know he's not going to somehow hear that I've remembered and show up to... I dunno, off me or something to keep his secret?" He was fast enough to bite her, after all, and it wasn't as though Kokoro was some out of shape party girl, either.
Ulf snorted, almost rudely. "He wouldn't dare cross me a second time," he replied before he could help himself. And then realised what he'd said.

Ahhh, crap.
Kokoro's eye twitched slightly, and her mouth opened a little.

"Wh... What do you mean?" That was something Highly Suspicious. What was Ulf talking about?
Fuck his life. Ulf mentally cussed himself out for being a freaking IDIOT while scrambling for a cover story that hopefully satisfy Kokoro's curiosity.

"Well...I mean, I knew something was up, you know? You were acting all weird around him, and he was acting all weird around you. And then when you were sick and I brought you those pills it was- I thought I could smell him on you." Ulf fidgeted slightly. "So I singled him out and basically beat him until he 'fessed up."

There. That wasn't too far from the truth. Surely she could swallow that?
Kokoro gave Ulf a long, long, searching look. There was only so much she could take at one time, and the Mystery of Geirulf Ulvestad was not something she wanted to think about at the moment.

Maybe another time when she had him alone and wasn't worried about some blood-sucking psycho. "You know what? I'm going to believe you, because if I don't, I'm going to have questions I... I probably don't want the answers to." Not yet, anyway.
Ulf felt a little bad for her. He raised an eyebrow, drawling, "Well, he can hardly off the son of Norway's diplomatic envoy to Japan without causing an international incident, can he? Not even vampires can hide from that."

Wait, had they admitted that Suguru was a vampire yet?! SHIT! This conversation was so damn stressful.
Kokoro laughed a little bit, and pressed her lips to his cheek in gratitude. See what happens when you help a princess? "I guess you're right. Thank you for believing me, Ulf. It really means a lot to me. Besides, you're the one that kicked the crap out of a vampire." She paused and took a breath.

"Is he really? A vampire, I mean." Well, that explained a whole lot. Maybe she needed to quit volleyball and join those people that roamed the campus grounds looking for ghosts, too.
AHA! Situation Defused! Clearly he was a genius. Ulf gave himself a mental pat on the back for that. "Hmmm," he hummed, pretending to ponder Kokoro's question. "Hates daylight, likes to bite the necks of young girls and presumably suck their blood, has the typical terrible emo-boy haircut...yeah, I'd say that sounds about right, wouldn't you~?"
Kokoro almost laughed again, until she remembered they were having a serious talk. "Is talking incessantly about dating-sims a symptom? Because if it is, there are about a million vampires in Japan alone." She moved back into her position on his chest and gently corrected him, her breath in his ear.

"And not 'presumably' sucks blood. Did. Why else would I suddenly catch anemia?"
FDSLKJFS;,SDJ SHE NEEDED TO STOP THAT. Ulf was almost tempted to tell her as much, but then she would know.

No. No, instead he would man it out and save it for later and pretend it had no effect on him. "Haha, maybe. I mean, with the constant smell of mothballs and the terrible haircuts, it's gotta be pretty damn hard to find a date, right?"
"Equally hard to find a date when you're cute and stylish anyway, Ulf," she replied. Her current view wasn't exactly scenic - his neck, part of his shoulder, his cute ear and hair - but it was pretty comfortable. Kokoro was happy they were of a height.

He chuckled. "That's because you're too good for all the boys and they know it." Seriously boys had such a complex about stuff like this, girls didn't even realise. It was nice to see a chick all dressed up, but at the same time it only increased your chances of rejection!

"Yes, well, I'd like it better if they just asked. No girl likes a timid man." Kokoro pointed out. Simple math nothing, the men of Japan, for the most part, lacked ambition.

After what they just spoke about, it put that nasty knot in the center of Kokoro's heart at ease, and loosened it's choke hold.
"Pff, why's it gotta be the men doin' the hard work?! Boys are just as sensitive about this shit as you are, you know. That's hardly fair." Ulf poked his tongue out at her, pulling a ridiculous face.
Kokoro raised both her eyebrows at him, in mock disbelief, "Even you?"

Ulf just winked at her, smiling mysteriously (or so he hoped).
Kokoro chuckled and settled back against him. Sure, Ulvestad, sure. He was as mysterious as rock candy. "Let's just watch TV, mm?"